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Best iPhone 11 Pro Max magnetic cases in 2024

A magnetic case is an all-season friend for your iPhone. The primary purpose of this case is to attach your iPhone with a car mount. A magnetic plate inside the case does all this wonder. Apart from its attachment with a car mount. Magnetic case installed on a folio of a wallet case. Some magnetic cases have card slots to store your credit/debit cards. If you are intrigued by this description, you would like to explore some of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max magnetic cases.

1. PITAKA MagEZ Magnetic Case

PITAKA iPhone 11 Pro Max Slim Magnetic Case

PITAKA has carved a niche in iPhone accessories by launching extraordinary products. This case is made of Aramid fiber, which is used in manufacturing military materials like a bulletproof vest. You can rely on its performance as the robust material will always protect your phone against scratches and scrapes.

A notable feature of this case is built-in metal plates; you can place your iPhone on PITAKA’s in-vehicle holder. This case is ultra-slim (0.13in) and lightweight.

USP: Aramid fiber
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2. SQMCase Clear Case with Magnetic Car Mount

SQMCase Magnetic Car Mount Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Usually, a ring holder case does not work with a magnetic car mount. But SQMCase has achieved this feat effortlessly. The rotary finger ring holder not only attaches to a car mount but also works as a kickstand. With its 360-degree rotation, you can adjust your iPhone conveniently to watch videos, photos, browse websites, and read iBooks.

The finger ring, however, does not support wireless charging; hence, you need to remove the case before you place your iPhone on a wireless charging mat.

USP: 360-degree rotary finger ring
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3. Spigen Thin Magnetic Case

Spigen Magnetic Car Mount Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

When it comes to iPhone accessories, Spigen makes its presence felt. Whether it is a bumper case or a simple clear case, this brand surprises users pleasantly. A magnetic case from Spigen is your best bet if you appreciate simplicity.

With its QNMP compatible slot, this case supports magnetic car mounts. But the same metal plat can disrupt wireless charging. So better remove the case before you place your iPhone on a wireless charging pad.

USP: Simple design
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4. SQMCase Magnetic Car Mount Case

SQMCase iPhone 11 Pro Max Magnetic Case Compatible with Car Mount

SQMCase has paid enough attention to details while designing this magnetic case with ring holder. A hard PC material is holed to install a bracket base, a bracket, a finger ring, metal plate, and CD texture. With this precision, you get the best magnetic case in the world.

A crystal clear and anti-scratch body protects your iPhone against all the odds. And a ring holder doubles as a kickstand. A metal plate allows you to place your iPhone on a car mount.

USP: Crystal clear body
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5. Dockem Luxe Magnetic Wallet Case

Dockem Magnetic Mounting Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

At first glance, the product looks like a cardholder case for your iPhone. Dockem is known for manufacturing high-quality fabric cases and sleeves. But installing a magnetic charging feature on a fabric is an achievement in itself.

Dockem has built an invisible metal plate, which can be attached to a car mount. A slim canvas style synthetic leather is your wallet case, as you can store two credit/debit cards.

USP: Invisible metal plate
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6. HONTECH Slim Fit Magnetic Case

HONTECH iPhone 11 Pro Max Magnetic Case

HONTECH has come up with a slim privacy magnetic case with a back tempered glass and a built-in screen protector. An anti-peeping front glass makes all the difference. This protects your privacy while you are browsing websites and social media apps on your device. Only the readers who view content from the front can read the contents.

With this front glass, you can protect your information, chat record, payment password, etc. HONTECH has used super magnetic adsorption technology, which gives you a different experience. There are 16 magnetic points, which can hold the top and bottom of this cover tightly together.

USP: Anti-peeping front glass
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7. JUQITECH Magnetic PU Leather Case

JUQITECH iPhone 11 Pro Max Card Holder Case with Magnetic Closure

JUQITECH has crafted a wallet case with RFID protection PU leather. The material is durable and shockproof, keeping your iPhone secure inside the folio. Equipped with a card slot holder, the case allows you to store your plastic cards and banknotes.

The phone case is detachable, so that you can conveniently use it as a separate cover. Since the detachable case has magnetic plate, you can place it on a car mount. Moreover, it is wireless charging compatible.

USP: Detachable phone case
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8. Ghostek Magnetic Wallet Case

Ghostek iPhone 11 Pro Max Case with Magnetic Mount

Ghostek has designed an executive wallet case with card holder for your iPhone. A built-in magnet can be used for magnetic mounts and detachable leather pocket. Once you detach the pocket, you can put your iPhone on a wireless charging pad, and this is an added advantage of this case.

It is your premium modular magnetic wallet case with four slots to store your plastic money. A scratch-resistant back protects your device against injuries. A military-grade shockproof case has raised bezel to protect your phone’s touchscreen.

USP: Executive wallet case
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9. Alapmk Ring Kickstand Case

Alapmk Magnetic Ring Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Alapmk brings 3D pattern design, which makes your phone personal and eye-catching. Ultra-violet printing technology creates vibrant colors, which never fade. For comprehensive protection, Alapmk uses TPU shockproof material, which keeps your device thin and lightweight.

The flexible material is highly durable and provides ultimate protection to your iPhone. Never worry about accidental drops and falls of your device; the case is strong enough to endure such unintentional impacts.

USP: 3D Pattern Design
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That’s all friends!

Signing off…

Magnetic cases are primarily used for placing iPhones on a car mount. Apart from the mount, users can put their iPhones on other household appliances like fridge. All in all, a single magnetic case has multiple benefits.

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Which magnetic case would you like to buy for your iPhone 11 Pro Max? And leave your comments in the section below.

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