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iGBAccessoriesPITAKA cases for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max (Review)

PITAKA cases for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max (Review)

Looking for a case that is as smart, sleek, and stylish as the smartphone in your hand? Well, then Pitaka cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max are a viable option. Crafted from seamless technology and smart materials, these cases offer protection, looks, pocket-friendliness, and much more.

Thin and Protective Pitaka Cases

A part of Pitaka’s strength lies in its technical expertise to combine high tech materials with innovative designs. As per the brand, when their vision is transformed into reality, a world with “craft, magic, and aesthetics” is created. While I do agree with their notion, you can feel free to surf through their product offerings and decide for yourself.

But before we proceed, let’s understand the technology and material used in a bit more detail:

The Vacuum Forming Technology 

In the simplest term, it is a unique technology that employs exceptionally high temperature and pressure to mold a product under vacuum conditions. First and foremost, this ensures 100% precision in the size and shape of the product. Secondly, a special film protects the natural texture of raw materials.

Aramid fibers

All Pitaka cases boast aromatic polyamide, a human-made strong synthetic fiber. Known for its high performance and surprisingly low molecular weight, Aramid was initially developed for aerospace or military applications.

The material offers various benefits, including high-strength, resistance to abrasion, low-flammability, no melting point, and resistance to organic solvents. Pitaka’s innovative technique molds Aramide into a thin, light, durable, and super-strong iPhone case.

MagEZ Case Pro: Military-grade CasesPITAKA MagEZ Case Pro Series Military-grade Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

Constructed with a scientific five-layer design, the MagEZ Case Pro ensures that your iPhone is safe from every corner and side. Aramid fiber is used in the first three outer layers to provide exceptional shock and abrasion protection. An inner shock absorber foam and premium microfiber lining cushions the device during drops.

The shock-resistance is enhanced further by airbag corners, air-pocket sidebars, corner ridges, and reinforced bumper edges. An anti-slip side grip ensures a firmer grip, reducing the chances of slips. A strategically placed metal plate enable support for magnetic mounts, without hindering any functionality.

The case causes no interference to WIFI, GPS, Apple Pay, wireless charging, or cellular signals. Notably, all these features are packed in an unbelievable 0.1-inch minimalist profile. So while the case is good for your phone, it is also friendly with hands and pockets.

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MagEZ Case: Thin, Protective and Magnetic Cases

MagEZ Case Series Slim Protective Magnetic Cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max from PITAKA

A case that is as thin and light as a paper, but offers durability and strength of steel. Crafted from 100% aramid, Pitaka’s MagEZ case is amongst the lightest cases on the planet at 14g. It also flaunts a slim profile of 0.85mm only and a bundle of protective and utilitarian features.

Embedded metal plates, the case is compatible with both MagEZ Mount Qi and MagEZ Bar. Other device functionalities such as wireless charging, Wi-Fi, payments with Apple pay, or other supportive methods are supported as well. Moreover, the case offers fire, scratch, fingerprint, and fade resistance.

As the brand puts it, MagEZ cases are ridiculously durable. Also, thanks to vacuum forming, it incorporates a 3D grippy skin that is seamless, non-slippery, and baby-soft to hold. Pitaka also offers a range of color options for you to choose from.

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Air Cases: Slim Yet Sturdy Cases

PITAKA Air Series Thinnest Protective Cases for iPhone 11 Series

With just 0.6mm thickness, it feels like a soft sheet of paper wrapped around your device. Pitaka’s thinnest case is made from rare and selected 600D grade filament. A technology that offers everlasting perfection with no-fading, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistance features. 

The ‘thinness’ does not compromise on protection or functionality. A protective ring guards the camera lens against scratches caused by rough surfaces. Potent device functions or access to buttons and ports aren’t disturbed at all. Vacuum forming technology and a special coating lend the case a 3D silky soft-touch.

Interestingly, the weight of all these features is merely around 10g. Though this one doesn’t have embedded metal plates, it is sleek, stylish, and slimmest profile makes up for all the flaws.

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A seamless technology experience for you

It is when innovative technology meets great design skills, a brand like Pitaka is born. You should give these cases a try, especially if you are looking for something distinctive, stylish, slim, and durable. Do let us know your thoughts and reviews on Pitaka Cases in the comment section below.

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