Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Cases 2020: To Juice Up While on Run

Your new iPhone 11 Pro Max has the power to make your life simpler, organized, entertaining, and multitasking. While it’s on the run with you, a low battery can withhold it from helping you. Don’t let that happen, choose the best battery case for iPhone 11 Pro Max that is as multifunctional as your device.

But why a battery case? In order, to protect your iPhone, you will use a case; either a slim case or a wallet case or a bumper case. So, why not try a battery case? In a world where even money transactions are becoming wireless, don’t get stuck with wires that connect your phone to a charger. Whether you are playing or surfing or in a meeting or traveling, a battery case will not just juice up your iPhone but will protect it as well.

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Best Battery Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Before we move further, here are a few pointers that you should know before buying:

  • It is advisable to charge the battery case with the original cable that came with your phone, as generic chargers might cause some malfunction.
  • In case you are charging your iPhone 11 Pro Max while its in the battery case, the phone will charge before the case. Once the device is completely charged, the case will start charging.
  • While quite a few cases have an auto-cut function, it is advisable to turn off the power case when not in use.

Notably, almost all battery cases mentioned in the list have CE, RoHS and FCC certifications.

Quick Access:

#1. Zencase

Zencase iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Battery Case

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With a massive 4500mAh, Zencase’s battery case is the best accessory for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. The construction is top-notch with materials that protect your phone from accidental drops. Anti-slippery linen back makes it comfortable to hold and use for photography.

Integrated Qi wireless charging solution keeps your iPhone lightning port unoccupied and accessible. The case adds video playtime up to 14 hours and audio playtime up to 56 hours.

With the purchase, you also get a USB-C cable and a thin tempered glass screen protector.

USP: Massive battery size in easy to hold case
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HUOTO iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case

With a built-in 6200mAh rechargeable battery, HUOTO battery case ensures that your iPhone 11 Pro Max is always charged up. Designed for easy and hassle-free installation, all you need to do is slide the phone into the case. To start the charging long press for 3 seconds.

The high-quality ABS+ Hard pc back cover protects your device and lends a great hand grip. In-built intelligent circuits prevent over-charge, short-circuit, reverse charge, etc. The charging port also enables you to sync your phone to a computer. So, you do not need to compulsorily remove your phone from the case while charging or for file transfers.

USP: Comprehensive device protection
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#3. AMPR


You like to use your new iPhone 11 Pro Max all day. But the battery dies after hours of web browsing, social media, video watching, and gameplay. You wish you could use your premium device for hours together! Your wish is fulfilled by ampr iPhone battery case. You can use Apple Music for eighty hours and play your favorite music all day. And for gamers, they would go mad when they get eight more hours to play games.

ampr has manufactured a battery case with a soft top, and therefore, it is easy for users to install and remove the case. After installation, press the power button to turn on and turn off the battery case. The power button is smartly designed so that it does not start itself when your iPhone is in your pocket.

USP: 80 hours music play
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LEI iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case

As an added safety feature, LEI JUN battery case for iPhone 11 Pro Max has in-built over-charge protection that will cut off charging as soon as your phone gets fully powered. The top and bottom corners of the bumper frame has a metal edging, protecting your device from accidental falls.

The 6000mAh case has precise cutouts on the frame, which ensures that your access to speakers, volume buttons and camera isn’t blocked or hindered. To allow a firm and comfortable hold, the lower edge of the case has a wavy design. 6 LED indicators show you the battery power levels.

USP: Metal edging on the corners
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#5. Lifeepro

Lifeepro iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case

A pro case for iPhone 11 Pro Max with 6000mAh battery is crafted from durable material that makes it non-bulky and easy to hold. Full-back cover offers protection from scratches or scuff marks. A built-in on/off switch and LED lights allows you to conveniently manage the charging features.

An advanced internal circuit protection safeguards against overheating, overload and short circuit. Using an original charging cable, you can charge your phone and enable data sync or file transfer as well. Precise cutout allows easy access to all ports, switches, and buttons.

USP: Internal safety features
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#6. Yuqoka

Yuqoka iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case

The Yuqoka 5200mAh battery case comes in a thinner, lighter and smarter package. The ergonomic anti-slip design keeps your iPhone 11 Pro Max protected against drops, bumps, scrapes, scratches and hard falls. Raised front bumper edges protect the screen from surface scratches.

The charger supports charge and sync and what’s more, is that you can also plug in lightning headphones. An LED display indicates the power level. The in-built power button helps you manage the charging options, while a protective IC circuit efficiently avoids short-circuit, over-charging and other related malfunctions.

USP: ROHS, FCC, CE Certification
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#7. Zerolemon

ZEROLEMON iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case

Never run out of juice while your iPhone is encased in this efficient iPhone 11 Pro Max battery case, that comes with a whopping 10000 mAH battery backup. Although this case adds some bulk to your iPhone, this case is a perfect match for your daily grind.

If you are someone who is always outdoors, then you would definitely need a case that is going to keep your iPhone powered up at all times of the day. Being shock-absorbing this case also protects your iPhone from daily wear and tear along with absorbing shocks from accidental falls and bumps.

USP: 10000 mAH capacity
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HONTECH Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

With a 6200mAh capacity, HONTECH lends your iPhone an additional battery life by 150%. This is equivalent to an additional 8+ hours talk time or 12+ hours web-browsing time. 4-light LED status indicator lets you check the power status at a glance.

An amazing sync-through technology enables you to charge the case and device simultaneously. Raised rubber bezel around the screen avoids scratches and dints. Additionally, the precise camera and audio cut-outs allow unhindered usage of these features.

USP: 24-hour customer service
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#9. Bestgay

Bestgay Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Bestgay battery case offers double protection to your device. One externally with a 360°scratch-guard design that keeps daily wear and tear away. And one internally via a safe chip that prevents the case from short-circuiting, overheating and over-charging.

Designed to cut down the bulk, the slim design fits perfectly in your hand and pocket. Precise cutouts and tactile sensitivity ensure that your regular usage is not hindered. In fact, you don’t have to remove this case even during charging. An on/off button gives you control overcharge output and a 4 LED indicator will show how much juice is left.

USP: Double protection feature
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#10. i.VALUX

i VALUX Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Though this case offers little less capacity than the others in our list, it surely makes up in terms of features. 4500mAh of power is compactly packed into a cover that is convenient enough to fit your pocket or in your hand.

A built-in magnetic metal gives you the freedom to mount your iPhone on any magnetic car mount; making your navigation way easier. The soft rubber case gives shock-resistance and makes it easy to install and remove the case. An on/off switch and LED indicator further simplifies charging rituals.

USP: Magnetic Plate for Car Mount
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#11. FNSON

FNSON iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case

Why settle for a mere 5000 mAH when you can have 5200? Well, the FNSON battery case for iPhone 11 pro max comes with a huge 5200 mAH battery support that will juice up your 6.5″ iPhone as and when needed.

You no longer have to spend hours charging your phone or looking for a power outlet when you can just charge up your robust iPhone case. With a sleek design and LED indicators, this case is without a doubt beautiful and functional at the same time.

USP: Drop Protection
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#12. Newdery

Newdery Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Why even bother having cables when you have an iPhone 11 Pro Max battery case that charges wirelessly? With Newdery case you can forget having to carry cables anywhere at all as allows you to wirelessly charge your smartphone as well as itself.

Truly wireless isn’t far fetched anymore and we are able to see that even clearer now. Sporting raised bezels and shock absorption this robust case can safeguard your phone from probable fall damages.

USP: Shock Absorption
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It all about that Juice and that Case!! 

Whether due to work or personal reasons, your iPhone has become your eternal lifeline. Apple has endeavored to in-built a healthy battery life in the 2019 iPhone series. However, depending upon your usage you may require more and these battery cases will come in handy.

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So, which case have you chosen for your iPhone 11 Pro Max? Do let us know your impression of the chosen case? For more such content, connect with us on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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