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Best Magnetic Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2021

Power packed phone needs a power packed case to live-in, and the best option for that is one of these best magnetic cases for iPhone 11 Pro.

I truly enjoy a super slim case that gives a seamless fit to my iPhone very easily. I especially love it when I don’t have to bother about the bulk a case adds to my smartphone. Moreover, I love a case that can be easily mounted on my magnetic car holder. These magnetic cases for iPhone 11 Pro are a perfect combination of all these.

  1. Daupin
  2. Evutec
  3. Dockem
  4. Estpeak
  5. Pitaka
  6. Spigen
  7. Mimei
  8. Juqitech
  9. Ghostek
  10. NAISU

#1. Daupin

Daupin iPhone 11 Pro Ring Holder Magnetic Case

Ring holder cases are one of my favourite type of cases as they give me really good grip of my phone as it tends to slip through my hands ever so often. Moreover, the case has four cushioned edges that are shockproof.

Daupin case sports a soft TPU bumper frame that guards your iPhone 11 Pro securely, with easy installation and removal of your device. Moreover, the ring holder also can be mounted on a magnetic car mount along with giving you a great grip on your phone.

USP: The ring provides a great grip
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#2. Evutec

Evutec Heavy Duty Magnetic Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Every now and then, I love a good wallet case, and what is better than a good wallet case? Well, one that can be stuck to a magnetic car mount. Yup, this case is a wallet and magnetic iPhone 11 Pro case.

This case is a perfect choice for people who have multiple errands to run every now and then. You can quickly put in your cards and attach your phone to the magnetic car mount and drive away.

USP: Military-grade drop tested
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#3. Dockem

Dockem iPhone 11 Magnetic Wallet Case

Dockem is one of my favorite brands for its affordability, functionality, and quality. With two card slots, this wallet case for iPhone is made of premium canvas styled synthetic leather that provides an elegant as well as professional look and feel.

The durable polycarbonate and soft-flex TPU shell keeps the case slim and defends your iPhone from wear and tear. The magnet is so placed that it doesn’t cause any harm to your credit cards or even becomes a barrier in wireless charging.

USP: Magnet doesn’t hinder wireless charging
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#4. Estpeak

Estpeak Magnetic Case for iPhone 11 Pro

A super sleek case with a built-in metal plate that makes this a magnetic case for iPhone 11 Pro. This Estpeak case comes with a big magnet that is really strong and can attach your phone with any average magnetic car mount.

This case sports a very soft velvet lining on the inside that gives your iPhone very comfortable and unique protection to the phone. The case is shockproof and is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

USP: Velvet Lining on the inside
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#5. Pitaka

Pitaka iPhone 11 Pro Slim Magnetic Case

Has anyone ever come across a great iPhone 11 Pro case that gives you a great feel and grip on your iPhone? This super-thin Pitaka Magnetic iPhone 11 Pro case has got double metal plates that can attach easily with a magnetic car mounts.

This ultra-light case supports wireless charging without any hindrance. Moreover, this case is made of aramid fiber that is usually used in the making of military materials, body armor, supercars, airplanes, spacecraft, F1 machines, etc. All this makes the case super strong.

USP: Non-slippery soft touch
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#6. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 11 Magnetic Case

Ohhh wow, it’s a Spigen case! Such a huge surprise, right? Well, obviously, there has to be Spigen case in the iPhone 11 Pro magnetic case line-up. Known for its affordability, quality, and durability, this case leaves no stone unturned to protect your phone.

This very robust Spigen case is made of scratch-resistant PC back that keeps your iPhone lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket. The open buttons offer you the original and quick accessibility of the controls.

USP: Button Cut-outs
Check out on Amazon

#7. Mimei

Mimei iPhone 11 Pro Magnetic Case

Well, most 360° compatible cases are not very well accurate with your Face ID and you might have some problems unlocking your device. But, the Mimei iPhone 11 Pro magnetic case doesn’t hinder in your Face ID thanks to the original cutout design that it sports.

Fully supports wireless charging and protects your phone from accidental bumps and falls, what more do you want from a case? Let me guess you want a case that also doesn’t add bulk and allows you to flaunt the phone’s original design than Mimei magnetic case is surely your answer.

USP: Lifetime Warranty
Check out on Amazon

#8. Juqitech

Juqitech iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case with Magnetic Closure

Folio cases are preferred by many for two major reasons: one being the protection and two being its functionality. But, this iPhone 11 Pro magnetic case can be stuck very easily with your fridge or any other metal surface.

The magnetism of this case is so strong that whenever stuck to the metal surface or fridge, it gives a great grip to your phone. So, you can do your daily chore while you are watching a movie or any other video or even FaceTime with friends and family hands-free.

USP: Folio Case
Check out on Amazon

#9. Ghostek

Ghostek iPhone 11 Card Holder Built-in Magnetic Case

The case can be seen as a normal wallet case that also functions as an iPhone 11 Pro magnetic case. But there is more to this case than it meets to your eyes, the cardholder can be detached and attached from your case easily.

The case is made from military-grade shockproof material that has raised bezels that will protect your smartphone’s camera and screen. The propped up lips keep your phone elevated from flat surfaces to keep the scratches away from your screen and camera.

USP: Can store up to 4 cards
Check out on Amazon

#10. NAISU

NAISU magnetic case for iPhone 11 Pro

This case has a slim, dual layer structure comprised of a TPU body and polycarbonate shock absorbing bumper frame. This is sure to protect your device against everyday bumps and scratches to prevent wear and tear.

At the back, there’s a reinforced 360-degree rotating ring that you can grip onto when taking a selfie. Of course, this includes a magnetic component to attach in your car. It also doubles up into a convenient kickstand for hands-free viewing experience. You can choose from three color options.

USP: Dual-layer protection
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That’s it for now…

If you have found the perfect magnetic case for your iPhone 11 Pro then mention it in the comments below. Also, let us know in the comments below if you want us to do some particular accessory round-ups.

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