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Best sleeves for iPhone 11 Pro

Not many people like using sleeves on their iPhones as they cannot flaunt their phones. And taking their phones out of a sleeve and using it might not be convenient for many, but there is still a niche of people who prefer these professional-looking sleeves to house their phones. And here, we have pledged to serve every last iPhone user’s needs, and thus in today’s case line-up, we would be looking at a list of the best sleeves for iPhone 11 Pro available in the market.

1. Dockem Wallet Sleeve with 2 Card Slots

Dockem Wallet Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro

Dockem has been a premium maker of sleeves for iPhones and doesn’t be surprised if you see multiple sleeves from this brand. It is made of excellent quality of synthetic leather that will give your 5.8-inch device great protection along with a super professional and classy vibe.

Slide your naked iPhone in this sleeve along with 2 cards and a couple of bills in the allotted card slots, to carry your smartphone in style. The easy pull tab makes it easy and swift for you to remove your phone. It is attached to the sleeve with a built-in magnet keeping it out of the way, giving you a dangle free experience.

USP: Made from High-Quality Synthetic Leather
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2. Dockem Executive Leather Sleeve

Dockem Executive Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro

I have already warned you guys that don’t be surprised if you see multiple Dockem sleeves for iPhone 11 Pro in this list. The Dockem Executive sleeve truly drips superiority and perfection with this vegan leather sleeve. It has a micro-fiber lining and 2mm padding to protect your device.

The dark brown shade of this sleeve makes it a perfect match for all genders and all their outfits. It is easy to slide your device in and out, but at the same time, the sleeve doesn’t compromise on the safety of your device. Your smartphone will not slide out of your sleeve without you intentionally doing so.

USP: 2mm Padding
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3. Dockem Luxe Wallet Pouch with 4 Card Slots

Dockem Luxe Wallet Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro

This Dockem sleeve is made of twill and synthetic leather and has 2 card slots on either side of the sleeve. The easy pull tab on this sleeve allows you to pull out your iPhone easily. And just like other Dockem sleeves this also sports a magnet in the tab to keep it in place.

The sleeve is super sleek and even with 4 cards, a couple of dollar bills and your phone inserted, this case is not bulkier than 20 mm, which is quite impressive. The card slots also have thumb opening to easily extract your cards without much effort giving you easy access to them.

USP: Made from Twill
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4. Genuine Leather Wallet Sleeve from KAVAJ

Kavaj Leather Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro

Moving on from Dockem, this uber stylish iPhone 11 Pro sleeve by Kavaj oozes style and exclusivity. Made from 100% genuine leather, it is ultra-slim, sleek, and lightweight. It also sports two built-in slots on the back of the sleeves to store notes, credit cards, IDs or business cards, making it a perfect business accessory.

This sleeve comes with a magnetic closure that also doubles as a pull-tab to extract your phone easily and helps in keeping your smartphone within the sleeve. It also supports QI charging, making it easy for you to put your phone on charge wirelessly without taking your phone out of the sleeve.

USP: Wireless Charging Compatible
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5. fitBAG Custom Tailored Leather Pouch

fitBag Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro

This lamb-skin nappa leather made fitBag sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro is the perfect choice for all the minimalists out there. A perfect example of what simplicity and dapperness would look together if combined. This sleeve so super sleek and lightweight that it fits in your pocket very easily.

fitBag also has an integrated high-end microfibre lining that automatically cleans the display of your device whenever you put it in the sleeve or remove it. I personally like this function because let’s just face it our screens can get pretty nasty. It fits very snugly to your phone, making it a perfect skin for your device.

USP: Simple and Minimalist
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Signing Off…

I hope you found the right sleeve for your latest iPhone 11 Pro and flaunt your style. Let us know in the comments below if you want us to do some particular accessory round-ups.

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