Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases of 2019: Most Multifunctional Cases For Your Beast

If you are looking for an excellent case for iPhone 11 Pro Max, but do not want to add bulk to the sleek design. Here are some great designs that offer protection, safety, and multi-functionality in a slim design.

Apple devices have an uncanny way of winning your heart, and iPhone 11 Pro Max is no different. The tech giant packs it’s most sophisticated technology yet in an exquisite and elegant frame. It won’t be a shocker if you are planning to buy this neat machine.

However, all thanks to our clumsy fingers, the 6.5″ inch device might need some additional protection. So while you are waiting for your iPhone to reach your address, check out some of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases.

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Whether you like leather cases, bumper backs, transparent cases, or the ones with a kickstand; we have an exclusive range down below. Note that these cases are specifically designed for this Pro Max to ensure that your usage is not hindered.

10 Best Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2019

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#1. bellroy

bellroy iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Bellroy is popular for manufacturing luxurious leather cases for iPhones. For your plus-sized iPhone, this leather case is the best option as it protects your device and adds aesthetic appeal to it. To make it functional, Bellroy provides a SIM card slot and magnetic closure with the case.

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Chamfered edges give you a firm grip in hand; moreover, they impart a better look to the case. Bellroy uses premium hides tanned under gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocols. Store your credit/debit cards in a single place; also carry some cash when you go out.

USP: Soft microfiber lining
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#2. MoKo

MoKo iPhone 11 Pro Max Slim Case

If you are looking for a cover that protects your new phone but does not add bulk, then Moko iPhone 11 Pro Max case is a great option. The flexible silicone gel rubber body offers a smooth and snug fit, while a soft microfiber lining protects the phone from bumps and accidental falls.

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Along with providing a comfortable grip, the silky finish is also anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint. Precision cutouts and raised button tab give you easy access to ports and effective tactile controls. Further, the slim profile of the Moko case allows for effective wireless charging.

USP: Maintains the slim profile of the phone
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#3. Meifigno Natural

Meifigno iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case

iPhone 11 Pro Max comes in some exuberant colors that are show-off worthy. However, your protecting case tends to hide or hamper it looks. Which is where Meifigno Natural iPhone comes in handy; nearly 100% transparent case that allows your device to shine.

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But transparent cases tend to get yellowish after use and eventually looks yucky and ugly. But not this cover as the crystal PC material ensures that it stays as good as new and never yellows. Moreover, the clear TPU bumper lends a glossy look while maintaining the grip.

The case also managed to pass the SGS military-grade drop test, guarding the phone against the height of 6.5Ft. Slightly raised lips around screen, and camera further guarantee protection. The design also features independent buttons, bigger cutouts, and support for wireless charging.

USP: Transparency
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#4. B BELK

B BELK Wooden Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Imagine a uniquely designed piece of wood, protecting and complimenting the sleekness of your new iPhone 11 Pro Max. The B BELK Wood Cases offers you all the goodness of a wooden cover but in an ultra-slim and lightweight design.

A Flexible Hybrid Rubber encases your phone securing all four corners, while a soft wooden back offers tactile anti-slip properties. Despite the addition of a wood veneer, the thickness of the cover is just around 1 mm and weighs about 0.2 oz; a valuable asset in comparison to all the wooden cases present in the market.

Made from real wood skin, the veneer will have a unique look and would match no other cover. Further, a special chemical reagent is used to soften the wood, to keep the case flexible and easy to snap on or off. Raised edges and precise cutouts further support your day-to-day usage.

USP: Every cover is unique
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#5. Sankel

Sankel iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case

When your new iPhone 11 Pro Max supports multiple functions and multitasking, then why shouldn’t your case as well. The Sankel Series case doubles up as a leather wallet, cardholder, and a hands-free stand. Apart from a firm grip, the fine handcrafted quality distressed PU leather adds an old-world charm.

The TPU inner shell ensures that your device gets dual-layer protection from fall, collision, and scratch. Further, an in-built magnet makes sure that the flip cover is firmly closed, securing your valuables. The case has precise cutouts for the cameras, speakers, and the charging port, so you can easily access these features without removing the case.

All in all, you need not carry a bunch of things every time you step out of the house. The case can hold and protect almost all the essentials you need while traveling.

USP: Multipurpose case
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#6. BasicStock

BasicStock Leather Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

I particularly enjoy products that amalgamate design, craftsmanship, durability, and practicality. This also applies in the case of cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The BasicStock uses fine leather and handcrafts it into cases that have all the qualities mentioned above.

Your iPhone will nest in a bumper and will be covered by a leather flip cover, providing 360° protection from scratch and other daily damages. The case also has a stand function that enables you to tilt your phone at the desired angle for hands-free viewing. Also, the case has a card and money slot, to keep your valuables handy and safe.

USP: Slim book-style look
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#7. LONLI Basic

LONLI Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

For the lovers of leather, who also adores nature and animals, LONLI brings an eco-friendly vegan PU leather case. The faux leather is constructed in a manner that it maintains the premium, vintage feel of real leather.

It’s slim, lightweight, waterproof, smooth, and easy to grip. Moreover, the interior of the case has a distinctive soft Japnese microfiber. The lining protects your iPhone from dirt, scratches, and bumps. To safeguard your screen and camera, the leather is intentionally raised around 1 mm from the edges.

USP: Made with vegan leather
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#8. SQMCase

SQMCase iPhone 11 Pro Max Kickstand Case

Not just 360° body protection, SQMCase iPhone 11 Pro Max case offers 360° of flexibility as well. The high-quality silicone is molded into a unique shock-absorption design that keeps all four corners of your phone safe. The raised edges to give extra protection to the screen and camera.

The base of the case has a 360° rotating ring that lends extra grip to minimize the chances of a drop. A fold-able kickstand accompanies the ring for horizontal viewing. Also, the metal plate in the stand can be attached to a magnetic car mount, for a hands-free driving experience, especially during navigation. All this and more comes in a package that has a lightweight, slim design and anti-scratch body.

USP: Navigation friendly stand
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#9. ESR

ESR Kickstand Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Kickstands often make our life easy. However, even some of the finest iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases are limited when it comes to vertical viewing. The ESR case offers multi-angle support for both horizontal and vertical viewing up to an angle of 60°. So, you can watch videos and facetime according to your own preference.

The smartly planned stand stays firmly closed when not in use, so as not to disturb your regular work. The case also has unique reinforced drop protection that safeguards your phone in case of drops or other accidents. Additionally, the glass back design lets the magnificent color of your new iPhone shine out.

USP: Multiple angles viewing
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#10. Lanyos

LY LANYOS iPhone 11 Pro Max Belt Clip Holster Case

A perfect iPhone 11 Pro Max case for those who are always on the run and their phones run with them. The cover has two parts – a shell, and a sliding jacket. While the former is responsible for protecting your device, the jacket helps you multitask with your device.

The shell is made with durable PC, in a shock absorption design that has even cleared a mil-level drop test. A soft microfiber lining adds further anti-scratch, dirt, and fingerprint protection.

A protective jacket with an inbuilt 360° rotatable bracket can be slipped over the shell. The bracket can become a kickstand for both horizontal and vertical viewing. Further, it can also double up as a belt clip to keep your iPhone safe when performing some activities such as running, cycling, gyming, etc.

USP: Multi-layer protection
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Moonmini iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case

While your iPhone 11 Pro Max offers a good battery life, one should never be out of juice. The Moonmini case thus offers a built-in 5000mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery power bank. Apart from the regular function of protection, durability, and easy access to buttons, the case also provides a longer battery life.

The full-powered back cover is equipped with a low profile and slim design that does not hinder the look or adds bulk. The case and your phone could be charged simultaneously so that you can always be active.

A simple on/off switch further allow you to control the charging condition and an LED indicator tells the status of charge available. Moreover, the power bank comes with a one year warranty.

USP: Protects and charges your iPhone
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If you like it, then you should put a case on it!!!

In today’s day and age, our phones have evolved into a worthy companion. And when someone does so much for you should protect it with all your might. A good sturdy case should be amongst the first things you buy after the purchase of your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In case, you have bought any other iPhone from the 2019 series or earlier iterations; we have you covered as well. Check out the links below:

After you buy that cover, don’t forget to share your experience with us. You can connect with us in the comments section below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more updates on iPhone 11 series and other Apple ecosystem products, download our iOS app.

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