Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Fabric Cases in 2020

Though what is an impression if it’s not distinctive? Check out our list below for some of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max fabric cases that can add characteristic panache to your devices, while protecting them dearly as well. Moreover, in a way, fabric cases are better than silicone cases; since they don’t get sweaty, it reduces the chances of accidental slips. 

Best Fabric Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2020

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#1. Goospery

Goospery iPhone 11 Pro Max Fabric Wallet Case

From the house of Goospery comes an iPhone 11 Pro Max fabric case, that can double up as a handy wallet case as well. The upper flip has credit/ID card slots along with a pocket for bills/receipts. Constructed from high-quality canvas fabric and synthetic leather accents, the cover carries clean, sophisticated, and stylish vibes. 

An inner casing of TPU jelly ensures that your device remains impact-resistant during accidental drops. A strong magnetic clasp keeps your device, and other valuables are securely encased. Moreover, the flip case can be used as a make-shift kickstand for horizontal viewing.

USP: 360-degree protection
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#2. joyroom

joyroom Knitted Fabric Cover Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

For the immense joy of a sports lover, the joyroom presents a knitted back cover inspired by Yeezy sneakers. Along with looks, the bumper case also lends a snug and comfortable fit similar to a sneaker. But that’s not all, you also get military-grade 810.1-G compliance offering protection from drops up to 3m (10 feet). 

Though you might not have to worry about accidental slips and falls as the skid-proof grains on the fabric lend a great grip. The sneaky case also incorporates luminous colors that illuminate in the night or dark places. And you get all this and more, without adding much bulk. 

USP: Sporty looks + military-grade protection
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GTWCK iPhone 11 Pro Max Heavy Duty Fabric Case

A deer pattern fabric case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, that protects your device with all its might. The TPU bumper cover is embellished with an anti-scratch fabric, which does not get sweaty and hides fingerprints. Raised camera and screen edges keep surface scratches at bay. 

The 3D-pattern and the sewing detail on edges give the cover a very sophisticated look, perfectly suiting your device. Precise cutouts do not hinder access to buttons, ports, or other functionality. The case supports most iPhone 11 series wireless chargers

USP: Sophisticated look
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SLG DESIGN Fabric Case Card Holder for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The Belgium basketweave is known for its tactility and beauty. This iPhone 11 Pro Max fabric case combines the sophistication of calfskin leather with the exquisitiveness of Belgium fabric. The flip case bundles your device in luxurious 360-degree protection.

Furthering the exclusiveness, the brand boasts that each case is specially dyed, lending them their unique seasonal color. And I attest that all 5 colors from the brand are truly special, though my heart is stuck on the black and white shade. Apart from the great looks, the case also offers a card slot, cash pocket, comfortable grip, and Qi wireless charging compatibility. 

USP: Belgium fabric
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#5. fitBAG

fitBAG iPhone 11 Pro Max Blue Custom Tailored Fabric Case

As the name suggests, it is a ‘fitted bag’ for your device crafted from genuine Alcantara. Noted for its durability, Alcantara has a suede-like microfiber pile that lends it slightly furry, soft texture. Not really a regular case for iPhone 11 Pro Max, this one is a sleeve for your beloved device. 

Crafted in Germany, the protective case showcase expert craftmanship, while protecting the phone against dust, scratches, and light impacts. Moreover, an intelligently integrated high-end microfibre cleans your screen and black glass every time you take out or insert the device in the pouch. 

USP: Microfibre lining
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TENDLIN Leather Hybrid Fabric Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

A lightweight, ultra-slim Alcantara case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Yes!! I did enjoy the look, feel, and purpose of Alcantara; so much that my list had to have two listings. Though this one’s a case with a soft shock-absorbing bumper and TPU hardback for maximum protection. 

While the fabric covering provides an excellent grip, the TPU layer has raised lips to lift the screen and camera from scratching or touching the ground. Precise cutouts of edges and buttons ensure that the functionality is maintained. The suede slim case also supports wireless charging. 

USP: Alcantara fabric
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#7. Perfectiy

Perfectiy iPhone 11 Pro Max Fabric Case

Whether the winter is coming or not, you can dress up your device in a comfortable, warm flannel plaid cloth. Perfectiy fabric case for iPhone 11 Pro Max, perfectly fits your device; not hindering any functions whether the button sensitivity, ports or camera. 

What’s more, is that your Burberry obsession can be relinquished in multiple colors. Whether you choose the red, green, or gray pattern, all are quite beautiful. The soft TPU frame ensures that your device is well protected from daily wear and tears and that occasional accidental falls. 

USP: Burberry syle plaid
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#8. Lopie

Lopie Fabric Case Leather Card Holder for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Skin-friendly sea island cotton fabric and genuine leather are combined together to produce a bumper case with an amazing hand-feel and awe-inspiring look. A Polycarbonate base safeguards the phone from accidental drops; the cotton fabric also lines the inner section to avoid scratches and to provide additional shock-absorption.

The leather attachment also doubles as a secure pocket to store credit, debit or IDs. While the inner casing has a secret nano-sim and an eject pin pocket. Designed specifically for iPhone 11 Pro Max, the case lends a form-fitted, lightweight, slim profile and a comfortable grip 

USP: Cotton fabric + genuine leather
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#9. Omio

Omio iPhone 11 Pro Max Ring Grip Holder Fabric Case

A premium quality canvas is molded into a stylish and multi-tasking fabric case for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The protective back case primarily protects your device from scratches, bumps, dints, shocks, or drops. Then, it can also serve as a handy cardholder, with 2 card slots. 

A canvas finger circle strap further serves the function similar to that of a ring holder case; allowing you a great grip. The bumper also incorporates a special edge pattern for better finger grip. Along with all that, all essential ports, buttons, and functions are easily accessible. 

USP: Finger circle strap
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#10. Dockem

Dockem Synthetic Leather Fabric Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Crafted from a premium canvas style synthetic leather that lends an elegant and professional look to your device. The unique fabric gives twill style texture that offers UltraGrip and secure feel in your hands. A lay-flat card slot can comfortably hold up to 2 cards, providing a convenient wallet pocket. 

An integrated metal plate is placed quite smartly; it can be seamlessly mounted to magnetic car mounts and does not hinder wireless charging or harm your cards. While specifically designed for Dockem’s Magno Mount v3 series car mounts, it also supports other magnetic mounts; though with a 

USP: Car mount
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#11. Silent Pocket

Silent Pocket iPhone 11 Pro Maxv Sleeve Pouch Fabric Case

A slightly different addition to our list; while others are praised for maintaining or enhancing device functions, this one is great because it stops all functions. A unique sleeve that employs a patented Faraday Cage system to provide anti-hacking and anti-tracking wireless shielding.

Originally designed or law enforcement and forensic investigators to protect digital evidence, the case blocks wireless signals, RFID, cellular networks, GPS/SatNav, Bluetooth, NFC, Solar Flare, Radio signals. In short, it takes your device totally off the grid. Perfect for flights, secretive meetings, holidays or any time when you don’t want to contact. Crafted from durable waterproof nylon that safeguards your phone from external elements. Further, a multi-layered soft internal shielding ensures that the device isn’t scratched during insertion. 

USP: Takes the device off the grid
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Whatever you choose, just don’t forget to have fun!

Don’t we all love a soft, comfortable t-shirt and if it looks super good, then that’s a win-win situation. iPhone 11 Pro Max Fabric Cases offer a similar deal to you; a t-shirt that is comfortable for both you and the device and looks equally good. Moreover, as you can see from our listing, they carry a distinctive look, class, and elegance. So what are you waiting for? Dress your device in panache.

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Do share the pictures of your fancy devices once they are all decked in their respective cases; I would love to hear your views, reviews, comments, and suggestions.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Fabric Cases

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Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Fabric Cases
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