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Best Ear Hooks For AirPods Pro in 2021

Best AirPods Pro Ear Hooks

AirPods Pro sports a super comfy ergonomic design. And with multiple sizes of silicone tips to boot, the earbuds fit perfectly in the ears. But guess what? The right wireless earphones are still missing a key feature called “ear hook” that could be a deal-breaker for fitness freaks. Whether you are a fitness lover or someone who likes to have an extra cushion ensuring earbuds do not fall out, this short roundup of the best AirPods Pro ear hooks is for you. These sports hooks are pretty soft, smooth, and pair securely with the earbuds. Moreover, the sports running hooks keep the earphones intact so that you can go through the rigorous workouts comfortably. Take a peek at them all if you want one right now!

1. ICARERSPACE Ear Hook for Running, Jogging and Cycling

ICARERSPACE AirPods Pro Ear HookICARERSPACE is the sort of ear hooks that seem to gel along nicely with the earbuds. Well, I say it because the AirPods Pro sports ear hook is designed to fit spotlessly. Due mainly to the TPU material, it’s also quite durable.

The soft material ensures you feel comfortable while wearing the earbuds during the gym or running. Even though it seems a bit delicate, it can hold up pretty well against the test of time. Considering these notable specs, ICARERSPACE is a reasonable buy at $7.98.

USP: Fit securely
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2. SXUFO TPU Ear Hook with Easy Installation

SXUFO Advanced TPU AirPods Pro Ear HookLooking at SXUFO ear hook, all I can say is it’s quite soft and pairs securely with the AirPods Pro. Thus, you can use it during running, cycling or even running to keep your earphones perfectly in place. Made of TPU material, it fits comfortably. Despite being so soft, it’s not vulnerable at all.

As for installation, it’s quite straightforward so you will be able to take it on/off without any hassle. On the price point, SXUFO comes at $7.99 which is competitive – if not cheap. In a nutshell, it’s one of the coolest accessories for the earbuds.

USP: Soft TPU material
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3. ICARERSPACE Anti Lost Sports Ear Hook

ICARERSPACE Sports Ear Hook for AirPods ProYet another comfy ear hook in this roundup from ICARERSPACE. Unlike its sibling mentioned above, it’s a bit lighter and less sturdy. So, chances are you will have a fatigue-free wearing experience.

It’s also made of TPU material so you can expect the hook to offer the needed comfort to your ears. Being smooth and flexible, it’s quite easy to install and remove. Overall, ICARERSPACE is one of the finest ear hooks for AirPods Pro in the market right now.

USP: Smooth and flexible
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4. Earhoox Ear Hook Fit for All Ear Shapes and Sizes

Earhoox Silicone Ear Hook for AirPods ProIn terms of design, Earhoox is different from all other rivals mentioned in this lineup. However, when it comes to user experience, it’s equally up to the task. Earhoox is made of stretchy silicone material. Therefore, it will not only keep your AirPods secure but also ensure you feel convenient while wearing them.

Not to mention, it might also not play spoilsport with the force sensor of the AirPods Pro. As for pricing, Earhoox is available for $17.97. To offset the high price, the company offers multiple pairs, which is a good move.

USP: Stretchy silicone material
Check out on Amazon

Keep the AirPods Pro Intact with the Sports Ear Hooks

Now that you have some pretty comfy ear hooks at your disposal, get a nice one to prevent your AirPods from falling out during intense workouts. As they can be easily installed and removed, you can use them depending on your needs.

As we are talking about accessories, I would want to take your attention to the adorable cases and the pro-looking leather cases. Besides, also check out the noted alternatives if you wish to find out where the earbuds are placed against the competition.

So, which sports ear hook is going to pair with your earbuds? Let us know its name and the features you like most in the new earphones.

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