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Best AirPods Pro Cases in 2021

Best AirPods Pro Cases

After splurging on the amazing AirPods Pro, you’ll obviously want to keep them safe. Luckily you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to selecting the cases. From minimalist covers to unique designer cases, there’s something for every kind of style preference. So let’s check out the range of the best AirPods Pro Cases.

1. ESR Slim Fit Silicone Case

Silicone Case for AirPods Pro

ESR has proved itself a true leader in the domain of Apple accessories, and this product is no different. The ultra-thin AirPods Pro case fits like a second skin and lends a non-slippery, pocket-friendly finish. Moreover, the hingeless, two-part design allows the case to open fully.

Just 0.8 mm thick, it happily supports most compatible wireless chargers. Made from premium silicone and shock-absorbent corners, the case offers protection against daily bumps and drops. ESR’s 100% satisfaction guarantee further makes the case a more lucrative buy.

USP: Fits like a glove
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2. Easyworld Silicone Carrying Case

Easyworld AirPods Pro Case

This case designed especially for AirPods Pro, the Easyworld incorporates a precision mold design. This lends a perfect fit and creates no hindrance for wired or wireless charging. Thanks to a unique four-corner impact-resistance design bumps and drops are kept at bay.

The brand has performed special silicone surface treatment to reduce static discharge. Moreover, EASYWORLD also does quality control for keyring assembling. Before conducting stretching tests, the case maker makes a special design to make sure the quality is consistent.

USP: Precision Design
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3. CrayCases Clear Case

CrayCases AirPods Pro Case

Ever wanted to have a customized clear AirPods Pro case that has your name or image, which acts as an extension of your self? The fantastic folks at CrayCases let you personalize the way you want. You have the option to add custom text on the cover. You can provide the color hex code, and they will apply that for you. Overall you can choose from more than 20 different fonts, unlimited color palette, and if you wish, you can also select from a plethora of pre-made professional designs.

On top of all that, the case sports a minimal unique look. There is no branding on this thin, almost invisible transparent cover that is precisely engineered to fit perfectly. Premium polycarbonate material makes it compact, lightweight and protects against regular everyday scratches, bumps, and drops.

USP: Wide range of Personalization Options that Add Uniqueness
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4. AirSnap Pro Leather Case By Twelve South

Twelve South Leather Case for AirPods Pro

Twelve South offers a handy leather case for your precious pods; attach the AirPods Pro to your backpack with the S-clip or use the nylon wristlet to keep it close. Crafted from premium top-grain leather, it cocoons your charging case, protecting it from any harm.

A metal snap looks sassy and keeps the case closed for additional safety. The material does not hinder any functionality and supports wireless charging as well. The brand also offers a 30-day return and a one-year warranty.

USP: Handy nylon wristlet
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5. PITAKA Stylish Case with Keychain

Pitaka Wireless Charging Case for AirPods Pro

Carrying the legacy of cases for iPhone forward, Pitaka now brings the Air Pal Mini for AirPods Pro. The case is slim, sleek, elegant, black, durable, and protective. The one-piece design is crafted from 600D aramid fiber, an aerospace-grade material.

Along with a great hand feel, fashionable aesthetics, and comfortable grip, the material also provides military-grade protection. The case supports both wireless and wired charging. An embedded metal plate enables attachment to MagEZ Bar, and a detachable loop makes carrying your Pro accessory super easy.

USP: Military-grade protection
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6. Spigen Heavy Duty Case

Spigen AirPods Pro Case

Spigen leaves no stone unturned to prove its versatility in manufacturing Apple accessories. A case for AirPods Pro is Spigen’s latest venture and I am sure, people would love it. This rugged armor case for AirPods Pro is perfectly designed to absorb shock.

The carbon fiber design and soft silicone material provide excellent grip, so that you can use your pods every day. You can rely on Spigen’s strong carabiner to hold the case firmly even while you are walking through crowded city streets.

USP: Rugged armor case
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7. ESR Carrying Case with Hybrid TPU Frame

Hybrid Series AirPods Pro Case

Your energetic life might take you to many places, and your AirPods Pro religiously follow you. But your Bluetooth earphones should not bear the brunt of your journey. For this purpose, ESR has manufactured the Hybrid series AirPods Pro case. The PC body of this case resists scratches and the TPU frame efficiently absorbs shocks.

Matte finish of this case makes it comfortable for you to grip, and it keeps your fingerprints at bay. ESR gives you a hingeless design; this means the case has two parts and you can open it conveniently and completely.

USP: Hingeless design
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8. GMYLE Silicone Fit Cover with Keychain

GMYLE Protective Case with Keychain Kit for AirPods Pro

The silicone case precisely fits on your AirPods Pro charging case and does not add any bulk. Equipped with a micro-matte technology, the case is 100% anti-shock, anti-slip, fingerprint, and dust-proof. In-built dustproof plug further keeps the charging port clean and sealed when not in use.

Crafted from food-grade silicone plastic, the Airpods Pro case is scratch and yellow resistance. The carabiner keyring enables carrying your AirPods Pro easy, comfortable, and stylish. The case comes with a 24 months money-back guarantee as well.

USP: In-built dustproof plug
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9. Spigen Silicone Slim Fit Case

Spigen Silicone AirPods Pro Case

While the previous case from Spigen (see above) is rather a rough and rugged, this one is more delicate and elegant. Silicone material of the case provides comfortable grip and you can use this case every day. A slim and lightweight case can be put in your pocket.

For globetrotters this case is a must-have product as they can keep their AirPods Pro charged always, and hang them from their backpacks. With precise cut-outs, you can charge your AirPods Pro with a lightning cable.

USP: Slim and lightweight
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10. Ciel by CYRILL Designed Bumper Case

Designed Case for AirPods Pro from CYRILL

A stylish dual-toned AirPods Pro case cover. The body incorporates a semi-transparent matte finish, while the bumper is embedded with a contrasting shade. Protection is well-thought about as well, with features such as shock absorbency and scratch resistance.

The bumper design includes grooving to enable a comfortable and secure grip. A key ring further increases portability and style quotient. With four different color combinations available, you can choose the one that suits you best.

USP: Matte finish
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11. HATALKIN Slim Soft Silicone Case

HATALKIN Premium Silicone AirPods Pro Case

Your rough-and-tough lifestyle should not take a toll on your AirPods Pro; therefore, HATALKIN has crafted a slim yet durable design of this case. A premium silicone design keeps the wireless charging case loveable and protects it against drops and falls.

Eco-friendly material is a notable feature of this case, which protects your AirPods from dust, dirt, scratches, and shocks. If you tend to hold your AirPods Pro case in your hands, the baby skin of this case will constantly pamper your palm.

USP: Slim yet durable
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12. SLEO Shockproof Fabric Case


SLEO Shockproof Protective Fabric Case

SLEO has crafted a case as unique as yourself. A shockproof AirPods Pro case can save your pricey pods and keeps them new for a long time. The strength of this case is nicely hidden under a simple and generous appearance. And from the design, it is clear that the cover is made for men of discerning tastes.

The brand has used woolen fabric material for the outer layer. However, the inner layer is crafted from hard PC, which can endure long-term use without getting deformed. If you are not willing to put the charging case in your pockets, use the keychain and carry the case conveniently.

USP: Woolen fabric material
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13. V-MORO Leather Case

V-MORO Leather Case for AirPods Pro

Engineered from premium genuine cowhide leather and PC (Polycarbonate) bumper, V-MORO AirPods Pro case offers a tailored fit. The fully covered design protects against scratches, shocks, and daily wear and tear.

Since it features genuine leather, expect a beautiful patina to develop with usage. Thanks to this, the cover will look uniquely yours and great for long. It comes with a detachable stainless steel carabiner for easy carrying during traveling or outdoor sport.

USP: Crafted from leather
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14. JuQBanke Ultra-Thin Soft Leather Case with Keychain Hook

JuQBanke Designer Leather Cover for AirPods Pro

Ladies, it is time to rock the fashion statement of small purses. Though why not lend a layer of protection to your AirPods Pro while doing so. Crafted from fine leather, the mini-purse looks exclusive, stylish, and cute at the same time.

While the tassel brings more femininity, the golden clasp lends portability and functionality. The mini-purse does not affect wireless charging, nor hinders the port for wired charging.

USP: Mini-bag design
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That’s all folks!

Signing off…

The market of Bluetooth headphones is brimming with alternatives, but AirPods Pro has managed to make its niche. With a minimal design transparency mode and other notable features, these earpods are true ‘Pro.’ If you want to be privy of Airpods Pro’s awesomeness for long, make sure you encase them in a fine case.

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