Best Clear Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2020: Maintain Safety While Showing Off Your Phone

Two of the three 2019 series iPhone has been dubbed with a ‘Pro’ suffix. In its special event, Apple assured that the suffix is not taken lightly and that the phone’s features make it worthy of the title. If you have managed to get your hands on any of these smartphones, then ensure their safety with an equally ‘Pro’ protective cases. I would personally suggest iPhone 11 Pro clear cases so that you can show-off your device.

Below is a list of some of the best iPhone 11 Pro transparent cases currently available in the market. An excellent case should preserve everything you love about your device from the screen to its glass back and should not hinder any functionality whether its camera or the volume controls.

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Best iPhone 11 Pro Clear Cases in 2020

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#1. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

From the house of Spigen, comes another masterpiece that offers lasting clarity and daily drop defense. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about bulk, the ultra-hybrid design only adds  0.13″ depth to your device. In all, the TPU bumper and PC back offers all-round protection, crystal clear transparency, and also supports wireless charging.

This allows you to flaunt the magnificent colors of your iPhone 11 Pro while keeping it safe and sound all the time. The screen and camera are given an additional shield from surface scratches by the raised bezels. Larger cutouts and pronounced button tabs give you easy access for charging and volume controllers.

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USP: Slim Design
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#2. ESR

ESR Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro

When a brand with over 10 Years of experience in cases offers a clear case for iPhone 11 Pro, you can be confident about the quality, durability, and smartness of the product. Crafted with shock-absorbing Air-Guard corners cushions from accidental drops or other impacts.

In doing so, looks aren’t compromised; the fully-transparent, yellowing-resistant case enhances your iPhone’s glass back look. Flexible TPU frame provides a better grip and ensures that the installation is hassle-free. One installed, you don’t have to remove it for charging purposes, as it also supports wireless charging.

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USP: Air-guard corners
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#3. TOZO

TOZO Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro

A clear case protects your new phone from getting dirty, but what is defending the case from getting dirty. Well, an effective microdots design prevents watermarks, smudges, and fingerprints. Designed from high-quality German material, it has a TPU edge matte soft bumper and clear PC back panel.

The ultra-thin, lightweight and transparent iPhone 11 pro case is also resistant from shock, tear, scratch, slip, and dust accumulation. Covered corners and raised edge protects the 5.8″ screen and camera from accidental harm. It supports both wired and wireless charging.

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USP: micro-dot design
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#4. DTTO

DTTO iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

The DTTO clear case for iPhone 11 Pro is incorporated with a metal luster edge design that perfectly complements and enhances your phone’s look. Available in a brilliant blue and sharp gold, the case has a stylish and slim-fit design.

An ultra-clear soft TPU offers non-slip grip, fingerprint resistance, and supports wireless charging. Precise cutouts and tactile buttons enable easy access to speaker, charging port, and sensitive clicks. Raised bezel around the camera and screen further ensures their safety.

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USP: Metal luster edges
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#5. MoKo

MoKo Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro

A crystal clear case for your iPhone 11 Pro, that is barely thicker than it but gives high-performance in terms of safety. The low profile case has an internal corner design that creates air pockets. In the case of drops or impacts, the lightweight, protective layer acts as a cushion.

The hard PC back has a microdot pattern that resists water stains and finger smudges, also, it is anti-yellow and scratch-resistant. The 2mm camera bumper and 1mm screen bumper protects screen and camera from bumps and scratches when placed face down. A lanyard hole on edge allows you to carry your phone conveniently.

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USP: Air-pocket design
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FLOVEME Crystal Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Ultra hybrid technology combines eco-friendly material for a crystal clear, non-bulky, and lightweight case, that also supports wireless charging. A soft, flexible, and thicker silicone bumper lends shockproof protection while making installation and removal simpler.

Precise cutouts enable easy access to all buttons, speakers, and charging port. Raised lips keep your camera and screen away from day-to-day scratches. Further, the hybrid material offers a superior grip and an excellent hand-feel to the case.

USP: Thicker bumper protects the device
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#7. AICase

AICase iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

For those who want to add some edginess to their phone, the AlCase’s iPhone 11 Pro clear case with the flashy edge is a great option. As the name suggests, while the bumper cover is crystal clear, the sides have a design to enhance the natural elegance of your new phone.

The edge design also comes in variant colors, to best match the color of your iPhone. Made from quality polycarbonate, the case is shock-absorbent and anti-scratch. The 1.2mm slim design lends a comfortable grip and pocket-friendly profile. Slightly (0.5mm) raised edges to keep the screen and camera lens away from scratches.

USP: The flashy edge
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YOFUNTLE iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

If clumsiness is the primary reason that encouraged you to look for clear cases for iPhone 11 Pro; then your phone remains well protected with YOFUNTLE’s double TPU rubber gel design. The case is a soft TPU bumper case that has an additional TPE bumper around the edges.

The soft TPE adds additional security from external impacts, as well as color to the sides of the iPhone. It has intense transparency, along with easy access to all the controls and features. The thin, pocket-friendly body also supports wireless charging. Though, if you are genuinely clumsy, I would suggest adding a protective screen guard to your phone for safety.

USP: Double Protection
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#9. Snowfox

Snowfox Thin Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro

A minimalistic design that protects your iPhone 11 Pro from daily drops and maintains its elegance. The 4 corners and TPU bumper absorbs shock, and the PC back offers scratch and scrape resistance. Air Cushion Technology further gives lasting protection from accidental drops.

Designed with modern geometric engravings, the case improves your grip. Absolute precision can perfectly fit the position of buttons allowing easy access to all ports and buttons. Wireless charging is supported as well.

USP: Minimalist aesthetics
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YIPINSHOW Shockproof Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro

For those who have a thing for excellent grip, this iPhone 11 Pro clear cover offers quite a few features. First and foremost, the premium quality TPU bumper has grooves that enable the user a secure grip. Then, a high elastic TPE bumper layer is added for a better grip and for higher shock absorbency.

The hard PC back further prevents the glass back from scratches and scuff marks. The case has precision cutouts and tactile sensitivity that lowers the need of taking off the cover for daily usage; not even for wireless charging.

USP: Grooved bumper
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RANVOO iPhone 11 Pro Protective Clear Case

Keeping your iPhone 11 Pro’s safety the priority, the RANVOO clear case incorporated an extra thick TPU Frame that has Mil-Grade shock absorption. Further, the outer-edges around camera and screen are raised by 0.03″ and 0.04″ for keeping scratches at bay.

This added strength does not inspire bulk, the case is lightweight, slim, and pocket-friendly. The PC back has a glossy feel without compromising the grip. It freely supports both wired and wireless charging. Further, the TPU frame has an anti-yellow coating that protects the transparency of your case.

USP: Mil-Grade shock absorption
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PUSHIMEI iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

Crafted from environment-friendly plastic and anti-stretch TPU bumper, the clear case has excellent transparency, grip, and fit. Built-in air pocket in 4 corners works as an effective anti-shock system. Both camera lens and screen has raised lips around them to safeguard against hard impacts

Designed especially for iPhone 11 Pro, the cover preserves full use of volume buttons, charger port, camera, and microphone. The flexible bumper also enables easy installation and dismount.

USP: Built-in air pocket
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Let the true actual shade of your iPhone 11 Pro shine.

Signing off…

Apple puts so much effort in developing a beautiful device for you, why waste their efforts by encasing your phone in an unworthy cover. There are a variety of cases available in the market for iPhone 11 Pro. Now, whether you prefer a clear one or a bumper case or wallet case that’s up to you. My job is to lay down every possibility at your beck and call, your’s is to choose what works best for you.

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