How to Use AirPods Pro Ear Tip Fit Test?

How to Use AirPods Pro Ear Tip Fit Test

If you’ve just bought a new pair of AirPods Pro, you might be impressed by the great sound. But there’s a simple life-hack to make them sound better and isolate noise more. For this, you need to use ear tips that fit. IEMs (in-ear monitors) like the AirPods Pro depend on good seal for isolation and bass response.

Thankfully, Apple has made the process even easier than you’d have though possible. Your AirPods Pro come packaged with small, medium, and large ear tips. The medium ear tips are in place by default. For many people, these will offer good seal. But how can you be sure? It’s important to know since poor seal means bad isolation and sub-par sound quality. Apple’s innovative Ear Tip Fit Test helps you do just that. We’ll show you how to use it here.

How to Select AirPods Pro Ear Tips that Fit in Case

Step #1. Connect your AirPods Pro: be sure to have Bluetooth ON and your AirPods Pro in your ears.

Step #2. Tap on settings, then go to Bluetooth. Tap on the blue “i” icon to the right side of your AirPods Pro device listing

Step #3. Tap on Ear Tip Fit Test, then tap on the Play icon to initiate the test. The test will walk you through the next steps.

How does the AirPods Pro Ear Tip Fit Test work? It uses the inwards-facing mics to register sound leakage. If you have a poor fit, more sound will leak out. If sound leakage crosses a threshold, the Ear Tip Fit Test will test you to try change your ear tips for the included smaller or larger tips. Changing tips is simple: just pinch them and tug firmly.

Not everyone’s ears are the same, though. If you’re unlucky, you might get a poor fit alert for all three included sizes.

Wrapping Up…

Fortunately, third party vendors create tips of every size and material. Foam tips aren’t out yet for AirPods Pro, but those for the original AirPods feel great and enhance audio performance. If none of Apple’s included tips work, we suggest waiting a few weeks until third-party tips arrive on the market. Just be sure these AirPod tips fit in the case.

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Did you buy the AirPods Pro? Or are you still using the original AirPods? What’s your experience been like? Share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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