Apple Watch Not Responding or Not Turning ON? How to Fix It

Apple Watch Not Responding or Not Turning ON

Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches with decent battery life and lots of features that make life easier. Like most Apple products, it’s pretty reliable. But of course, like all gadgets, it can malfunction from time to time. For instance, it can get stuck on the Apple logo. Similarly, if your Apple Watch is not responding or not turning on at all, we’ve got some solutions to help you fix it. From battery and charging issues to some hidden settings that cause problems, let’s break it all down step-by-step.

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Responding or Not Turning On

Let’s look at 4 reasons behind your Apple Watch not turning on or not responding and we’ll give the solutions to each. Try all of them in turn and hopefully you’ll be able to get your watch running again.

Solution #1. Check your Apple Watch Battery and Charger

As a general rule, you should check your Apple Watch battery life. If your Apple Watch won’t turn on, the battery may be too low or dead. Connect your watch to a charger and wait a few minutes before trying to turn it on. If this does not work, try a different charger too in case the problem is with that. If your Apple Watch is not turning on after charging it with a couple different chargers, try out the next solution.

Solution #2. Force Restart your Apple Watch 

Simultaneously press and hold the Digital Crown and the oblong-shaped side button for about 15-20 seconds. Once the Apple logo appears on the display, release both buttons. Your Apple Watch will restart and should work smoothly again.

Solution #3. Disable Power Reserve Mode

Power Reserve is a feature that helps to prolong your Apple Watch’s battery life. It disables all of its other features except for the current time. Sometimes, you may turn on this feature and forget about it so make sure it’s turned off. Press down the Side button and hold until you see the Apple logo on the display. Now, once the watch reboots, it will no longer be in the Power Reserve mode and should function normally.

Disable Power Reserve Mode on Apple Watch

Solution #4. Turn Off Screen Curtain on Apple Watch

When enabled, Screen Curtain turns off the screen of your Apple Watch even when it is on. This means you can only navigate your Apple Watch using VoiceOver. To turn off Screen Curtain, open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap Accessibility VoiceOver. Toggle OFF the switch next to Screen Curtain.

Turn Off Screen Curtain on Apple Watch

Summing Up

If none of these solutions work and your Apple Watch will not turn on, it may be a hardware issue. For this, you should contact Apple Support and perhaps they can help you sort out the problem. Are you looking for any other troubleshooting advice? Let us know in the comments below.

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