Best Skins and Decals for 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2020

Skins and Decals are an easy way to give a funky look to MacBook while also adding an extra layer of protection. This way, you can make 16″ MacBook Pro feel more personal and customized to your liking. There are tons of flashy skin and decals available, but we have compiled a list of the best 16-inch MacBook Pro skins and decals that you should check out. Let’s get started.

What are the Best 16-inch MacBook Pro Skins and Decals in 2020?

#1. Cover-Up MacBook Pro 16-inch Wood Skin

Cover-up MacBook Pro 16-inch Skin

Inspired by nature, CARPATHIAN ELM BURL from Cover-Up is a natural skin for your 16-inch MacBook Pro. The artisans at Cover-Up source natural and sustainable wood to create a hand-made decal for your MacBook. This makes it truly unique as all the decals flaunt natural skin.

To keep decal profile thin, craftsmen have tapered off the material to 0.7mm, which is around the thickness of a credit card. Once you install this decal on your Mac, people would hardly notice it is there. The manufacturers have used 3M technology so that the skin easily sticks on the lid of your MacBook Pro and stays there for a long time. Apart from 16-inch model, the company also offers Skins for various other MacBooks. You can visit for more info.


  • Blend of modern and traditional craftsmanship
  • Sustainably sourced wood
  • Hand-made


  • Thick profile (0.7mm thickness)

Price: £55-£69
Check out on Cover Up

#2. Skinit Marval Charector Skin for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Skinit Marvel Ironman Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

Skinit Skin is all about securing your 16-inch MacBook Pro against scratches while also giving it a unique look. The Skinit skin owns the official Marvel/Disney characters license.

The decal is made of ultra-thin auto-grade 3m vinyl material that doesn’t look bulky on the laptop while offering durability. Additionally, they are scratch and wrinkle-free.


  • Iron Man character skin looks unique
  • Long-last durability
  • scratch and wrinkle-free


  • The print could have been crisper

Price: $29.99
Check out on Amazon

#3. Slickwraps Natural Series Skin for MacBook Pro 16-inch

Slickwraps Natural Wood Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

The Natural Series skin from Slickwraps is one of the kind, thanks to their laser-cut precision. It has a real horween leather and premium wood that gives your MacBook a more elegant look.

This skin offers protection from dings and scratches to your MacBook while also giving that unique look you carve for. Slickwraps say that every piece of real wood is handpicked and hand-finished, meaning they should last long.


  • Precise laser cut
  • Handpicked wood
  • Slick designs


  • Not all can afford a premium price tag

Price: $84.70
Check out on Slickwraps

#4. Skinit Carbon Fiber Skin for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Skinit Carbon Fiber Design Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

The Skinit Decal laptop skin offers an ultra-thin layer yet offers durability and protection from scratches. The carbon fiber design gives the laptop a rugged and strong looks event after extensive use.

The installation of the skin is quite easy without any bubbles, and the company guarantees it won’t leave any residue when you remove the skin. If you want to protect your MacBook while giving it tough looks, carbon fiber skin is the only way to go.


  • Rugged Carbon fiber design
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Easy installation


  • Not so fancy looks

Price: $29.99
Check out on Amazon

#5. Mertak Sky Print Skin for MacBook Pro 16-inch

Mertak Sky Print Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

The Mertak Vinyl skin for the Apple MacBook Pro will be available in four pieces: for the top, bottom, keyboard, and palm rest. Apart from MacBook Pro 16-inch, it is also available for MacBooks as well.

As for the looks, it offers an abstract style design in blue and purple color, which feels mystical. The quality of the skin is also top-notch for the asking price, so you got nothing to worry about.


  • Mystical design
  • Wide-compatibility
  • Precise cut


  • The design may fade off over time

Price: $30.00
Check out on Amazon

#6. Lex Altern Wood Texture Skin for MacBook Pro 16-inch

Lex Altern Solid Wood Texture Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

Lex Altern Vinyl skin has a matte finish with a wooden design that perfectly matches the MacBook color tone. Since it a matte skin, it offers anti-fingerprint material.

The skin covers the entire MacBook, including the trackpad and keyboard, which again is neat. It has air drain support for bubble-free installation.


  • Anti-fingerprint design
  • The wooden design looks slick
  • Covers entire machine


  • Might attract dust because of the light color

Price: $35.50
Check out on Amazon

#7. Slickwraps Leather Series Skin for MacBook Pro 16-inch

Slickwraps Leather Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

Another Slickwrap skin for your MacBook is the premium Leather series. The 3-piece design of the skin covers the top, inside, and bottom portion of the MacBook Pro 16-inch, meaning it offers 360-degree protection.

The leather design offers a good grip while holding the laptop in hands while also looking premium. There are various designs and patterns in the Leather series for you to choose from.


  • Premium leather material
  • Various designs
  • Offers good grip


  • Slightly on the costlier side

Price: $72.60
Check out on Slickwraps

#8. Cavka Flowers Skin for Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch

Cavka Paint White Flowers Pink Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

Right out of the bat, the abstract flower design of the Cavka Vinyl skin is an eye-pleaser. The complete essence of the skin blends well with the MacBook Pro silver color body.

Installation is quite easy, and when you remove the skin, it won’t leave any sticky residue on the surface. It is water, scratch, and dustproof.


  • The design perfectly matches with MacBook Pro 16-inch
  • Water, scratch, and dustproof material
  • Easy installation


  • The flowery design might not attract all

Price: $29.00
Check out on Amazon

#9. Skinit Marvel Avengers Skin for MacBook Pro 16-inch

Skinit Marvel Avengers Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

This Marvel Avengers skin and decal for 16-inch MacBook Pro is everything that one could for. Since it’s from Skinit, the print and quality are on point. It is made of ultra-thin 3M vinyl for a bubble-free application.

This one comes in various designs, giving you more options to chose from. If you wish to have protection to your MacBook while also being a style statement, this is a perfect pick.


  • Avengers skins
  • Durable materials
  • Ultra-thin


  • Limited to the front portion

Price: $29.99
Check out on Amazon

#10. SopiGuard Carbon Fiber Skin for MacBook Pro 16-inch

SopiGuard Carbon Fiber Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

The SopiGaurd skin for MacBook Pro 16-inch is available in almost 20+ designs, including Carbon Fibre, leather textured, matte finish, and more. It covers the top, keyboard palm rest, trackpad, and bottom panels. The ultra-slim skins nd decals offer a precise fit.

What’s more? The company is offering a replacement in case you aren’t satisfied completely with the product, which goes on to show how durable the product is.


  • Various designs
  • Covers entire MacBook Pro
  • Not bulky
  • Ultra-slim precise fit


  • Sticker quality could have been better

Price: $24.99
Check out on Amazon


Cavka Tile Print Skin for 16″ MacBook Pro

Cavka Wooden Design Tile Print Skin for 16 inch MacBook Pro

Cavka MacBook Pro skin has a unique design among all the skins listed. The multi-colored wooden-tile sticker matches every mood and blends well with the 16-inch MacBook Pro machine.

The skin is dust resistant and offers complete protection without compromising on the looks. It also includes a decal to your keyboard, meaning it won’t leave fingerprints or any other marks on the keys.


  • The unique style of the skin
  • Dust resistant
  • Affordable


  • Not for the minimalists

Price: $29.00
Check out on Amazon

Signing off…

These were some of the best 16-inch MacBook Pro skins and decals that we recommend you to check out and give your laptop the protection it requires.

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