Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Waterproof Cases in 2020

Waterproof cases are sensitive and to protect a beast like iPhone 11 Pro Max, it has to be bang on! There are a plethora of brands that claim IP68 certification but a lot of them fail to protect your devices. Keeping your iPhone’s safety in mind, we’ve curated a list with some of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max waterproof cases that protect your smartphone from water.

When you have such protection for your iPhone, you can freely indulge yourself into the water sport activities with your iPhone without any worries! Meanwhile, you can also use your smartphone to click selfies underwater, in fact, the new trend “Slofie” has appeared on the internet out of nowhere due to slow motions selfies. So you can take slofies underwater as well! :)

Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2020

Waterproof cases don’t look stylish most of the time because it has to protect your iPhone as its priority but today’s list of cases has some of the best and stylish cases you would have ever seen. So here you go with the finest waterproof cases made!

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#1. Oterkin

Oterkin Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Oterkin has rewarded as Amazon’s choice for 11 Pro Max waterproof case and with this, you can easily understand that it’s one of the best in the business. It’s designed in such a way that it protects your iPhone in underwater up to 6 feet and for 1 hour maximum. The case holds your iPhone tightly leaving no space for water to sneak in!

Well, it’s not just a waterproof guard but it can also protect your smartphone from sudden drops and bumps due to the shock absorption corners. The protective built-in screen protector guards your screen against scratches and stains. It’s slim and doesn’t add any bulk to your iPhone.

With a clear back, it ensures that there are no troubles when you charge your phone with a wireless charger. Oterkin’s case comes with a warranty for 1-year and 24/7 service if you have any queries. It also has a user manual included. Read that carefully to install the case as per the instructions in the manual, else, you might face troubles if not done rightly!

USP: Perfect for Outdoor Water Sports
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#2. Spidercase

SPIDERCASE Anti Scratched Rugged iPhone 11 Pro Max Waterproof Case

In terms of design, there isn’t much different in most of the waterproof cases for the iPhone. But there’s a lot more beyond design as the protection matters here. Spidercase’s product has IPX8 certification and it gives sturdy protection against water under 10 feet and that too up to 2 long hours! Now that’s what I was talking about, every case has its features and they differ!

Besides being waterproof, it also protects your iPhone from sudden impacts and accidental drops. It also guards your smartphone against dirt, dust, stains, etc as it holds your iPhone tightly leaving no spaces behind. With these many extraordinary features, it manages to be just 12mm thin, that’s pretty slim as compared to other cases for sure! 

The built-in screen protector guards your iPhone’s screen against scratches and doesn’t let the fingerprints to settle in. Its coated leans ensure that your camera is safer than never before! It comes with a warranty for 12-months. This case would be my go-to choice if I had to pick the best from today’s list! 

USP: Can Stay Safe 10 Feet Underwater for 2 Hours!
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#3. Snowfox

Snowfox iPhone 11 Pro Max Waterproof Case

The IP68 certified Snowfox’s case is another masterpiece in today’s lineup. With a slim body and waterproof resistivity features, it’s of the most reliable cases ever. It fits perfectly and tightly to your iPhone leaving no space for the water to peek in.

The raised edges on the case protect your iPhone even from 6 feet drops. It covers all the ports with precision so that there’s no way the water can go through those ports or even buttons. Its lightweight thing impressed me besides giving sturdy protection. 

Snowfox’s rugged back panel and the protective front cover (screen protector), ensure complete protection to your iPhone. 

USP: 6 Feet Drop Tested
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#4. Cozycase

Cozycase iPhone 11 Pro Max Shockproof Waterproof Case

Cozycase is a perfect combination of a rugged cover and a waterproof case. It’s sealed with a bumper case and hence providing sturdy protection against bumps, drops, impacts and fumbles as well. All the buttons are easily accessible and the ports are covered precisely so that the water doesn’t pass through the case. 

There’s a small hole at the bottom through which you can easily remove the case. Moreover, it only charges with the original cable when the case is on and the oversized cables don’t fit in the case due to the case design. But if you have a wireless charger, you don’t need to worry about that as this case supports wireless charging. 

The built-in screen protector guards your screen against scratches and doesn’t let the water enter into the speakers. Besides being waterproof, its snow proof as well. So when you slide on the snow with your iPhone 11 Pro Max and have a Cozycase on it, you can slide without any worries!

USP: Snowproof
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#5. Temdan

Temdan Rugged Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Temdan is a well-known brand for years that has produced some quality accessories for iPhone users and so is its waterproof case too. The heavy duty support along with the rugged case ensures that your iPhone is always safe against the bumps and drops. It exceeds the military standard 810G – 516 in terms of protection. 

Even if you drop your iPhone thousand times, at a max of 6 feet, it won’t get any damage. It’s a perfect case for outdoor water activities due to its waterproof guarding. The lightweight and comfortable grip makes it even better. Temdan’s built-in screen protector guards your iPhone screen against scratches and keeps the fingerprints away!

It supports wireless charging and it’s easy to carry on the go! The case comes with a warranty of 12 months. 

USP: Military Grade Protection
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#6. Red2Fire

Red2Fire Clear Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

This case is specially designed for iPhone 11 Pro Max users so that one can easily indulge in water sport activities without any worries and that’s possible because the case is IP68 certified. It can stay up to 30 minutes in a depth of up to 2 meters. Red2Fire also comes with military grade protection.

So, in short, you have everything in this case what you’re looking for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Isn’t it? Moreover, due to its transparent cover on the back, it supports wireless charging too and it also works with the latest iPhone wireless power banks too. 

With rugged anti-slip slide on both front and back covers, it provides a comfortable grip even in the water. It protects your iPhone’s rear camera and flash too with the back cover. 

USP: 360-Degree Protection
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#7. Garcoo

Garcoo iPhone 11 Pro Max Dustproof Waterproof Case

Even when the waterproof case covers your 11 Pro Max, it doesn’t affect the functioning of the speakers and cameras. And that’s something special about Garcoo’s case. It can stay up to 30 minutes in 6 feet depth and I am sure this time is more than enough to capture your favorite slow motions selfies and videos underwater. 

The raised edge design and soft TPU material protect your smartphone from sudden drops and accidental bumps as well. Its built-in screen protectors guard your screen to perfection like any other waterproof case. Garcoo’s case supports wireless charging and it comes with a money back or replacement warranty of 12 months. 

USP: Money Back Warranty for 12 Months
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#8. AJIA

AJIA Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

With 5 star ratings by most of the customers, AJIA is surely loved by many iPhone users in the USA and around the world if I am not wrong. It’s a full sealed protective case and just in case if you can’t hear the sound during the call, open the charging port cover and let your iPhone do the rest. Maybe you can say, that’s the only drawback of this case. 

Other than that, its IP68 solidity for waterproof feature works the best when needed! With a clear back case, it shows the real beauty of your iPhone 11 Pro Max without any interruptions. The easy installation of this case is what I loved the most as it just takes 15 seconds to get it done!

It supports wireless charging and with precise cutouts, one can easily access the volume, mute, power and home button as well. The case comes with a warranty for 1-year. 

USP: Easy Installation & Wireless Charging Compatibility
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SPORTLINK iPhone 11 Pro Max Waterproof Case

Well, how often you see the Sportlink cases in most of the reviews made by experts, it’s everywhere! Such are the products from this brand and its waterproof case is no less than any other iPhone 11 Pro Max case. It has IP68 certification and you can’t ask more when it comes to cases that can sustain underwater, rains and snowfall as well. 

With heavy duty case on the back, it ensures that your iPhone is never damaged due to any drops or bumps and even if you fumble. It supports wireless charging and it is easy to install as well. Due to clear cut design, you can easily access the buttons, speakers, cameras and touch ID too. 

Once you install this case on your iPhone, ensure that you remove the blue film present on it. There’s no word on the warranty so you need to contact the seller regarding the same if you have made your mind to buy this one!

USP: Heavy Duty Protection
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#10. ProCase

ProCase Waterproof Dry Bag Pouch Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

You simply cannot end a list with a universal waterproof pouch which is loved by thousands if not millions of people around the globe. Due to its affordable price and protective features against underwater, rain and snowfall, it has won a lot of hearts on Amazon. It has over 700 positive reviews out of 800 and hence you can imagine the number of happy customers. 

It comes in a pack of 2 and it fits most of the phones with up to 6.8″ diagonal screen size. You can also carry your credit cards, cash, etc if you just land on an unknown place after scuba diving and want to spend some money out there. Other than the waterproof feature, it’s also dustproof, sweat proof, sand proof, dirt proof, and snow proof. 

ProCase’s waterproof pouch for iPhone can withstand up to 100 feet underwater and that’s staggering! Isn’t it?! It comes with a neck strap and this makes it possible to carry your iPhone hands-free. The pouch is available in 6 color combinations each. 

USP: Up to 100 Feet Underwater Protection
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So these were some of the finest iPhone 11 Pro Max waterproof covers and cases you would love to buy for yourself. 

Summing Up…

Which case, cover or pouch you loved the most from this list? Do let us know in the comment section right below! I would go with ProCase any day if I had to take my iPhone 11 Pro Max for scuba diving. But if it was just a small pool with less than 6 feet underwater, I would prefer to go with Spidercase as it gives me extra 4 feet that is 10 feet underwater protection. 

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Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Waterproof Cases

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Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Waterproof Cases
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