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iGBAccessoriesBest keyboard covers for 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2024

Best keyboard covers for 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2024

An office setup with a MacBook Pro, a steaming cup of coffee, and scattered files. Imagine spilling coffee on your precious Mac keyboard. That hurts! The horror you feel is quite apparent. Getting keyboard covers for your MacBook Pro will save you from such situations!

There is a wide range of keyboard covers available on the market. You can find them in a variety of colors, designs, materials, prices, and other factors, and they can protect your keyboard from dirt, spills, finger marks, etc. In this list, I have picked the best keyboard covers for the 16-inch MacBook Pro! Take a look at the entries and pick one that fits your bill!

  1. UPPERCASE GhostCover
  2. imComor
  3. CaseBuy
  4. EooCoo
  5. Se7enline

1. UPPERCASE GhostCover – Top quality, durable

UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector

Are you looking for a non-silicone keyboard overlay? Then, UPPERCASE has something perfect for you. Unlike most other brands, UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra-Thin keyboard overlay is made with top-quality TPU material. This ensures the material is not stretched out even after years of use. Wash and reuse the overlay as you want.

The keyboard protector comes with 0.12mm thickness to ensure that your fingers can glide through the keys swiftly without feeling interference. In addition, the transparent look of the cover blends effortlessly with the MacBook keyboard and does not interrupt the keyboard backlight. A specific cut-out for the touch ID is an applause-worthy feature of this excellent keyboard cover by UPPERCASE.   


  • Made of high-quality TPU material  
  • Washable and reusable  
  • Fingerprint sensor cut out  
  • Transparent look  


  • Rigid edges  

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2. imComor – Perfect thickness for smooth typing

imComor best keyboard covers for 16” inch MacBook Pro

With imComor’s ultra-thin cover, you can keep the keypad of your MacBook Pro safe and stylish. The product offers high-end durability with its premium-quality silicone build that sits perfectly on your keypad. Its elastic material gives you complete flexibility to use the keyboard however you want. Moreover, its 0.13mm thickness ensures negligible interference and a smooth typing experience, irrespective of the timespan.   

The keys and symbols are individually molded and printed on silicone for long-lasting use and all-around protection. Further, the water-resistant finish saves your laptop from impromptu spills, dust, and other unwanted things. The waterproof texture is so good that you can rinse it with water and reuse it without compromise— a perfect companion for your Mac.  


  • Made of superior silicone material  
  • Durable and washable  
  • Spill-resistant and dust-proof  


  • Poor fit  

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3. CaseBuy – Transparent cover for a clean look  

CaseBuy best keyboard covers for 16” inch MacBook Pro

Get unmatchable safety for your MacBook Pro keyboard with this premium cover from CaseBuy. Its superior-quality TPU material ensures that the cover fits perfectly over each key and is free from any typing noise. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the fingerprint sensor because the CaseBuy MacBook Pro 16-inch keyboard cover has a separate cut-out for easy Touch ID access.   

The 0.12 mm thick ultra-thin cover lets you glide your fingers smoothly over the keypad without sticking out too much. It is a blessing if you have sweaty or oily hands. In addition, the transparent finish allows the backlight to shine, so you can use your MacBook at night or in dim light. Later, you can take the cover off and wash it with soap and water to reuse it multiple times with the same perfect finish.  


  • Top-quality TPU material  
  • Perfect thickness  
  • Dedicated cutout for Touch ID  
  • Washable and reusable   


  • Poor adhesive   

Check out on Amazon 

4. EooCoo –  Lightweight and durable  

EooCoo best keyboard cover for 16 MacBook Pro

Add an extra layer of safety to your 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard with EooCoo cover. This ultra-thin sheet sits perfectly over your Mac keyboard like a second skin, leaving no unfamiliar feel on your fingers. In addition, the 0.12mm thick, top-quality TPU material used in making the cover ensures that it does not stretch out easily. Once you stick the EooCoo keyboard cover, you can say goodbye to all your fears.  

Like others, EooCoo keyboard cover is also waterproof, dustproof, and free from fingerprint stains. When the film feels dirty, you can wash it with water and soap and then reuse it without compromising on quality. In addition, due to high transparency, the overlay allows backlight keys to shine through clearly. Further, the print on the overlay stays on the keys for long even after continuous rigorous typing.  


  • Superior quality TPU material 
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and anti-fingerprint 
  • Washable and reusable 
  • Thin and durable finish  


  • Plastic can get damaged on system overheating 

Check out on Amazon 

5. Se7enline – Multicolor keyboard cover for MacBook Pro

Se7enline best keyboard covers for 13” inch and 16” inch MacBook Pro

Se7enline adds an extra layer of safety to your 16-inch MacBook Pro with its super thin keyboard cover. Made with the best quality non-toxic silicone material, this multicolor cover blesses you with smooth usage and all-around protection. Whether you spill water on your MacBook keyboard or are too lazy to keep it clean – Se7enline’s silicone build keeps it safe from all the unwanted chaos.  

The 0.3mm thickness of the overlay is super lightweight and feels like air on the fingers. It protects your screen from scratches while ensuring your fingers move swiftly across the keys when typing. Further, the product’s strong adhesive helps keep it intact, irrespective of how roughly you tap on the keys.   


  • Durable silicone build  
  • Safety from spills, dust, etc.   
  • Ultra-thin ensuring a perfect fit  
  • Easy to install and remove  


  • Fit issues might arise in some Mac models

Check out on Amazon 

Wrapping up!

Your MacBook is not just a laptop. It is home to your work, entertainment, and everything you put it to use for. Adding a cover to your MacBook Pro 16-inch keyboard can add more life to it. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours looking for a suitable keyboard protector online or offline because now you have this list.   

Here, you get some of the best silicone keyboards and non-silicone covers that promise to keep your Mac new for years. Moreover, I have tried to pick keyboard covers that do not create a hole in your pockets. So, you will likely find your favorite match quickly. Do share your views in the comments below.   

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