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Best Charging Stands for AirPods Pro in 2024

AirPods Pro marries excellent audio quality with the convenience of true wireless design. You don’t have to compromise comfort for sound quality. But because they are wireless, you need to have a great charging solution. Otherwise, you won’t have access to music or calls when needed. We’ve looked at many of the best AirPods Pro charging stands.

From premium, Aluminium designs like the Zens to barebones, inexpensive options like the Bestand, there are plenty of options to choose from here. The handy part about most of these stands is that they are multifunction chargers. You don’t just get AirPods Pro charging here: you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android devices. Let’s find which AirPods Pro charger is right for you.

1. Intoval

Intoval AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Stand

This 3-in-1 charger might not have feature overload. But it still lets you charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods simultaneously. The best part is that it supports 15W fast charging. If you have an Android device that supports this standard, you’ll be juiced up in no time. It supports fast charging for iPhones as well, though limited to 7.5W.

AirPod charging is wireless here, over the Qi standard, as with the other options. The best part of the Intoval is the great price. At $47, it costs only half as much as the Mangotek and Choetech. And you actually get faster 15W charging support.

USP: 3-in-1 charging
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2. Zens

ZENS AirPods Pro Charging Dock

When you buy an Apple product, it’s important for third party accessories to do justice to its premium styling. While the Zen Wireless Aluminium Docking Station costs quite a bit at $100, it looks superb. The aluminum finish complements your Apple products’ premium design. We like the T-shaped AirPods charging stand. It isn’t wireless: you connect your case via lighting. This is arguably a safer design since you won’t accidentally drop the case.

You get fast charging over Qi for your iPhone as well. The device supports dual charging so you can charge your AirPods and iPhone at the same time. Unfortunately, you don’t get dedicated support for Apple Watch charging. Design-wise, this is the most premium charging stand for AirPods Pro.

USP: Looks fantastic
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3. Bestand

Bestand Charging Dock for AirPods Pro

This is an interesting product because it actually only charges one device by itself: your AirPods case. It does this over a lightning connection. But it also provides a very handy place to put your iPhone and Apple Watch. The innovation is that it lets you get the clutter-free benefit of a multi-charger with your existing charging equipment.

There’s a pass-through at the back of the iPhone stand to connect your phone to Lightning. And, impressively, there’s a bracket in the Apple Watch stand where you can put your Apple Watch inductive charger. And you get all this for just $24. If you want to declutter your desk but don’t want to shell out for a multi-charger, this is a great option. Throw in a multi USB wall adapter, and you’ll have it all.

USP: Innovative design
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4. MeeA

MeeA Wireless Charging Stand for AirPods Pro

If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to the Mangotek multi-charger, this is the option for you. You get an iPhone stand with a Lightning connection built-in, a charging stand for Apple Watch, and a Qi Charging mat you can put your AirPods case on. Design-wise, it looks a bit bland. However, pricing is fantastic at $30.

Bestand is selling little more than a stand at almost this same price, so this is a steal. And, because the Qi mat is platform agnostic, you can even use it with Qi-enabled Android devices at up to 10W. With so many features built-in, this is one of the best value AirPods Pro charging docks.

USP: Wireless and Lightning connectivity
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Z ZHIKE AirPods Pro Magnetic Charging Stand

The ZHIKE Wireless charger is similar in some respects to the UMTELE we looked at just now. However, we think the overall design is a bit more convenient. You get an L-shaped dual charging mat. The stand part allows you to Qi charge your iPhone while you can hang your Apple Watch on the extension to charge it.

Your AirPods case can be charged through the built-in Lightning port. A nice design touch is the breath light ring. The ring goes around the bottom of the stand and turns blue when your iPhone is charging. At $40, this stand is excellent value for money. With a great price, convenient design, and lots of features, this is, overall, the best charging stand for AirPods Pro.

USP: Convenient L-shaped charger design
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That’s all friends!

Signing off…

If you’ve read this feature, you’d have found an AirPods Pro charger right for you. Do you want a charger with a great design? The Zens is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want maximum connectivity, the Mangotek gives you all the charging options you could ask for. The modular Seneo will fit into even the smallest bags if space is a concern.

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