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Best iPhone 11 Pro natural wooden cases in 2024

Man’s connection with nature is eternal, and therefore, he loves everything with a tinge of real leather and real wood. Even as we have made tremendous progress in smart technologies, we like to flaunt something natural. This is the idea behind producing some of the best iPhone 11 Pro Wooden Cases. There is a sense of originality, strength, and elegance in the best iPhone 11 Pro wooden cases listed here. To own one is to take pride in something. For superior woodworking, brands have roped in the best artists, who use their hands, brain, and souls to craft top-notch wood cases for iPhone 11 Pro.


KERF iPhone 11 Pro Wooden Case

KERF is one of the best brands in manufacturing wooden cases for iPhone. The brand uses multiple wood species to make a perfect wood case. KERF does not use plastic or any other material; hence, you get an unadulterated wood case for your premium iPhone. Using sustainable wood, KERF produces a slim profile, ultra-suede lining, and movable wood buttons.

Compatible with wireless charging, KERF gives you custom engraving option. You can get your name or company logo engraved on your iPhone case. While placing an order, you need to select the engraving option.

USP: No seams or interlocking parts
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2. iATO

iATO Real Wooden Case for iPhone 11 Pro

iATO has created a minimalistic design on a real walnut case for your iPhone. This patiently made thin case flaunts lightweight design; a distinctively stylish and handmade case is made of natural wood. Artisans at iATO have skilfully crafted this case by retaining wooden beauties. It can be a perfect gift to any person, who owns iPhone 11 Pro.

A notable feature of this case is wireless charging compatibility. Simply place your iPhone on a wireless charging pad and enjoy your favorite songs on Apple Music. Made of 100% natural dark wood, a precisely designed case allows you full access to all the essential ports, buttons, and controls on your iPhone.

USP: Natural dark wood
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YFWOOD iPhone 11 Pro Natural Wooden Case

You will love to hold your iPhone for a long time if the device is wrapped in this protective wooden case. The daily wear and tear cannot reach your iPhone; forget all those accidental drops, scratches, and bumps. What you should remember is the pristine beauty of your iPhone, which is protected by a case, which has dual-layer TPU and real wood material.

To make it skin-friendly, YFWOOD has used natural wood layer and high-end TPU rubber layer. IT is one of the healthiest cases with no weird chemical smells. Since the case is made of real wood, each one is unique with a distinct wood grain.

USP: Stylish and luxurious
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4. Kalibri

Kalibri Natural Hard Wooden Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Kalibri has crafted an all-natural wood case for your iPhone. A durable and eco-friendly material not only protects your phone but also imparts beauty to the device. To keep your iPhone securely fitted to the case, Kalibri has used inner plastic material. Its strong back cover endures drops, falls, shocks, bumps, and scratches effectively.

Creating a wooden case with precision is a daunting task, and Kalibri has achieved this feat effortlessly. This natural case is made of bamboo, and therefore, you get a unique piece. You will be holding a durable case made of eco-friendly material.

USP: Complete protection
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HHDY iPhone 11 Pro Kickstand Wooden Cases

HHDY has done what others cannot think of. The brand has installed a kickstand on this wooden case, which has a flexible TPU bumper. On a hard natural wood, HHDY has put a kickstand, which makes it convenient for you to watch videos, read eBooks, play games, chat face-to-face, and browse websites.

Genuine wood enhances the overall aesthetics of the case, and the rugged matte finish boosts the robustness. With innovative craftsmanship, HHDY has made sincere efforts to win your hearts. Check the raised edge around screen and camera lens to protect the sensitive organs of your iPhone.

USP: Metal kickstand
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That’s all, friends!

Your choice…

These iPhone 11 Pro Wooden Cases are the most fashionable accessories for any iPhone holder. Apart from beauty, these cases take enough care of your iPhone. They are physically robust as makers use high-quality TPU bumper while manufacturing the cases.

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Which wooden case will you buy for your iPhone 11 Pro?

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