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iGBAccessoriesBest iPhone 11 Pro Max card holder cases in 2024

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max card holder cases in 2024

We often forget our wallets at home or the office in a hurry. And those moments can turn out to be a nightmare when you want your credit card to complete payment. Of course, no one forgets to carry their iPhone, no matter what. The iPhone 11 Pro Max card holder cases come with card slots to carry your essential credit cards, visiting cards, or even cash. It almost makes your wallet useless when you have such features in the cardholder case.

1. Suteni

Suteni iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Card Holder Case

With a glossy look, Suteni is the most loved card holder case by iPhone 11 Pro Max users around the world. The precise cutouts add on top of it with easy to access buttons and ports as well. It’s made of genuine leather and the wallet case comes with a card holder on the back.

It can hold up to 3 cards at one due to the flexible texture of the leather but 2 cards are recommended for the best experience. The cushion buffer at all the corners acts as a bumper and protects your iPhone against the sudden shocks and impacts too. Suteni Case’s raised cut near the camera keeps the lens safe from scratches and any damages.

The best part of this case is, it’s slim and fits perfectly with your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Moreover, the grip on the back where you store the cards is sturdy and hence, it gives a space for your card to sneak in comfortably and securely.

USP: Flexible Card Holder
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2. Kihuwey

Kihuwey Wallet Credit Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The brown color variant looks classy from Kihuwey. Of course, the black and rose gold colors are available but brown color suits the best given the design and pattern of this card holder cover for iPhone. It’s made of high-quality PU leather which includes the side cover as well and this makes it softer when you hold it in your hands.

It comes with 5 card slots and I think these are more than enough for you to carry all your important cards. Given the magnetic closure (button) just like the magnetic cases, all your cards are secure and you can carry some cash as well if you have lesser cards.

The card holder acts as a kickstand as well and moreover, you can use it for transverse and portrait both. It’s a perfect kickstand for browsing the web hands-free, video calling and watching your favorite movies as well. The raised edges and the hard cover on the corners protect your iPhone against the fumbles and drops.

USP: 5 Card Slots with Magnetic Button
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3. OT Onetop

OT Onetop iPhone 11 Pro Max Kickstand Card Holder Case

This case from OT Onetop allows you to flaunt your iPhone in style because of its glossy look and colors like rose gold, blue, black, brown and red. You can easily carry 3 cards along with your iPhone 11 Pro Max if you have this case. Apart from that, you can also carry some additional cash as it comes with a magnetic closure and hence, your cards & cash are always safe.

The product is made of premium leather and it’s durable as well. With precise cutouts, one can easily access the ports and the buttons are soft too. You can use the card holder as a kickstand to view the content hands-free. With anti-fall protection system and design which covers your iPhone all around, it’s a sheer example of a protective case.

USP: Magnetic Closure with 3 Card Slots
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4. Vena

Vena iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Card Holder Case

The card slot nicely hides on the back of your iPhone 11 Pro Max’s case and the design is unique in itself, to be honest. In fact, it’s known for its hidden card slot that can securely carry 2-3 cards on the go. The magnetic kickstand which hides your card gives you a chance to view your favorite content in different angles (adjustable).

Moreover, due to the magnetic feature, it sticks to the magnetic car mount as well. The dual layered PC and soft TPU give ultimate protection against the bumps, drops, impacts, shocks, etc to your iPhone. This makes it a military grade resistant case as well.  With the precise cutout and tactile buttons, it’s easy to manage the buttons and use the ports too.

USP: Hidden Card Slot
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5. Ghostek

Ghostek Magnetic Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Ghostek is a classic example of what a card holder case should be like. The cutouts, the design, the glossy look and a lot more got my attention right away. And moreover, it’s loved by lots of Amazon customers all around the world due to the unique design.

The detachable card holder is made of leather and as you can remove it, it’s easy to detach from your iPhone 11 Pro Max when you don’t need it. It can hold up to 4 cards easily and you can carry it securely as they fit completely.

The built-in magnet perfectly matches the comparability with car mounts and when you remove it, you can charge your iPhone wirelessly too. With raised bezels, it protects your screen completely as it doesn’t expose it to uneven or flat surfaces. Besides this, it provides military grade shockproof protection as well. It’s available in black, grey and pink colors.

USP: Military Grade Protection
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6. Dockem

Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max Synthetic Leather Wallet Holder Case

Dockem has always emerged on the top when it comes to cases that come with a card holder, especially for iPhone users. It can hold up to 2 cards in each given slot. Although it has 2 different slots, it’s recommended to carry just 1 card per slot for durability of case.

With the integrated metal plate inside the case, it supports magnetic mounting as well. If you want to charge your iPhone with a wireless charger and have this case on it, ensure to check the charging base as it creates 4 mm distance between phone and charger.

It’s slim, stylish and elegant as well. The case is available in navy blue, black, brown, and grey colors.

USP: Invisible Metal Plate for Magnetic Mounting
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7. Samonpow

Samonpow iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Card Holder Wallet Case

Here’s yet another case that comes with an invisible card holder. Just with a slide of a button, it’s to access your cards and keep them secure as well. It can hold just 2 cards but the security isn’t compromised in any terms.

The outer hard cover and the soft inner bumper protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max from most of the bumps, shocks, sudden impacts and fumbles as well. With the raised bezels near the camera and the raised lip near screen protect your camera and screen from flat surfaces and direct contact to uneven surfaces too.

It’s available in 10 vivid color variants and it comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

USP: Secure Car Slots
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8. Speck

Speck Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you’re looking for a classy product that doesn’t need any introduction, Speck’s case if your way to go. Of course, it’s a bit costly and it can be delivered in 1 or 2 months due to the time take to manufacture this case with precision. Such is the demand for this case from iPhone users around the world.

The wallet carries up to 3 cards on the back of the iPhone and the dual-layer protection does the rest. In spite of being protective, it’s lightweight and slim as well. The card slot is almost invisible and it securely stores your cards without any loose fitting. It’s available in black color and comes with a lifetime warranty.

USP: Sturdy and Slim
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9. Lameeku

Lameeku iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Card Holder Case

I wouldn’t say this as a classic card holder case but those who love the leather cases would surely love this case from Lameeku. The complete case is made of pure leather and the pull-up strap makes it easier to take your cards out when you need them.

The raised corners on all the sides provide full proof protection to your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Its combination of TPU bumper shell and soft leather give sturdy protection and soft-touch feel as well. It’s available in black, mint green and rose gold color variants. It comes with a warranty for 180-days.

USP: Leather + Wallet Case
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10. ZVEdeng

ZVEdeng Carbon Fiber Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The convenient pushing design of this case makes it easy to access your cards. Well, due to its unique design, it can carry up to 6 cards at once. Be it a credit card, your ID card, driving license, etc, you can store everything in it. It’s best suited when you’re going to a party where you don’t need to carry your wallet.

As the case is made of premium carbon fiber and soft TPU bumper material, it gives the best protection for your iPhone. It’s available in black and multi-color variant as well.

USP: Holds Up to 6 Cards
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Summing Up…

If carrying cards was my intention, I would go with ZVEdeng which can hold up to 6 cards but if design and elegance was the question besides carrying cards, I would go with Kihuwey or Speck, any of them. Which one would you buy for your iPhone 11 Pro Max? Do let us know in the comments.

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