Best Screen Protectors for 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019: Protect Your Beast Now!

MacBook Pro 16-inch variant is the costliest laptop ever produced by Apple and it certainly needs to be taken care of in every possible way. You shouldn’t mind spending a few bucks to get a sturdy screen protector that guards the precious display on the go! Well, picking the best MacBook Pro 16-inch screen protector isn’t as easy as picking a protector for your iPhone, in fact, it’s a tricky part.

But you may rest assured as we’ve listed only the best MacBook Pro 16-inch screen protectors available online. This makes it easy for you to pick the one that suits your needs and style.

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Best MacBook Pro 16-inch Screen Protectors in 2019

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best screen protectors for the MacBook Pro 16-inch variant. 

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#1. Filmext Removable HD Privacy Screen Protector

Filmext MacBook Pro 16-Inch Screen Protector

Tagged as Amazon’s Choice for “MacBook Pro 16 inch screen protector”, Filmext is the most loved screen guard by MacBook Pro users. Apart from screen protection, this privacy screen filter ensures that it doesn’t leak the information on Mac’s screen to those who are sitting next to you. Even if you’re just 30-degree away from the Mac, you will hardly see anything on the screen because of the privacy screen filter.

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The screen protector doesn’t affect the normal usage of your MacBook Pro; however, it protects your eyes from blue light emitted from the laptop. Its border is sealed with silicone material giving you a chance to put on or remove it easily when not needed. Besides screen protectors, you also get an ultra-thin keyboard film as well.

This product is costly as compared to other ones, but believe me, it’s the only protector that comes with a perfect privacy screen filter, and you won’t regret it once you get it for your MacBook Pro 16-inch variant. So what keeps you waiting? Go for it now!

USP: Privacy Screen Filter
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#2. Tempered Glass Screen Protector for 16-inch MacBook Pro from Amazca

Amazca Screen Protector for MacBook Pro 16-Inch

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If you just want a screen protector with no privacy filter attached along with crystal clear HD quality output, Amazca is your way to go without any second thoughts! It gives you the natural viewing experience and it doesn’t let you feel that there’s a screen protector on your MacBook Pro.

The glass comes in a curved shape, which looks bright and feels smooth. It guards your precious display against impact drops, scratches, bumps, and scrapes. And thanks to the 8-9H hardness of the glass as it keeps the fingerprints, water, oil marks and smudges away from it. Moreover, it’s a shatterproof glass and hence, it’s best in terms of protection for sure!

USP: Curved HD Glass!
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#3. imComor 16″ MacBook Pro Screen Protector with Anti Glare Screen Fitler

imComor Screen Protector for 16-Inch MacBook Pro

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Taking care of your eyes is of the utmost importance when you are working on your MacBook Pro for longer hours. And that’s only possible when you get a screen protector that comes with an anti-blue light filter, anti-glare feature and UV protection. This is precisely what all you get when you buy imComor screen protector for the MacBook Pro 16-inch variant.

With 9H hardness, the protector guards the screen against sudden drops and scrapes. Moreover, it protects your MacBook Pro’s screen from scratches, dust, fingerprints, and residue as well. It’s easy to install and it leaves no air bubbles behind if installed with care and precision. And yes, the best part you get a TPU Keyboard cover for your MacBook Pro as a gift along with the screen protector.

USP: Free TPU Keyboard Cover
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#4. Anti Glare Matte Screen Protector for MacBook Pro 16-inch by Forito

Forito MacBook Pro 16-Inch Screen Protector

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With over 100+ positive ratings on Amazon, Forito is one of the most loved screen protectors available for MacBook Pro on Amazon. It’s designed with Anti-Glare Matte technology giving you a picture-perfect display irrespective of the surroundings you are working. With crystal clear HD glass, it doesn’t affect the natural viewing experience.

The protector is coated with oleophobic layer and hydrophobic layers, which guards your MacBook Pro against sweat, oil residue, sweat and fingerprints as well. And things can’t go better when you get two screen protectors at just $12.99 only.

USP: Anti Glare and Transparency!
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#5. CQQDOQ 16-inch MacBook Pro Light Transmission Anti-Scratch Screen Protector

CQQDOQ Screen Protector MacBook Pro 16-Inch

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Cqqdoq is a pioneer in producing one of the best MacBook Pro screen protectors, but for some reason, people aren’t still using it. If I had to choose a simple yet elegant protector, this would be my first choice without any second thoughts. It comes with features such as anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, waterproof and oil-proof combined.

It just works with MacBook Pro 16-inch released in 2019. There’s an option to get one pack or two-pack. I would definitely go with two packs as it would be cost-effective and it gives a backup if something goes wrong with the existing protector. Precise fit and smooth surface on the protector makes it stand apart from the rest.

USP: HD Light Transmission
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#6. Synvy Scratch Resistant TPU Soft Screen Protector for MacBook Pro 16-inch

Synvy Screen Protector for 16-Inch MacBook Pro

Take note that this is not a tempered glass and it’s just a TPU soft film that sits nicely on your MacBook Pro 16-inch variant as it comes with a precise fit. Synvy’s protector keeps the scratches away – be it a knife scratch or a nail scratch – it guards your MacBook Pro against all the scuffs.

With bubble-free technology, 4H hardness and a pack of 3 screen protectors at just $18.99, you couldn’t ask for a better deal for sure, isn’t it?! The ultra-clear visibility gives you the original output from the MacBook Pro display.

USP: Bubble-Free!
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#7. Habyby 16″ MacBook Pro Anti-Smudge Privacy Screen Protector

Habyby MacBook Pro 16-Inch Screen Protector

If cost was never your concern and you wanted a quality product, Habyby must be your first choice as a screen protector for your 16-inch MacBook Pro. It’s the highest in terms of standards and the anti-reflective film layer gives transmittance up to 75%, which is usually just 60% in other protectors.

Moreover, the protector limits the viewing angle to 30-degrees so that your data is always safe when someone is around you and you don’t want to peep into your screen. It blocks almost 30% of the blue light emitted by your MacBook Pro and keeps your eyes safe. Besides this, the anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint features ensure that scratches and fingerprints are always feet away from the screen.

USP: 30-Days Money Back Guarantee!
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#8. Clear Anti Scratch Screen Protector for MacBook Pro 16-inch by MasiBloom

MasiBloom Screen Protector for MacBook Pro 16-Inch

If you’re looking for a cheap 16-inch MacBook Pro screen guard, MasiBloom must be your way to go as it costs just $7.99. And you get two protectors at this price, well, that’s an unbeatable deal, isn’t it?!

Not sure about this as I don’t see any reviews on Amazon, but when it’s cheap, you can always expect the quality to be compromised. But that’s not the case with this protector as it comes with 4H hardness and made of high-quality PET materials.

Moreover, it guards your MacBook Pro against the dust, dirt, fingerprints, water, scratches, and other stains, if any. It’s easy to install and clean with the help of cleaning tools included in the kit.

USP: Cheap Screen Protector!
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#9. MacBook Pro 16-inch Crystal Clear Screen Protector from Zshion

Zshion MacBook Pro 16-Inch Screen Protector

Here’s yet another screen protector, which is made of PET film material and not tempered glass. So the hardness would be 4H instead of 9H, which is usually seen in tempered glass. Due to the material used in this product, it makes the protector ultra-clear and leaves no bubbles during the installation if done with care.

This protector doesn’t affect the smoothness of your MacBook Pro screen and it’s transparent as well. Features like anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint keep all the dust, dirt, fingerprints away from the display.

USP: Pack of 3 at $12.99 Only (Steal Deal!)
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#10. Amazca Screen Peep-Proof Film Tempered Glass Screen Protector for MacBook Pro 16-inch

Amazca MacBook Pro 16-Inch Peep-Proof Screen Protector

Amazca’s Anti-peeping feature along with the 8-9H hardness of the protector comes at just $8.18, which is a lot cheaper as compared to the above protectors listed above today. It’s sturdy protection against the scratches, fingerprints, smudge, water drops and oil residue is perfect.

With a curved edge and 99.9% transparency, you can’t expect more from a screen protector at such an affordable rate. Be it a business meet or a meeting with a client, you only show what they want to and they don’t see what you don’t want to – thanks to Anti-peeping protection on the screen guard.

USP: Anti-Peeping Protection!
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That’s all, folks!

Signing Off…

Which one of these screen protectors is going to pair with your MacBook Pro? I would be happy to know the name of your favorite protector. Do let your views if we missed any important screen guard, we will be glad to add them to our round-up list.

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