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Pad & Quill Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you are looking for a luxurious wallet case, Pad & Quill leather wallet cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro or iPhone 11 are a great option. When it comes to leather goods, quality, durability, and construction are of utmost priority. As per the business owners, a product only gets the seal of approval after it passes a severe litmus test. The seal that professes the goods as artisan-made and durable.

Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Series From Pad & Quill

The brand majorly deals with leather and wood products. The list includes bags, wallets, travel kits for Apple Watch, and cases for iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks. As mentioned above, the brand is extremely particular about its products. Expect the same with these cases as well; here are some of their salient features:

Best in Class Material

All materials are responsibly sourced and treated for durability. Skilled artisans mold each iPhone case from the most beautiful full-grain USA leather. They are stitched together with parachute grade UV resistant stitch and hand-assembled with smooth French-hemmed seams.

Doubles as a Wallet

Using Pad & Quill Leather Case as Wallet

Each of the leather folio-case incorporates ultra-slim lay-flat leather card pockets. The wallet can easily fit 6-8 cards and cash. A transparent top window to manage your IDs and a hidden cash pocket to tuck some additional bills.

Get Better with Time

The real sign of good leather!! The full-grain American leather will develop a rich and unique patina over time. Initially, the cover may come across slightly stiff; it will soften with use and wrap your device better. In short, daily wear and tear will only make the cover more beautiful.

Quality Assurance

As a sign of great trust in the quality they serve, Pad & Quill offers a massive 25-year leather warranty. In fact, even the elastic strap used for closing the wallet comes with a lifetime warranty.

Wireless Charging Compatible

Wireless Charging Compatible Case

The leather wallet case also maintains your devices’ Qi compatibility and thus supports most 3-coil type wireless chargers. Ensuring that you don’t have to remove the case again and again for minuscule reasons.

Leather Book Case With Wooden Frame for iPhone 11 Series

Pad & Quill Leather Book Case With Wooden Frame for iPhone 11 Pro Max

“Because a masterpiece of an iPhone deserves a masterpiece of a case.” Disguised in a book-like avatar, handcrafted leather is amalgamated with a quality baltic birchwood frame. The hand-polished frame envelopes the iPhone, lending both dependable protection and great looks.

Available in four different color combinations, the front flip has five slim leather card pockets and a cash slot. A robust elastic strap ensures all your essentials are tucked nicely and securely into the wallet. Slightly raised camera bump keeps the rear camera safe from surface scratches.

Due to the deep encasing, the user may face some issues with flash. The brand also offers lifetime Wood Warranty & 30-day money-back promise. As of now, the case is not available for iPhone 11.

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Leather Case With Custom Elastic Straps for iPhone 11 Series

Luxury is somehow incomplete without some customization. The Bella Fino Edition and Aria wallet cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max offer precisely that. Along with the standard elastic strap, you can opt for an add-on color pack with three different straps. You can also buy additional elastic straps to customize your case, your way.

Moreover, if you do not enjoy any of the straps, it can be permanently/ temporarily removed, as well. The front flip of the wallet can hold up to seven cards along with some bills. A quick-access viewing window is added to carry a business card/ID card comfortably. To provide edge and drop protection, the iPhone is encased in a special rubber oil coated protective case.

Just snap the phone into the frame to install the wallet case and witness a perfect blend of luxury, customizability, durability, and protection. The leather case also maintains a slim profile, with only 0.28″ added to either side.

Bella Fino Edition Cases for iPhone 11 Series

Bella Fino Edition Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max from Pad & Quill

A plain simple folio-style cover, that incorporates contrast colored inner lining. Interestingly, you can also select the color of the inner lining as per your preference, making the case uniquely yours. A Pad & Quill engraved seal on the hinge further enhances the value and look of the case.

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Aria Wallet Cases for iPhone 11 Series

Aria Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max from Pad & Quill

A more conventional book style design is added to the series. The hinge is created from black leather and seamless nylon-stitching is incorporated for an on fleek look. This design element also adds additional strength to the folded part. The case is available in two colors and off-course the option of straps.

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Luxury that is uniquely yours!!

Brands such as Pad & Quill prove that luxury and leather go hand in hand. Everything from their thoughtful designing to seamless craftsmanship stands apart from its contemporaries. What intrigues me is their passion for work and their commitment to customer satisfaction. What about you? Did you enjoy these product offerings? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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