Best Cases for 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2020

When you are dealing with a high-end notebook like MacBook Pro 16″, better embrace protection right from the word go. After all, you never know when an unexpected slip-off or ugly scratch may occur. With repair cost ever climbing, isn’t it wise to choose safeguard? Speaking of protection, we have handpicked some of the best 16-inch MacBook Pro cases.

Ensuring your MacBook doesn’t give up on style for the sake of safety, the roundup mostly includes slim yet durable covers. Hey, don’t be disappointed as a few eye-catching suits have also found their way into the lineup for those who want their notebook to shout out loud. Take a look!

Best 16-Inch MacBook Pro Cases in 2020

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#1. Arike Matte Black Hard Shell Case Cover for 16″ MacBook Pro

Arike Smooth Matte Black Case for 16-inch MacBook ProDesign-wise, Arike’s collection of 16″ MacBook covers is commendable. They are more about making a good-looking match with the notebook and less about protection. But that doesn’t mean the hard shell can’t knock down random bumps.

The smooth matte finish further enhances the appearance while also offering a non-slip grip. And with the slit design on the back, it also boosts heat disbursement; thereby keeping the notebook chilled out. Lastly, the accessory maker offers a soft and smooth keyboard cover to safeguard the keyboard against dust.

USP: Hard-shell with non-slip texture
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#2. i-Blason 16-inch MacBook Pro Rugged Case

i-Blason Rugged Case for MacBook Pro 16-Inch

If you are one of those butterfingers who frequently drop things, you’ve got to have a cover that can offer a complete shield to your notebook. And for this purpose, i-Blason’s 16-inch MacBook Pro rugged case seems to be one of the better picks.

So, what makes this case fight out drops? Well, look at the shock-absorbing bumper that has an extra cushion to endure the impact and offer reliable protection. Plus, the heavy-duty case also features a beveled edge to thwart scratches.

Fully rubberized, the bumper also ensures your hands have the right amount of grip. And with a transparent back, i-Blason heavy-duty case allows the MacBook Pro to reveal its famed design – yet another plus.

USP: Shockproof design
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#3. Bestgay Hard Plastic Shell Cover for 16″ MacBook Pro

16-Inch MacBook Pro Hard Plastic Case from Bestgay

There are quite a few people who adore dark and vibrant colors. And for them, Bestgay can be a fantastic pick. The slim case sports a sophisticated design with a soft-touch finish. To ensure that MacBook can continue to make its presence felt, it allows the Apple logo to grab attention as well.

Just in case, you feel that the cover is too delicate to offer the desired protection to your MacBook, let me assure you that it won’t disappoint you. The exterior can take on unexpected scuffs and also random bumps. Considering these qualities, Bestgay deserves to be rated as one of the best MacBook Pro 16″ cases in the market.

USP: Sophisticated design with a soft-touch finish
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#4. Yuqoka Anti-Scratch Frosted Protective Case for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Yuqoka Protectove Cover for 16-Inch MacBook Pro

“Yuqoka” is the kind of case that appears to be a straightforward choice for multiple reasons. For starters, the cover has an enviably slim form-factor that can hit off pretty well with the minimalists.

The second, the PC hard shell is strong enough to come out unscathed from minor drops. And with the soft-textured finish, it is also quite good at preventing slip-offs.

Talking about the cutouts, you shouldn’t worry about them as they are on point. Just like LifeePro, it also features slit design on the back shell to enhance heat dissipation.

USP: Slim form-factor with a soft finish
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#5. LifeePro Ultra Thin Protective Case for 16″ MacBook Pro

LifeePro 16-Inch MacBook Pro Clear Case

A slim case as adorable as “LifeePro” is what you need to keep the elegance of your notebook intact without sacrificing on protection from minor shock and scratches. Due to the hard PC, the cover has got a bit more resistance despite being on the sleek side.

On top of the hard shell, there is a soft matte finish so that your hands will feel comfortable while gracing the MacBook. Another notable feature of this slim cover is the slit design that improves heat dissipation, making sure your laptop remains cool while handling your heavy workloads.

Looking at the cutouts, they appear to be in the right place, allowing hassle-free access to ports. And if styling your MacBook with some vibrant colors is your thing, you would be glad to have several colors at your order.

USP: Back-shell with slit design for enhanced heat dissipation
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#6. Dongke Plastic Hard Crystal Print Case for MacBook Pro 16-inch

Dongke Plastic Hard Shell Case Cover for 16-inch MacBook ProDongke’s range of MacBook Pro cases is a bit on the funky side. They come in a myriad of designs with different patterns including garden floral, paisley, abstract ocean, and more.

Beyond design, Dongke cases feature a hard shell that enables them to withstand minor impact. Most of them allow the Apple logo to shine through, which would be in line with those who prefer to flaunt the icon. Being fully vented, they also allow heat disbursement to prevent the notebook from getting hot.

USP: Funky design
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#7. IBENZER Hard Case for 16″ MacBook Pro with Scratches and Dings Protection

IBENZER 16-inch MacBook Pro Soft Touch Hard Case

For the folks who aren’t a great fan of traditional covers, IBENZER offerings promise to be notable. They look skinny and fit around the edges ensuring the MacBook has got the needed liberty to keep the elegance alive.

Though the company touts that the case can offer 360-degree protection, I can back it to survive low-level bumps. The rubberized feet improve stability, while the vent slots assist the notebook to carry out tasks without getting hot. Regarding hue options, you have four variants to try out: black, crystal black, crystal clear, and frost clear.

USP: Skinny and snug-fit appearance
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There you go!

Style Your MacBook Pro 16″ With Nice-Looking Cases…

Protection and style do go hand in hand when you have slim yet durable covers in the offing. Now that you have got a variety of suits to choose from, shield your notebook while still keeping the elegance factor intact.

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