Best Accessories for AirPods Pro in 2020

AirPods Pro are the latest Bluetooth headphones in the family of wireless earbuds Apple has christened as AirPods. At regular intervals, Apple has introduced its AirPods, and now people must have begun to expect them every year…like iPhones. Well, that strategy apart, AirPods Pro are available at higher prices and therefore, they require special care and attention. To help you out, I have created a list of the best AirPods Pro accessories.

Remember, cases and wireless chargers are two of the essential accessories for your AirPods Pro. To make it more useable, you need something more. So, you can check straps to connect the two pods and ensure its safety; decorative and deceptive cases; charging dock; wireless charging base station, and other products. Explore this list and find the best one for your new AirPods Pro.

Best AirPods Pro Accessories in 2020

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#1. Spigen Armor Designed Case

Spigen Armor Designed Case for AirPods Pro

Spigen is omnipresent when it comes to Apple accessories. This case for AirPods Pro is a tough armor that protects your pods against daily scratch. Thanks to its rugged design, your latest AirPods 3 are always defended.

For a strong grip, Spigen has used soft silicone material. You can attach the case to a key ring for easy portability. Your wireless earbuds will always remain with you wherever you go. Since the case is compatible with wireless charging, you can put it on a charging pad.

USP: Firmer grip
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#2. Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech Wireless Charger for AirPods Pro

Yootech presents a Qi-certified wireless charging pad for your AirPods Pro. This 10W charger is packed with an exclusive multifunctional intelligent protect technology. With this technology, Yootech provides temperature control and protects your AirPods against power surge and short-circuit.

Yootech has used ABS material, which can endure situations of fire and extreme heat. Your AirPods Pro will precisetly fits on the charging area of this wireless charging pad. Thus, it is one of the best companions for your newest third-generation AirPods.

USP: Safer to use
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#3. Jesmile Protective Case

Jesmile Protective Case for AirPods Pro

Jesmile has sourced premium silicone material to manufacture this protective cover, which is compatible with AirPods Pro charging case. You can trust the material used by Jesmile as it does not age even after prolong usage; you can feel great comfort when you hold your AirPods Pro case in hands.

An anti-lost carabiner makes a huge difference as you cannot afford to lose your premium pods. Moreover, the silicone material prevents bumps, drops, and scratches from damaging your AirPods Pro.

USP: Anti-lost carabiner
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#4. Seneo Charging Stand

Seneo Wireless Charging Stand for AirPods Pro

Seneo has crafted a beautiful wireless charging station to charge your AirPods Pro along with iPhone and Apple Watch. Note that the charging stand offers a lightning connector to power up your AirPods case. A magnetic and portable design is combined to charge multiple devices with a single cable. Since it is portable, you can carry this charging dock when travelling.

It is your Qi-certified and fast wireless charging with two charging coils. You can charge your devices to 100% in just three hours. Seneo has used its exclusive ATB technology and intelligent chip offers temperature control, over-charge, and over-voltage protection.

USP: Portable design
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#5. MeiQing Leather Case

MeiQing Leather Protective Case for AirPods Pro

MeiQing brings elegance and sophistication to this AirPods accessory. It is a leather charging protective case, which protects your wireless headphones from external pollution and scratches. You can use this case for a long time to keep your pods new and shiny.

A precisely designed case allows you to access sync button and lightning charger port. Apart from its personal use, you can gift this product to someone you love. Look at the keychain and leather design, which make it a great gift for women, men, and teens.

USP: Hard quality leather
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#6. Twelve South Airfly Wireless Transmitter

Twelve South Airfly Wireless Transmitter for AirPods Pro

You want to connect your AirPods Pro to a Ningendo Switch or an airplane entertainment systems, but you wonder how is it possible. Well, Twelve South has an answer. The celebrated Apple accessories brand has created Airfly wireless transmitter. By using this transmitter, you can connect your AirPods Pro to headphone jacks at gyms, airplane entertainment systems, and with your Nintendo Switch.

With more than eight hours of battery life, you can use your AirPods anywhere. Since authorities do not allow to use Bluetooth devices in flight, you can use this connector and listen to music without disturbing others while you are airborne.

USP: Eight-hour battery
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#7. Mangix Clear Case

Mangix Clear Case for AirPods Pro

Mangix has produced a shock-resistant charging cover for your AirPods Pro case. It is specially made for kids and teens, who tend to drop delicate stuff. The drop-proof case boasts a unique and cute shape, which makes it one of the best gift options for family and friends.

Made of high-quality TPU, the case protects your AirPods from all corners and sides. If you wonder about inside protection, Mangix has already thought about that. The brand has used soft and durable silicone that will not scratch your pods.

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#8. FINENIC AirPods Pro Holder

FINENIC AirPods Pro Holder

FINENIC offers an AirPods Pro holder, which ensures you never drop or lose your premium wireless headphones. This anti-lost silicone holder is compatible with Apple Watch. You can pass a watch band through the holder and keep both the pods together when not in use.

It is one of the smartest accessories for your AirPods, which can be guarded against multiple damages. Once you install your pods in this holder, you can indulge in your all your favorite activities without having to worry about the wireless buds.

USP: Shockproof holder
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#9. Spigen AirPods Pro Neck Strap

Spigen Straps for AirPods Pro

If you are not happy with a holder, you can use this AirPods strap made by Spigen. You can wear this strap around your neck to keep the pods secure and protected. To keep the strap tangle-free, Spigen has created a simple design, so that you can store this strap easily.

To keep it close to you, just wrap the strap around the AirPods case. When you want to use your pods, insert the stem inside the ring of this strap. You can use this strap when you are away from your home/office and exploring the outdoors.

USP: Tangle-free design
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#10. dbrand AirPods Pro Skin Wrap

dbrand Skins for AirPods Pro

dbrand gives you unlimited customization for this AirPods Pro skin, which precisely fits on the AirPods Pro case. One of the glaring features of this skin is customization. dbrand provides custom skins for your AirPods cover. The brand claims that customers are sometimes indecisive by its limitless variety of skins.

To achieve flawless fitting, dbrand engineers measure, cut, and apply the skins for thousands of times. They do not settle for ordinary and continue their efforts until they reach the excellence. As a result, you get the best skin and perfect fitting.

USP: Unlimited customization
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Given the high price of AirPods Pro, it is better to protect them always. The accessories listed above not only safeguard your AirPods but also enhance your user experience no matter where you are. Should there any accessory missing, you can share with us.

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