12 Best AirPods Pro cases in 2024 – For all budgets and styles

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AirPods Pro are among the best wireless earphones you can get. While they already come in a hard plastic case, it’s quite slippery and might crack or break if it accidentally falls. I’m sure you don’t want to take such risks, so I’ve picked out the best AirPods Pro cases based on your usage and preferences to protect them.

1. Spigen tough armor – Best rugged case

Spigen is one of my go-to brands for affordable yet reliable Apple accessories. And this tough armor case certainly lives up to its name. I know I can trust the thick rubber to defend against scratches and absorb any shock from minor drops and falls. 

Moreover, the attached keyring is exceptionally well made and secure. So, I love keeping this case attached to my bag, never to forget them behind. It’s understated yet dependable and is available in three colors: black, charcoal, and military green. 

The design is a bit curious, consisting of two separate parts that you have to put together. It’s pretty durable, but I feel it would have worked better if the case was manufactured as one unit. 

The bottom line: Tough and understated protection against scratches and bumps 


  • Sturdy keyring 
  • Shock-absorbing protection
  • Three color options 


  • Two-piece design is cumbersome. 

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2. Native Union – Best leather case

I love leather cases because they never go out of style and age beautifully. This Native Union’s genuine leather case is no different. The moment I slipped my AirPods Pro case into it, I was impressed by the snug fit and beautiful craftsmanship.

The brand claims that the case has been entirely handcrafted, which is evident in the luxe quality. I do not doubt that the leather will age to retain a classy and appealing look. I love the tan color, but you can also get a black one. 

At the same time, Native Union also offers silicone cases in the same range that come in fun sage, rose, and navy colors. 

One thing you should know before getting this case is that it consists of two pieces, which are initially a bit difficult to put onto your AirPods case. It would have been easier to handle if the lid was attached to the body. But this is not an issue once you get used to it. 

The bottom line: A classy look handcrafted with genuine, mindfully sourced leather 


  • Made of mindfully sourced genuine leather 
  • Superb fit 
  • Handcrafted, high-quality case
  • Elegant looks


  • Two pieces that are difficult to put onto your AirPods case

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3. ESR protective cover – Best silicone case

I love silicone cases for their unmatched smooth, and soft feel. This case from ESR is silky and sleek, protecting your AirPods Pro against scuffs and scratches. It sports an upgraded design with a built-in dustproof plug to keep the charging port clean and sealed when not in use. 

Further, it’s got a convenient hinge design that allows the case to open completely, providing easy access to your AirPods. I appreciate how much thought has gone into this design to make it nifty for everyday use. 

My favorite thing is the sturdy metal carabiner clip that makes it easy to secure the case onto your bag. You can detach the carabiner if you don’t want to use it. 

It was a tough decision with eight attractive colors to choose from but I went for the blue. Other options are black, grey, light pink, red, lavender, yellow, and white. 

The bottom line: A practical silicone case with adequate shock-protection, available in fun colors


  • Great design with hinge and charging port cover
  • Scratch and shockproof
  • Super affordable
  • Eight color options 


  • A bit bulky 

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4. Catalyst total protection – Best waterproof case

If you live and breathe adventure, I’ve found the perfect AirPods Pro waterproof case for you. Catalyst is known for its waterproof accessories, and it offers a few different cases for your earbuds. This particular one is the toughest of the lot and akin to putting your AirPods inside an army tank! 

It’s fortified with multiple layers of protection and is IP68-certified. So, it can also be submerged up to 330 feet (100 meters) underwater. Hence, your AirPods Pro are more than safe from a sudden downpour or accidentally being put in the washing machine. It’s also drop-proof up to 10 feet or 3 meters. 

I’m particularly impressed by how the inner silicone sleeve fits like a glove, and the secure locking system keeps the elements out. There’s also a carabiner clip to attach to your bag.

My only concern is the loop to attach the carabiner, which seems kind of fragile and might tear with overuse. 

The bottom line: The most protective case offering foolproof defense against the elements


  • 330 feet submergible 
  • 10 feet drop proof
  • Tightly sealed, secure design 


  • Fragile carabiner loop 
  • Difficult to open and close 

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5. Caseology Vault – Best value for money case

Caseology has been one of my favorite brands for iPhone and AirPods cases for a long time. Its Vault series case for AirPods Pro does not disappoint, featuring excellent grip, texture, and security. It’s rugged yet stylish and has a bumper for drop protection.

Further, it comes with a practical built-in hook that’s well-crafted and makes it easy to carry. I especially appreciate how the case repels dust and lint to keep looking like new for a long time. It’s available in four colors and looks sleek and minimalist without compromising on protection. I’ve seen many other similar cases that cost a lot more, so the Caseology Vault stands out for the value it offers. 

It comes with adhesive to secure the top/bottom pieces, and while this is sturdy, I still wish the design was a single piece rather than two separate pieces. Nonetheless, It’s a reliable choice that exceeds expectations given the price.  

The bottom line: A value-for-money case that boasts excellent protection and long-lasting build quality. 


  • Excellent grip
  • Sleek and minimalist
  • Great price


  • Impractical two-piece design

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6. Spigen urban fit design – Best slim case

This one’s another great-looking case from Spigen with a sleek and slim profile. The Urban Fit stands out with its open and raise feature that makes it easier to grab your AirPods when you need them. 

That is, whenever you open the top of the case, the bottom half slides up to reveal your AirPods Pro. It smoothly goes back down when you close the lid, and it covers the entirety of your earbuds casing.  

Further, I think it looks pretty sharp and classy, with a premium knit finish on the outside. Inside, a soft microfiber and polycarbonate lining keeps scratches and scuffs at bay. It comes with a sturdy circular carabiner for carrying purposes. You can choose from five colors, of which my favorite is the alluring rose gold. 

The bottom line: A slim and good-looking case that makes it easy to access your AirPods Pro while defending against scratches


  • Unique open and raise feature
  •  Premium knit fabric finish
  • Nice color options


  • Knit material catches lint and dust

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7. Alto protective cover – Best design

Luxury meets utility in this sleek designer case that’s made of the smoothest fine-grain Italian Aniline leather. Due to leather’s natural aging process, each case is unique, making it look personalized. I, for one, love that old leather look and feel. 

The design consists of two pieces that meld together beautifully when installed correctly. I found it relatively straightforward to do and was pleased with the lightweight finish. There’s a hard plastic casing on the inside to protect against drops and bumps. 

The best part about this product is the exact fit that clings like a second skin to the original charging case of your AirPods Pro. So, it does not slip away while keeping it easy to access your buds when needed. I’m partial to the caramel color, but you can also go for the cement grey or raven black. 

Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee and 180-day free replacement if you run into any issues. 

The bottom line: A luxe case that blends elegance with everyday convenience, perfect for a professional look. 


  • Impeccable fit 
  • Smooth, lightweight finish
  • 180-day free replacements in case of quality issues
  • Sturdy build


  • A bit pricey

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8. DamonLight soft silicone cover – Best for budget

Want the best protection on a low budget? Look no further than this silicone case that holds up well to any mishaps or rough handling. You won’t see any dents or scuffs on it, and your AirPods Pro will stay as safe as can be.

Further, I found this case easy to apply and adjust. The silicone feels nice and premium, offering just the protection your earbuds need. The top of the case is a snap to open and close, and it does not loosen over time. 

The material also offers a good grip and repels dust, fingerprints, oils, etc. Moreover, it’s super easy to clean with a soft cloth. I love all the color options, from navy, white, and black, to bright yellow, light blue, midnight green, purple, and more. 

The bottom line: A perfect budget case for everyday use that will appeal to almost anyone, and you won’t regret buying. 


  • Soft, sleek finish
  • Repels dust and fingerprints
  • Affordable price 
  • Many color options 


  • Protective layer could be thicker 

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9. Elago peach cover with keychain – Cutest AirPods Pro case

I can’t get enough of this “cute as peaches” case! It looks so adorable and funky when hooked onto my bag, and nobody would guess it actually contains my AirPods Pro. It’s made of a premium soft silicone material that feels good to hold and keeps the dust and scuffs away. 

Further, it offers a snug fit and is sturdy enough not to loosen or deform long-term use. The attached golden keyring is also quite high-quality and secure. Plus, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a year-long free replacement if you face any quality issues.

I couldn’t resist both the red and peach colors, so I bought both and gifted one to a friend. After all, who wouldn’t like to receive something this adorable! 

The bottom line: The cutest AirPods Pro case with a snug fit and smooth silicone exterior. 


  • Soft and high-quality silicone
  • Money-back guarantee and free product replacement
  • Unique look 
  • Sturdy keyring


  • Attracts lint

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10. Spigen classic shuffle – Best retro case

Although I never owned an iPod, it was a device that fascinated me to no end, so I was excited to find this case that boasts quite a nostalgic retro design to resemble the iPod Shuffle. Along with good looks, it boasts excellent protection, fortified by a soft silicone layer for scratch resistance and shock absorbency. 

It fits my AirPods Pro perfectly and conveniently attaches to my bag, thanks to the sturdy metal carabiner. It boasts Air Cushion technology that dissipates any shocks throughout the rubber material to protect your earbuds and their original case. 

The case is easy to open and close and holds up quite well with daily use. The only problem is that it tends to attract a lot of dust and lint, so it needs frequent cleaning off with a cloth. 

Lastly, it’s available in charcoal and deep blue color options, but I would have liked to see more fun shades on offer! 

The bottom line: A nostalgia product that combines retro style with functionality. 


  • Unique design 
  • Good protection and fit
  • Sturdy carabiner


  • Attracts dust

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11. LitoDream white marble – Trendiest case

There’s something uniquely appealing about marble, which is why I had to include this trendy AirPods Pro case in my list. It matches my MacBook skin and looks, oh, so elegant. The high-quality TPU material keeps the AirPods Pro case fully covered and safe from dust, scratches, and scuffs. 

It’s a two-piece case but attaches firmly and won’t fly off if you drop your buds. Moreover, it fits like a dream, and the keychain attaches securely to your wallet or belt loop. 

Even if you’re not a fan of the marble variant, LitoDream offers a range of other fun prints and colors to choose from. The best part is that the case is super affordable.

The bottom line: An inexpensive and trendy case that looks high-end and fits your AirPods Pro charging case perfectly  


  • Looks high-end 
  • Great, firm fit 
  • Lots of pattern varieties 


  • Might not last a long time 

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12. Skinit – Best skin for AirPods Pro

If cases are not your thing but you still want to personalize your AirPods Pro, check out these Skinit skins. These are like stickers for your AirPods Pro original case that will add a touch of your personality to them. 

Bear in mind that these do NOT provide any protection and are merely for decorative purposes. There are over 25 designs to choose from, such as the American flag, leopard skin, plaid, abstract prints, and more. 

Each decal is made of auto-grade 3M, which is guaranteed not to leave any sticker residue on your device when removed. I think they look pretty funky and help to distinguish your AirPods Pro from others.

The bottom line: Funky decals to decorate your AirPods Pro and showcase your personality 


  • Does not leave any residue
  • Many patterns to choose from


  • A bit pricey for a sticker

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This rounds up my favorite AirPods Pro cases. I hope this guide has helped you pick the best one for your needs.

Still got questions? Drop them in the comments below so I can get back to you.

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