Best Luxury Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2021

Ever tried luxury case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max ? Check out this list of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max luxury cases for your latest device.

Luxury cannot be defined generally for an individual can offer his or her own definition of luxury. For some, luxury is a comfort, and for others, it is just high price and ostentation. However, we have to find a middle ground as we have to create a list of iPhone 11 Pro Max luxury cases.

  1. Waves Protect
  2. Apple
  3. Bellroy
  4. Casetify
  5. TwelveSouth
  6. TORRO
  7. Wilken
  8. WellCasell
  9. KMXDD
  10. X-Doria

#1. Waves Protect

Waves Protect Luxury Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

One of the glaring features of this luxury case is EMF protection, which boasts 96% anti-radiation shielding efficiency. This technology is proven in an independent FCC-certified laboratory. Waves Protect has more to offer to protect your plastic money; the built-in wallet is tightly guarded by RFID. You can store your credit card in a pocket without having to worry about its theft.

Waves Protect has designed a thin phone case, which is lightweight. Once wrapped on your iPhone, the case only adds 1.2mm on each side and 2oz weight to the phone. What makes it a luxury case? Well, Waves Protect has made this case from 100% genuine Italian leather and soft-touch plastic.

USP: EMF protection
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#2. Apple

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Luxury Case

Space is the key. Apple has manufactured a perfect luxury case for its iPhone. Like your iPhone, which has gone through multiple tests, the case also has passed through some rigorous tests. And the result is the best design achieved after an impeccable manufacturing process.

With its soft microfiber lining, the case not only protects your iPhone but also allows you to charge your device wirelessly even when the case is wrapped on your phone. Apple has crafted a strong case that can endure scratches and drops.

USP: Soft microfiber
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#3. Bellroy

Bellroy Luxurious Case iPhone 11 Pro Max

Bellroy is a brand of premium iPhone accessories. Luxury cases are Bellroy’s forte, and when you use one of its cases, you will be convinced that Bellroy is a real hero. This leather case has impressive features to make your life more comfortable and convenient. Apart from storing your credit cards, Bellroy also offers you a slot to keep your SIM card.

The brand uses only materials, which are tanned under the environmental protocols set by leather working group. This gives a remarkable level of authenticity to Bellroy cases. Woven fabrics sourced by the brand are selected for their durability and lightweight performance.

USP: SIM card slot
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#4. Casetify

Casetify iPhone 11 Pro Max Luxurious Case

Casetify cases are arguably the most luxurious products for your iPhone. When your device is covered in a Rainbow Cheetah case, it creates a unique impression. The perfect design and exquisite craftsmanship of Casetify are reflected in this case, which is made of impact-absorbing TPU and durable PC materials. Even if you drop your iPhone from a height of four feet, you may rest assured that it is not damaged.

The brand has paid enough attention to details, and therefore, you get a protective case that has a camera bezel to absorb flash, responsive buttons, scratch-resistant finish, and 360-degree protection.

USP: Flash-absorbing camera bezel
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#5. TwelveSouth

TwelveSouth Luxury Case iPhone 11 Pro Max

TwelveSouth’s BookBook range of cases has impressed thousands of iPhone users world over. This case is known for two extraordinary features: premium material and craftsmanship. TwelveSouth has used full-grain leather with microfiber inside to prevent scratching. Don’t miss that separate magnetic case that safeguards your iPhone with is raised exterior edge.

The three-in-one leather wallet case offers a display stand to allow you to put the device on a hands-free mode to watch videos, read books, and browse websites. A detachable magnetic case lets you separate the phone from the case.

USP: Separate magnetic case
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TORRO iPhone 11 Pro Max Luxury Case

TORRO has used vegetable-tanned leather to craft this premium case for the iPhone. But that is not the only reason why the case has found its place in this list. TORRO has taken special care to handcraft this case from genuine USA tan cowhide leather. On top of this, the case is Qi-compatible, so that you can charge your iPhone wirelessly.

Each TORRO case is as unique as your emotions, all thanks to its tanning process. After some time, the case develops patina and looks premium. The process of aging spins a gripping tale of beauty and mystery.

USP: USA Tan cowhide leather
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#7. Wilken

Wilken Luxurious Case iPhone 11 Pro Max

Wilken sets itself apart from other case brands by rejecting fake leathers or synthetic materials like vegan, faux, felt, or PU. This iPhone luxury case is made of 100% top grain genuine cowhide leather. And if you want the proof, take the case and experience its classic leather smell, feel, and look. Equipped with a detachable phone case, this luxurious cover is compatible with wireless charging.

A notable feature of this case is auto-alignment with a camera lens. When you place the detachable magnetic case on the wallet case, the superior magnetic strength of this case automatically aligns with the camera lens.

USP: Auto-alignment with camera lens
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#8. WellCasell

WellCasell iPhone 11 Pro Max Luxurious Case

WellCasell has made a unisex iPhone case, which looks like a small pouch in your hands. It is an amazingly functional and luxurious zipper wallet for your device to organize your life efficiently. The case comes with multiple pockets and card slots to manage your financial life smartly. Put all your credit/debit cards and social IDs in one place and use them whenever a need arises.

To make it handleable, WellCasell offers two straps on the device. You can wrap a strap around your wrist to handle the phone carefully. Moreover, another strap is useful to hold your device firmly while you are operating the phone.

USP: Magnetic adsorption design
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KMXDD Luxurious Case iPhone 11 Pro Max

Your iPhone 11 Pro Max is already a beast; a heavy-duty case can add extra bulk to the phone. Therefore, KMXDD has come up with a smart solution. The case maker has crafted an ultra-thin case for your iPhone. This slim case does not add any bulk to your device. Moreover, the case supports wireless charging and does not affect the performance of your iPhone.

A plus-sized iPhone should be easy to handle and operate; for this reason, KMXDD has precisely cut out this case, which allows you to quickly access all the buttons, ports, and controls on your device.

USP: Precisely cut out case
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#10. X-Doria

X-Doria iPhone 11 Pro Max Luxury Case

X-Doria has revamped the idea of how a back panel should look like in an iPhone case. This Defense Prime series case for iPhone has that luxurious back panel, which protects your device and looks beautiful at the same time. Military-grade drop tested and anodized aluminum frame make the case highly protective for your iPhone.

Raized bezel of this case guards your iPhone screen when you place the device face down. The bezel elevates the phone screen and leaves some space between the touchscreen and surface. The luxurious back panel is made of leather, which feels great in hand and gives a good grip.

USP: Luxurious back panel
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That’s all, folks!

Signing off…

Luxury cases not only add style to your iPhone but also protect your device against possible damage. Your iPhone 11 Pro Max is unarguably the premium smartphone. You must think of beyond protection and style.

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Which luxury case would you like to buy for your iPhone 11 Pro Max?

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