Best Rugged Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2020

The primary purpose of a rugged case is to protect your premium iPhone 11 Pro, and therefore, sometimes aesthetics are overlooked. However, with advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality materials, it is now possible to find a rugged case that is also fashionable. Best rugged cases for iPhone 11 Pro that ensure full-body protection and 100% style.

While you are exploring this list of the best rugged cases for iPhone 11 Pro, note that they are not heavyweights; you will love to hold your phone in hands. The grip is one of the most essential features to check; a rugged case with anti-slip sides or back is a perfect piece if you have to use your legs more than wheels in a day.

#1. Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Spigen iPhone 11 Pro Rugged Case

Thanks to its carbon fiber design, this rugged armor case is resilient to every shock your phone may face. For more protection, Spigen has used a flexible TPU with a spider-web pattern inside. For screen protection, the lips of the case are elevated.

Air-cushion technology absorbs shocks and guards your device against accidental drops. You can quickly press volume up/down, and power buttons on your phone as Spigen has used tactile buttons for solid feedback.

USP: Air-cushion technology
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#2. Smartish Slim Rugged Case

Smartish Rugged Armor Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Smartish has come up with Gripzilla, which is a rugged and protective case for your iPhone. The name itself boasts much about the grip provided by this slim yet sturdy case. Full credit goes to the case’s grooved sides, which are claimed to be “groovier than your dad’s wedding hairdo.” Like a firm handshake, the case offers a beastly grip.

This Nikola Tesla-approved case is compatible with wireless charging; you can use this case in your office, home or in the car as well. Air pocket corners in the case work like airbags for your iPhone.

USP: Nikola Tesla-approved
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#3. Vapesoon Shockproof Rugged Case

Vapesoon iPhone 11 Pro Rugged Shockproof Case

Vapesoon gives full-body protection to your iPhone. This rugged case has a built-in screen protector for your iPhone. Thus, your device gets 360-degree full protection. Precise fitting and clear back design ensure you have quick access to speakers, buttons, sensors, and camera functions on your latest iPhone.

The brand has used high-quality PET built-in screen guard on this iPhone 11 Pro. This anti-scratch screen guard never affects screen response functions. This heavy-duty defender case has passed through military-standard drop tests.

USP: Wireless charging support
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#4. Temdan Rugged Case Built-in Screen Protector

Temdan Rugged Heavy Duty Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Unlike popular belief that rugged cases are bulky in profile, Temdan has produced a thin and ultra-transparent case for your iPhone. This high-quality polycarbonate back cover is pretty small and light. However, the case does not make any compromise on protection. Your iPhone is entirely secure with additional durability of this case.

Hold your iPhone with a better grip ensured by unique fingerprint response key. It is a case that perfectly fits on your iPhone and allows quick access to buttons, speaker, camera, and other features.

USP: Ultra-transparent back cover
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#5. Ultra-slim Rugged Case by LuvCase

LuvCase iPhone 11 Pro Rugged Ultra Slim Case

LuvCase takes enough care of the earth’s environment, and this concern is reflected in this biodegradable case. Made of recycled plastic, this rugged case gives 360-degree full-body protection to your iPhone. An eco-friendly case resists all shocks; you can install and remove this case easily.

Flaunting a slim profile, the case highlights your unique personality. Compatible with wireless charging, you can place your iPhone conveniently on a magnetic car holder of your car while driving. Enjoy full access to all the ports, buttons, and controls on your premium smartphone.

USP: Biodegradable case
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#6. MOBOSI Military Grade Rugged Case

MOBOSI Rugged Military Grade Case for iPhone 11 Pro

MOBOSI’s heavy-duty military-grade case is drop-tested by SGS. You can rely on the strength of this case, which protects your iPhone from all corners and sides. MOBOSI has used high-quality transparent PC and soft TPU dual-layer to manufacture this lightweight case. A skin-friendly and durable case has shockproof functionality.

Artists at MOBOSI have crafted this case after a lot of research; as a result, you get exquisite workmanship on the case. You can send this case as a gift to someone you love. The brand has designed this case with an anti-slip stripe on each side; you can hold your iPhone firmly in hands.

USP: Exquisite workmanship
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#7. Heavy-duty Rugged Case by ORDTBY

ORDTBY Shockproof Rugged Case for iPhone 11 Pro

ORDTBY has used four layers of protection to design this extremely sturdy iPhone case. The four layers are: scratch-resistant back cover PC, anti-skid shockproof TPU, sensitive screen protector, and reinforcement built-in frame PC. The robust case can endure drops from a height of 6.6 feet.

Beating all the regular cases, ORDTBY’s rugged armor cover has a screen guard, which can endure scratches and scuff marks. With its sensitive touch, you would like to operate your iPhone with a gentle touch of fingers.

USP: Four-layer protection
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#8. KUMEDA Rugged Clear Case

KUMEDA iPhone 11 Pro Rugged Case

KUMEDA has also come up with four-layer protection (like ORDTBY) in this case, but the product sets itself apart from others with sensitive and anti-scratch screen protector. You can put your iPhone and house keys in your pockets without having to worry about scratches on the device. The clear hardback of KUMEDA’s rugged case is compatible with wireless charging.

The built-in screen guard offers a high level of touch sensitivity and protects the screen against scratches. Feast your eyes on your HD photos and videos stored on your new device.

USP: High-level of touch sensitivity
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#9. Rugged Wallet Cover from ELOVEN

ELOVEN iPhone 11 Pro Rugged Wallet Case with Hidden Credit Card

Usually, rugged cases do not offer any slot to store your credit/debit cards. But ELOVEN does not like to walk on a well-trodden track, and therefore, ELOVEN has crafted a rugged case with a cardholder slot. You can store your plastic money; this case can hold up to four cards. You can also save your social IDs in the hidden card slot.

For your phone’s protection, ELOVEN supplies dual-layer PC back with a durable and flexible TPU body. This combination maximizes shock absorption against impacts, drops, and falls. The flip door allows you to access your credit/debit cards quickly.

USP: Hidden card slot
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#10. Eonfine Rugged Armor Cover

Eonfine Heavy Duty iPhone 11 Pro Rugged Case

Your fitness goals keep you busy in the morning and evening. During workout sessions, you may drop your iPhone if not put in an armband. To guard your iPhone, you can rely on Eonfine’s full-body rugged protective case with a built-in screen protector. This case is sturdily built from premium hybrid hard polycarbonate and TPU materials, which provide solid texture.

Sensitive screen protector keeps your iPhone’s glass free of scratch and blemish. Celebrate the pure beauty of your premium device for a long time. Precise design of this case allows you to operate your iPhone easily.

USP: Compatibility
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That’s all, friends!

Summing up…

Rugged cases provide 360-degree protection to your iPhone, and therefore, users like to install these cases on their devices. By adding style and fashion to the rugged cases, accessory makers have popularized them in end users. Now, users get both – a sturdy case with oodles of style.

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