Best Sleeves for 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2021

Best 16-inch MacBook Pro Sleeves

For both convenience and improved safeguard against bumps, full-on sleeves are the right way to go for 16-inch MacBook Pro. Of course, sleeve suits can’t go neck-on-neck against attractive cases nor can they offer the same fashion quotient. However, when it comes to craftsmanship, they have a clear edge over fancy covers. So, if you have opted to go for simplicity for a professional outing, our extensive collection of the best 16-inch MacBook Pro sleeves can gel with your taste seamlessly.

1. Apple Leather Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve

Whether you admire Apple’s genuine leather sleeves or always find them extravagantly priced ($199), you just can’t overlook them. Carved out of high-quality European leather, they sport a premium look and feel. And with genuine leather texture, they also don’t lose their charm so easily.

Talking about durability, the sleeve comes with soft microfiber lining to keep your 16-inch MacBook Pro protected. In terms of colors, it’s available in three variants: midnight blue, saddle brown, and black. My favorite color variant is the classy saddle brown.

USP: Premium look and feel
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2. Harber London 16″ MacBook Pro Slim Leather Sleeve

Harber London Slim Leather Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro

What I have always admired in Harber London’s sleeves is top-of-the-line workmanship. The high-quality build with an impressive leather texture makes them an automatic choice for executives. Of course, these offerings come at an expensive price tag (around $75 starting price) but they do live up to the expectation,

For all being lightweight and compact, Harber London MacBook Pro 16-inch sleeves are strong enough to endure impact and also ward off scuffs. Aside from being available in a variety of designs, they also come in multiple color variants. So, getting a suitable pair for the notebook, which can also make an ideal match with your outing shouldn’t be a big ask.

USP: High-quality leather with top-of-the-line craftsmanship
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3. Leather Sleeve for 16-Inch Macbook Pro from Woolnut

Woolnut Leather Sleeve for 16-Inch Macbook Pro

With love, all the way from Scandinavia, Woolnut offers love and care to your precious 16-inch MacBook Pro. Skilled artisans mould vegetable tanned full-grain leather from the region into minimalistic yet detailed masterpieces. Amidst the most expensive of all leathers, the material develops beautiful Patina over the use.

This means your sleeve will only grow more exclusive and unique with use. Moreover, the interior is crafted from a soft, water-repellent and shock absorbent wool. Along with aesthetics and looks, the sleeve supports maximum functionality; from charging to being the underneath pad.

USP: Simple yet functional design
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4. Procase Sleeve with Velcro Closure for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Procase Slim fit 16-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve

For those who want a cheap yet highly efficient sleeve for their MacBook Pro, ProCase would be a better pick. It features felt exterior that not only provides comfortable hold but also reliable protection from impact.

The inclusion of soft flannel interior, it can also resist scratches. There is a front pocket that is big enough to house your smartphone, chargers, and earphones. But what makes ProCase a nice deal is the $11.99 price tag that can fit into the most budget.

USP: Simple retro design
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5. CAISON Shockproof Velvet Sleeve for MacBook Pro 16-inch

CAISON Shockproof Velvet Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Showcasing an ultra-compact design, CAISON is specifically readied for minimalists. But if you think that it may be vulnerable then let me tell you that it comes with five layers of protection.

Thanks to the inclusion of water-resistant neoprene material and durable corners, it is good enough to withstand impact. For additional protection, it comes with a soft fabric inner layer.

There is a large external pocket wherein things like pens, documents, and USB memory sticks can stay secure. Not to mention, over 10 nice-looking color options that can fit into almost any taste.

USP: Ultra-compact yet protective
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6. Native Union 16″ MacBook Pro Slim Sleeve with Exterior Pocket

Native Union 16-inch MacBook Pro Slim Canvas Sleeve

Exhibiting a refined design, Native Union Stow is a classy sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro. The genuine leather accents with impressive workmanship make it one of the better picks for pros. And with the spacious exterior pocket, you also have the convenience to store documents, pens and other items.

Being slim and compact, Native Union Stow can easily slip into any bag. But just because it looks quite sleek doesn’t mean that it can’t take on unexpected impact. The coated canvas along with a waterproof zipper makes it a fairly protective suit for the notebook. At $79.99, Stow does seem a little expensive but it has the quality to live up to the demand.

USP: Professional looking design
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7. Crazy Horse Craft Vintage Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Crazy Horse Craft Italian Leather Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro

When it comes to crafting top-notch leather sleeves, Crazy Horse Craft is known to be a premium player. What makes this genuine Italian leather sleeve stand out is the praiseworthy handmade design that gives it an aesthetic look.

Crazy Horse Craft sleeve comes with wool felt to shield the laptop against shock and scratches. And with the presence of rich leather texture on the exterior, they also provide a more comfortable hold.

While most sleeve cases lose their charm when they get rubbed, it’s not the case with these offerings. As they get old, the leather develops a new color which enhances their appearance.

USP: Top-grade handmade design
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8. tomtoc Protective Sleeve Bag for MacBook Pro 16″

tomtoc Lightweight Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro

If your needs give more priority to simplicity, tomtoc sleeve would be worth checking out. It’s pretty lightweight, soft, and also offers the desired protection to the notebook.

The presence of a soft fluffy padding interior empowers it to withstand shock and also keep the notebook protected from scratches. The three layers of protection with additional safeguard for corners makes it a durable companion for the MacBook.

tomtoc sleeve also features an additional compartment where things like mouse, chargers, and AirPods can stay comfortably inside. You also have multiple color options like grass green, mint blue to choose the right fit for your 16″ MacBook. Being available for $24.99, it’s also quite affordable.

USP: Cheap yet pretty good quality
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9. MOSISO Water Repellent Neoprene Sleeve for 16″ MacBook Pro

MOSISO 16-inch MacBook Pro Water Repellent Sleeve

Should you think of presenting your MacBook a beautiful looking sleeve with vibrant colors, MOSISO would be a great choice. The sleeve is made of high-quality neoprene material and features a foam padding layer for improved impact resistance.

It comes with a small pouch to help you carry your smartphone, earphones and other tiny items. And with the top-loading zipper, all of your valuables stay securely inside. Priced at $15.99, MOSISO is one of the cheapest 16-inch MacBook Pro sleeves.

USP: Beautiful and vibrant design
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10. FYY 16-inch MacBook Pro Briefcase Handbag Sleeve

FYY Premium PU Leather Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Both in terms of convenience and protection, FYY promises to be an adorable contender. The sleeve is made of soft PU leather and features a shock-absorbing interior for improved scratch resistance.

The fixed bands at the corners help you fasten the notebook so that it can stay securely inside. There is also an extendable handle to let you carry the laptop comfortably.

The sleeve features an inner tuck net where you can store your pen, phones, chargers, and other small items. And if you prefer nice-looking colors, you have four options to choose from: brown, navy, red, and black.

USP: Durable construction with spaciou design
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11. HYZUO Faux Suede Leather Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro

HYZUO 16-inch MacBook Pro Faux Suede Leather Sleeve

I have a liking for sleeves that sport a simple and sophisticated design. And it’s this quality that has compelled me to pick out HYZUO.

The sleeve has got a slim look but features three layers of safeguard. With microfiber leather, thickened shockproof felt, and high-density soft lining make it quite durable.

It features magnetic closure to keep all of your items secure. To help you carry small items securely, the company offers a small pouch. Lastly, HYZUO is available for $18.99 (a competitive price) and comes in eight color options.

USP: Simple yet sophisticated
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What’s Your Favorite MacBook Pro 16″ Sleeve?

It always feels nice when you have a variety of options to choose from, doesn’t it? Ensuring your needs can find the right match, we have chosen both premium and affordable offerings. There are also cheap yet pretty good sleeves that can pair beautifully with the notebook without forcing you to shell out plenty of bucks.

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So, which is your favorite sleeve for the MacBook? Spill some beans about your top pick.

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