Best Battery Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2020: Powerful Match for Your Smartphone

The iPhone 11 series boasts both great features and a powerful battery. However, if you are a pro user, the battery of your iPhone gets consumed faster than you expect. Thanks to some of the best iPhone 11 Pro battery cases, your device gets some extra juice to serve you better.

Lately, I have preferred using a battery case over an ordinary power bank simply because of two convincing and practical reasons. I don’t like to carry cords everywhere around and I want to protect my device. These cases also remove the necessity of taking a bulky power bank as well. Let’s explore this list of finest battery cases.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Battery Cases in 2020

#1. Zencase Wireless Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro from Shuttercase

Zencase iPhone 11 Pro Wireless Battery CaseThe case is well built and has a nice touch. It fits perfectly with your iPhone 11 Pro. The 3500mAh battery is capable of adding video playtime up to 12 hours and audio playtime up to 45 hours. This makes it suitable to carry for trips and day-outs. The built-in USB-C input port fully charges the battery case within 3.5 hours.

The case has an embedded Qi battery solution. This leaves your iPhone lightning port free and usable. The TPU sides of this battery case protect against accidental falls. Zencase for iPhone 11 Pro comes with a USB-C cable and a tempered glass screen protector.

USP: Easy to hold and use
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#2. Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 ProSpecifically engineered for iPhone 11 Pro by the very manufacturers, this one is an obvious choice. Apart from the brand name, the case also features a dedicated camera button. So, you can launch the Camera app from a locked screen and capture shots without any delay.

In addition, you also have access to the intelligent battery status via the lock screen or in Notification Center when the case is on. So, you don’t have to depend on the customary LEDs featured in every other battery case. Available in black, white, or pink sand, the smart battery pack also supports wireless charging.

USP: Camera button
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#3. AMPR 4800mAh Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Ampr_iPhone_11_Pro_Max_Battery_CaseThough pretty handy for charging and protecting your iPhone, battery cases often bulk up the device. But not this beauty here, weighing just 132g, it offers a 4800mAh battery at your disposal. The sleek design uses a soft TPU bumper making the installation and removal quite easy and uncomplicated.

Though, you can charge the case and iPhone together; avoiding the compulsion of removing the battery case for every charge. A smart power button on the back starts or stops the charge with just a slight press. Further, the 4-Led lights keep track of how much juice left in this beast.

USP: Sleek and compact design
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#4. QTShine Portable Charging Case for iPhone 11 Pro

QTshine iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case

QTShine has used advanced sync-through technology, and therefore, you can charge your iPhone and battery case, sync your device to your Mac simultaneously.

Powered by a 6800mAh built-in lithium polymer battery, your iPhone gets more than double its battery life. Charge your phone anytime, anywhere; a perfect battery case for traveling, camping, business tours, and other outdoor activities.

The battery maker has got several safety certificates like CE, FC, and RoHS for the protection of your premium iPhone. A robust bumper design protects your device against scratches.

USP: Lithium polymer battery chip
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#5. NEWDERY Qi Compatible 4800mAh Battery Case

NEWDERY Qi Compatible Battery Case for iPhone 11 ProA case that covers all the bases, from protection to wireless charging capability. The 4,800mAh beast can extend your iPhone’s battery life by 100%. Crafted from soft TPU material and microfiber flannel inner lining, your device nestles in the case securely and safely.

Raised bezels around the edges, keep the screen away from scratches or dings. The sleek case also supports simultaneous charge and fast file transfer. With QI compatibility, rest assured that the case is friendly with most top wireless chargers. All in all, you would not have to remove the case during regular usage.

USP: Soft inner lining
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#6. Pxwaxpy Extended Battery Pack for iPhone 11 Pro

Pxwaxpy Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

A 5500mAh battery case adds 140% more power to your iPhone 11 Pro, and with that booster dose, you can explore more on your device. Browse websites, play videos, listen to your favorite songs and do more.

The portable design gives you the freedom to roam around the world without carrying a power bank or any other power source. With advanced sync-through technology, you can sync your device’s data to your MacBook or any other PC or laptop. And do not worry about the battery as this extended battery pack will keep charging your device.

This case is 100% compatible with all iOS software versions and Apple Pay. Use the On/Off button to operate this battery case, which provides comprehensive protection to your iPhone. Once your device is fully charged, the case will stop charging.

USP: Apple Pay compatibility
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#7. YISHDA Rechargeable Battery Case

YISHDA Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

For the faster and safer charger, you can rely on YISHDA battery case. Externally, the case looks ultra-thin, lightweight, and compact. Visibly a portable design, the case is packed with 150% extra power to run your iPhone. Enjoy 14 hours talk time, 12 hours Internet use or up to 43 hours of audio playback.

You can install and remove this case easily on your device; next, charge and sync your phone while refilling the battery simultaneously.

The case maker has taken enough safety precautions as this battery pack boasts built-in short-circuiting and over-charging protection. Keep your eyes on LED indicators, which show the battery level on the case.

USP: Fast and safe charging
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#8. FNSON Rechargeable Extended Battery Charger Case

FNSON iPhone 11 Pro Battery CaseAlong with juicing up your device, FNSON offers superior protection as well. Crafted from durable material, raised edges and hard-shell design lend protection against scratches, drops, and other daily wear and tear.

A 5200mAh powerful li-polymer rechargeable battery offers 150%+ extra battery life i.e., equivalent to 8+ hours talk time or 12+ hours web-browsing time. Thanks to a sync-through technology, you can simultaneously charge the phone and case with an existing iPhone charging cable.

USP: Comfortable handgrip
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#9. Smiphee 4800mAh Battery Case with LED Indicator 

Smiphee iPhone 11 Pro Battery CaseDon’t let yourself drained battery doom your fun when you have the leisure of owning this beautiful Smiphee power pack case. The soft elastic material makes for easy installation; just slide your device and press the power button for three seconds to start the charge.

A full edge design lends 360° protection, keeping the screen & camera well-protected. Four LED battery level indicators make it convenient to track the power left in the case. This case supports simultaneous charge and lightning headphones, saving the need for any additional cables.

USP: No excessive bulk
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#10. Alpatronix Battery Case with UL-certification

Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Provide your iPhone with added juice through the Aplatronix battery case for iPhone 11 Pro. This powerful case comes with a certified lightning chip with a 4200mAh UL-certified internal battery that will ensure a full day’s charge to your iPhone. It also sports precise cut-outs for all the cameras, ports and other controls.

Lifetime warranty with no additional cost is an added perk of this case. Ohh and I almost forgot to mention that this case supports wireless charging along with data transfer, if this doesn’t excite you enough to buy this case then I don’t know what would.

USP: Certified lightning chip
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Swaller Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Swaller iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case

Extend 110% battery life of your iPhone 11 Pro by using Swaller’s battery pack. Equipped with 4800mAh battery capacity, this case gives you an extra 20 hours video playback time, 71 hours audio playback time. Now, never worry about your iPhone ran out of your daily life anymore.

For your device’s protection, this case has upgraded port connection and raised bezel. The case will protect your smartphone against scratches and other wear and tear. Moreover, the raised bezel safeguards your iPhone screen also.

While the phone is being charged, you can constantly check the battery level by four LED indicators. Additionally, you can switch on and off the power button.

USP: Raised bezel for screen protection
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Signing Off…

Consider giving your iPhone 11 Pro a treat of a compelling battery case that will provide you with extra hours of usage and aid in the case of emergencies. Let us know what you feel about the usefulness of these cases, in the comments below and whether you are determined to buy one of these?

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