How to Buy Replacement AirPods Pro Ear Tips

Undoubtedly, the ear tips in the AirPods Pro are a beautiful addition; after all, they contribute to the much-coveted feature: noise cancellation. Notably, they are also prone to wear and tear or can even go missing, arising the need for a replacement.

Thankfully, Apple has thought about the same and has provided a pretty simple way to get AirPods Pro ear tip replacements.

While it is great that getting an ear tip replacement is so simple, it is wiser to know that it will surely cost you a couple of bucks. My suggestion is that you take good care of your AirPods Pro, so that you don’t need a replacement often.

How to Get AirPods Pro Ear Tip Replacements

As always, the Apple Support will come for your rescue. The website offers multiple options; you can order replacements online or chat/talk with the support team or fix an appointment to pick the new ear tips from the Apple Store.

Click on AirPods from Apple Supprt Web page

Step #1. Go to from your web browser and select AirPods from the listing.

Step #2. Here choose the Replace an AirPod or ear tip option.

choose Replace an AirPod or ear tip option in Apple Supprt web page

Step #3. Now select Replace your AirPods Pro ear tips to continue.

Click on Replace AirPods Pro ear tips to continue Lost AirPods with Apple support web page

Step #4. You will get a few options to choose as per your convenience:

Choose Convenience option on Apple support web page to Replacement AirPods Pro Ear Tips
  • Order Replacements
  • Find AirPods Replacement Pricing
  • Chat
  • Schedule A Call
  • Call Apple Support Later
  • Make an Appointment at the Store

To buy AirPods Pro ear tip replacements online, select Order Replacements. Sign in with your Apple ID and choose Airpods Pro under the choose your product section. Now, select the size of the AirPods Pro ear tips you need. Complete the billing formalities, and your new AirPods Pro ear tips will be delivered to you in 3-5 business days.


In case you could not find your AirPods Pro in the product listing, scroll to the bottom and search them with their serial number. Don’t know where to find the serial number? Here are 3 simple ways to find out.


Now that your new ear tips are here, are you puzzling over how to replace ear tips on AirPods Pro? Well, let us assist you in that as well.

How to Change AirPods Pro Ear Tips

Whether you are replacing the ear tips with new ones or sizing them up or down, this will be a handy trick for you to learn.

  • Firstly, detach the new ear tips from the package, give a firm pull as they will be securely attached
  • To remove current ear tip, firmly pull it from the base, where it is attached to the AirPod
  • Now align the ear tip with the oval-shaped connector on the AirPod. Carefully push the ear tip onto the connector, a click will confirm proper installation

Special Tip: Before aligning the ear tip with the connector, flip up the silicon flap. You will see a small letter indicating the size of the tip. Align this letter with the long black vent on the top of the bud and then push the ear top in place. This neat trick will ensure that the tips do not fall out or in your ear.

After this, take the Ear Tip Fit Test to ensure you get a good seal along with the best possible sound quality and noise cancellation.

Let The Music Play!!

Listening to music, audio novels, or podcasts can be therapeutic for many. Therefore, a good piece of headsets is a must for most listeners. And nothing, not even ripped ear tips, should hinder the flow of music in your ears. We hope that our guide on could help you buy replacements for your AirPods Pro ear tips.

Feel free to share any related query in the comment section below; we will be happy to help. As for now, enjoy some accessory listings for your beloved AirPods Pro

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