Best AirPods Pro Neck Straps in 2020

AirPods have several unique and useful accessories manufactured for them. These either add new functions, or protect your AirPods, or let you charge them wirelessly. Overall they make your wireless headphones experience better. Recently, we made a list of the best accessories for the new and powerful Apple pods. However, users were also looking for anti-lost straps. So, we have come up with the best AirPods Pro straps.

#1. FONY Magnetic Strap

FONY Airpods Pro Magnetic Strap

Using this neck strap, you can reduce the frequency of dropping and misplacing your new AirPods Pro. The strap has magnets built-in, which keep the buds neatly hung around your neck. The premium organic silica gel from which this strap is made of, gives it a smooth finish. It is also comfortable to touch.

The neck strap is lightweight and weighs only 14 grams. Built-in strong magnets offer anti-lost capabilities. You can securely use your AirPods during vigorous exercises like running, fitness, bicycling, dancing, yoga, etc.


  • Features two built-in magnets
  • Pretty smooth and lightweight
  • Comes in a myriad of color variants


  • At times, the strap may pull the AirPods Pro out of ears

Price: $7.98
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#2. FILOTO Airpods Pro Case with Strap

FILOTO Airpods Pro Case with Starp

How about getting a complete organizer for your AirPods Proz? Well, I mean having a pretty compact organizer to carry your AirPods comfortably and also offer it the needed safeguard against shock.

As for the strap, it’s made of soft silicone material which makes it comfortable to wear. And with the metal carabiner, you can also hang the AirPods Pro on your belt for secure carrying. Another notable feature is the wireless charging compatibility that allows you to charge your earphones without having to remove the cover. Not just that, FILOTO also comes in a variety of nice-looking colors to choose from.


  • Complete AirPods Pro organizer metal carabiner
  • Soft silicone strap
  • Wireless charging support


  • Material quality seems cheap

Price: $12.99
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#3. Deexeen Magnetic Anti-Lost Strap

Deexeen Strap for AirPods Pro

If a simple and comfortable to wear AirPods Pro is what you are after, Deexeen could be worth checking out. The strap is made of skin-friendly silica gel which guarantees the needed comfort. And being just 0.2 ounces, it hardly adds any weight to the earbuds, ensuring you can comfortably wear them for long.

Aside from being lightweight, the strap also ensures the AirPods stay perfectly in place. Thanks to the strong magnets, it’s able to keep the earbuds intact. Just like most of its counterparts, Deexeen comes in a ton of attractive colors and is priced comparatively low, which makes it one of the cheapest AirPods Pro straps in the market.


  • Skin-friendly silica gel
  • Simple design
  • Built-in magnets


  • May note score well on the durability front

Price: $5.99
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#4. Seltureone Anti-Lost Strap for AirPods Pro

Seltureone AirPods Pro Strap

Courtesy the skin-friendly silica gel, Seltureone has got comfy look and feel. Plus, there is a soft texture so that it can feel quite cozy to the touch. So, it won’t itch your skin even during a rigorous workout.

Seltureone AirPods Pro strap is also easy to install and remove, which is a plus from a flexibility point of view. Moreover, the soft strap also ensures that the earbuds stay in the ears, allowing you to go about your job without worrying about them. That’s not all, it comes in a double pack at just $7 which makes it a fine prospect for those willing to buy a reasonably good strap at a low price point.


  • Soft silica gel
  • The textured surface feels comfortable to the touch
  • Comes in a double pack at a low price point


  • The rubber may break easily

Price: $6.99
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#5. Thankscase Rattail Cord Strap

Thankscase AirPods Pro Strap

This one is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is made from soft and smooth rat-tail cord which makes it pleasant to wear and also ensures no damage to your skin. It keeps the AirPods in place perfectly. The durable TPU connector is easy to remove and install. This is especially helpful when you have to take the buds out for charging.

The string’s design and material are such that it provides a tangle-free experience. This allows you to easily wind the strap around the AirPods charging case when not in use. You may choose from four available colors. I dig the brown one.


  • TPU soft connector
  • Smooth rattail cord
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Comparatively less durable

Price: $6.99
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#6. Boonix Anti Lost Strap

Boonix Anti Lost AirPods Pro Strap

Made using silica gel material, this flexible and soft neck strap provides security to your AirPods. The strap is anti-knotting, which means it won’t get tangled in your pocket. This environment-friendly anti-lost neck strap poses no damage to your skin.

These are comfortable to wear and skin-friendly. You can keep your AirPods tethered to your neck at all times using the Boonix neck strap. The overall elegant look achieved with a combination of uniquely designed necklace strap and white connectors makes your AirPods more attractive and practical.


  • Good-looking design
  • Made of soft and flexible material
  • Anti-knotting


  • A bit expensive

Price: $12.95
Check out on Amazon

#7. Positive Design Magnetic Airpods Pro Strap

Positive Design AirPods Pro Strap

What makes this strap from Positive Design a touch better than many other rivals is the strong magnetic connection. Though the built-in magnets are quite small, they have the needed strength to keep the AirPods tethered to your neck. Thus, there is less likelihood of the misplacement of the earbuds.

Positive Design AirPods Pro strap features a soft silicone construction that adds both durability and boosts comfort factor. Not just that, it will also remain dry by resisting sweat. As a result, you can wear the strap for hours without having to encounter the itching problem. What’s more, it comes in different packs like one, two, and four at a competitive price point.


  • Silicone material endows smooth texture
  • Strong magnetic connection
  • Magnets keep the AirPods Pro tethered


  • You may need to readjust the silicone strap during activity

Price: $8.97
Check out on Amazon

Signing off…

These were some of the best AirPods Pro straps you can buy. In a way, the accessories offer ease and security. However, every time you have to charge your AirPods, you will have to take them out from these straps to put inside the charging case.

Neck straps provide safety to your buds. They ensure that these do not fall off your ears during intense workouts or crowded subway rides. Straps also make it possible to hang these tiny wireless earphones around your neck. The straps are inexpensive and a handy accessory to go with your AirPods Pro.

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