Best iPhone 11 Pro Battery Cases in 2019: Powerful Match for Your Smartphone

With many battery cases available for the beastly new iPhone, it might be confusing to choose the best. But we have made it easier for you by refining 10 best iPhone 11 Pro battery cases of 2019. Read on to explore more.

iPhone 11 Pro is here, and iPhone lovers across the world cannot wait to get your hands on this promising new piece of technology. With the triple rear camera setup, this phone is going to be one the most coveted smartphone this year. But with great power comes great responsibility so with great camera setup should come massive battery backup. We wouldn’t want our iPhone battery dying while clicking a breathtaking scenic picture, now would we? But thanks to some of the best iPhone 11 Pro battery cases that give some extra juice to your phone.

Lately, I have preferred using a battery case over an ordinary power bank simply because of two efficient and practical reasons. I don’t like to carry cords everywhere around, and a battery case eliminates the need for that. This case also removes the necessity of carrying a bulky power bank as well. Let’s explore this list of finest battery cases.

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10 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2019

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#1. Moonmini

Moonmini iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case

Don’t let your phone’s battery rule how you use your device, with the Moonmini charging case for iPhone 11 Pro power it up as and when needed. This battery case comes with a 5000mAh rechargeable Li-polymer power bank offering extra juice to your phone and is thankfully slim and durable without adding any extra bulk to your device.

This protection gear for your phone comes with a 100% safety against overheating, overload, and short circuit. The protective back cover keeps your iPhone safe from scratches, dust, and fall damage. A perfect companion for your next hiking or just a trip to the beach.

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USP: 5000 mAH battery back-up
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#2. Lifeepro

Lifeepro Batter Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Always keep your beloved phone in high spirits and don’t let the issue of battery drain keep you away from playing a game or working on an important task. The Lifeepro Juice Pack is the perfect match for power users with 4000 mAH external power back-up.

This power case for iPhone 11 Pro comes jam-packed with features like comfort, quality, durability, and energy. Rest assured that this case won’t let any external or internal harm come to your cherished device. The LED indicators on the back of the cover keep you updated with the amount of power left.

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USP: Allows data transfer while plugged in
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#3. Haity

Haity iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case

Along with juicing up your device, Haity iPhone 11 Pro battery case offers premium protection as well. Crafted from Polycarbonate mainframe and sealed with rubber, it is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The amalgamation of these two materials further lends a soothing look to your device and a comfortable handgrip.

A powerful li-polymer rechargeable battery offers 120%+ extra battery life i.e. equivalent to an added 18 + hours Talk time/14+ hours web-browsing time. The slim and light body also incorporates a sound enhancement design that improves the audio quality. All the ports and buttons are covered either by rubber or seal, which prevents leakage but maintains ease of access.

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USP: 18+ hours of talk-time
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#4. Yuqoka

Yuqoka Batter Case for iPhone 11 Pro

This ultra-slim Yuqoka battery case for iPhone 11 Pro is fully loaded with 5000 mAH juice to provide extra power to your device. With the ROHS, FCC, CE Certification, you can rest assured that your gadget is safe from the danger of Over Charging or Short Circuit or any other internal harm. 

While you are the better judge of what’s better for your iPhone, let me assure you that the cover is made from durable material to prevent your device from scratches, dust, and daily wear-and-tear. The case also comes with a 3 months warranty, 6 months refund guarantee, and a lifetime of technical support.

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USP: Ultra-slim
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#5. Bestgay

Bestgay Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Lightweight, maximum protection and easy installation are some of the most convinient features that the Bestgay battery charging case for iPhone 11 Pro comes with. The LED lights indicate the battery level of the case, divided into 4 levels. With raised sides and hard-shell design, this case perfectly protects your phone from scratching and dropping.

Its time to bid adieu to the low battery anxiety and messy corded power banks and say hello to this fundamental charging and protection case for your iPhone. This power pack also supports simultaneously charging when plugged in, both the case and your iPhone could be charged together. 

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USP: Multiple color options
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#6. i.Valux

i Valux iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case

Add 100% extra battery life to your iPhone 11 Pro with the iValux juice pack. The case also comes with 4 LED Powered indicators that let you know the status of the Battery Pack. It is so designed for your phone that it adds no excessive bulk and can fit in your pocket and hand conveniently.

No need to worry about drained battery or damages to your phone with this durable case. This power pack also comes with an in-built magnet that you could attach your phone effortlessly with any of the magnetic car mounts. This battery case is made out of soft rubber, making it easy to install and remove your phone without any damage.

USP: 3 Years hassle-free warranty
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#7. Snsou

Snsou iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case

Don’t let yourself be at the disadvantage of a drained battery when you can have the leisure of getting your hands on this beautiful Snsou power pack case for iPhone 11 Pro. This charging case makes installation of your iPhone secure and safe, you only need to slide your phone into the bottom of the case and easily juice up your gadget by long-pressing the button on the back for 3 seconds to start charging.

It is very convenient to track the power left in the case by clicking the button. This case supports advanced sync and charge technology without shedding any extra cash on additional cables. It also comes with a 12-month complete money-back warranty to ensure a risk-free purchase of this product.

USP: LED indicators to determine the battery
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#8. Alpatronix

Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Provide your iPhone with added juice through the Aplatronix battery case for iPhone 11 Pro. This powerful case comes with a certified lightning chip with 4200mAh UL-certified internal battery that will ensure a full day’s charge to your iPhone. It also sports precise cut-outs for all the cameras, ports and other controls.

Lifetime warranty with no additional cost is an added perk of this case. Ohh and I almost forgot to mention that this case supports wireless charging along with data transfer, if this doesn’t excite you enough to buy this case then I don’t know what would.

USP: Certified lightning chip
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#9. Moonmini

Moonmini Portable Batter Case for iPhone 11 Pro

When it comes to my iPhone, I put safety over everything because my heart shatters at even the slightest of a scratch on my device. But thankfully the Moonmini case ensures the protection of gadget along with providing some excess juice to it when it runs out of power. 

This 4000 mAH battery case is made from durable material to ensure complete security of your phone along with preventing the chances of short circuits caused due to overheating or overload. The side bumpers protect the edges of your iPhone and absorb shock in case of a deadly fall.

USP: Heavy shock absorption
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#10. FugouSell

FugouSell iPhone 11 Pro Portable Battery Case

FugouSell iPhone 11 Pro battery case ensures that your smartphone is well protected and charged. And what’s better than having a robust battery pack case for your phone? A 30-Day Money-back guarantee offers peace of mind, giving you the power to return the product if you seem to not like the case for any reason.

This case has built-in high-capacity rechargeable Li-polymer juice that effectively provides 140% extra battery life to your iPhone. It is made of a 360° comprehensive bumper design that is made up of high-quality TPU material and hard-shell to ensure maximum damage protection.

USP: CE and RoHS Certification
Check out on Amazon

Signing Off…

Consider giving your iPhone 11 Pro a treat of a compelling battery case that will provide you with extra hours of usage and aid in the case of emergencies. Let us know what you feel about the usefulness of these cases, in the comments below and whether you are determined to buy one of these?

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