AirPods Max: First Impression and FAQ (Video)

AirPods Max First Impression FAQ

Over the years, Apple has been synonymous with class. With all the releases this year, Apple has introduced the crowned prince himself. Apple AirPods Max are no less than a luxury with the magical wireless audio and an uncompromising fit that promises a personalized listening experience for the users.

AirPods Max combines a custom acoustic design, H1 chips, and advanced software to power computational audio, Adaptive EQ to enhance your listening experience, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and Spatial Audio.

It will be an interesting dinner table conversation to decide whether to buy these overpriced over-ear headphones looking at the current crisis. Should you be spending $550 to feel luxurious? Is the world ready for Apple’s extravagance yet again? Let’s find out.

All You Need to Know About Apple AirPods Max

All you need to know about Apple AirPods Max


Staying true to the minimal approach, AirPods Max stay loyal to the brand’s luxurious aesthetics. The first of its kind in the Apple family, these headphones are structured to maximize comfort and strength.

  • Breathable Canopy: The breathable knit mesh canopy helps in weight distribution to minimize head-pressure.
  • Stainless steel frame: The steel contributes to strength and flexibility, whereas the soft material adds to your comfort.
  • Telescoping Arms: The arms can extend as much as you. Just set them, however you want and enjoy a consistent fit.
  • Aluminum cups: The aluminum-coated cups are a revolutionary addition to the headphones as it allows the anodized cups to rotate while balancing the pressure.

In terms of visual appeal, AirPods Max will have five color options: silver, space gray, sky blue, pink, and green to suit your taste. Fun-fact, the band’s color matches the iPhone 12 line-up, whereas the ear cups gel up with the iPad Air color line-up, a win-win situation for everyone.

The Infamous ‘Digital Crown’

AirPods Max Digital Crown lets Control volume, skip between tracks, answer phone calls and activate Siri

The Digital Crown is the first expansion in AirPods Max. (Memory check: Apple has borrowed the digital crown from Apple Watches). But rumor has it; this crown has superior functionalities over the smartwatch.

How to Make the Most out of the Digital Crown?

  • Turning the Digital Crown allows you to adjust the volume.
  • Single tapping allows you to switch between play and pause, and it also lets you answer an incoming call.
  • Double-tapping allows you to skip forward while pressing it thrice lets you skip back.
  • You can either whisper “Hey Siri” or press and hold the digital crown to trigger Siri.

The Hysterical Case: A Bra or a Purse?

AirPods Max Hysterical Case

What Apple has proudly labeled as a case has somewhat turned into a meme fest on Twitter. The unusual design is being labeled as an awkward purse and a bra too. While twitter needs a reason to troll a new product, what was Apple thinking while designing the case?

A possible reason for this case design could be that AirPods Max can’t fold up like the other over-ear headphones; that restricts Apple from giving its case a sleek design. When stored in the case, AirPods Max enter a Zen Mode that helps it stay in an ultra-low power state to preserve charge. In a way, the case supports the AirPods to stay energized for a longer time.

Does that mean the memes make sense?

Audio Quality

AirPods Max Audio Quality

If you have been following the press release or the video that Apple released, you must have come across a few random difficult-to-understand words that make AirPods Max desirable. Let’s breakdown each of them and dig in a little deeper.

Computational Audio:

To provide a breakthrough listening experience, Apple has managed to mix and match three technologies. The Apple-designed H1 chip in each cup, ten audio cores, and the ear cushion (that works as a seal) team up in such a way that your music seems real and the movie-experience seems life-styled.

High-Fidelity Audio-Quality:

An ultra-low distortion, along with noise cancellation, allows you to fully immerse in your favorite music. It also intensifies every beat for you to have clarity over every instrument used and comprehend the music better.

Transparency Mode:

The Transparency Mode helps you listen to the world outside and understand your surroundings better. Activate it while crossing the roads or listening to some gossip on the subway.

Adaptive EQ:

This helps your headphones understand what music you are listening to and adjust themselves accordingly. Say goodbye to adjusting the bass, you all!

Spatial Audio:

It gives you a theatre-like experience for movies and shows, whereas your head banging to those Rock music is monitored using a built-in gyroscope and accelerometers.

Read more: How to enable spatial audio with Dolby Atmos on Apple Music

Battery-Life of AirPods Max

AirPods Max FAQ

Apple promises twenty hours of talk-time, movie streaming, or listening to music with Active Noise Cancellation with the latest device. You can charge your headphones using a Lightning connector.

The Elephant in the Room

Time and again, Apple has proved that it’s good at launching a well-researched product with a sleek design and unbeatable functionalities at a premium price. Calling AirPods Max reasonable might be an exaggeration; for $549 is undoubtedly an expensive tag for the features it offers. Buying it is a personal choice; here are a few answers that might help you get to a conclusion.

Decoding AirPods Max FAQ: All Your Questions Answered

Are AirPods Max Waterproof?

No, the new AirPods Max do not have an IPX rating, which means it is neither sweatproof nor waterproof.

Can You Use AirPods Max while Working Out?

No, the device is not sweatproof. You might want to wipe out the sweat every time you use it.

Do AirPods Max work with only Apple Devices?

Here is a misconception, it is a Bluetooth Device, which means it works with all the devices; Android or Windows; however, not in its full potential.

Is AirPods Max Battery Serviceable?

Apple is a brand that has always preferred compactness over serviceability, which means the battery is not serviceable. For more how you can fix AirPods Max battery drain issue.

Are the Pads Replaceable?

Yes, the pads are magnetic thus can be replaced. You can buy them for $69 from the accessories section.

Will AirPods Max Automatically Turn Off while you sleep?

It’s situational. The first generation ones cannot detect if you sleep; however, they have sensors that detect the headphones’ position on your head. Thus, if you sleep and the headphones slide down, it will stop playing music.

Is there an Audio Cable Jack on AirPods Max?

No, there is no audio cable jack on the device. You can purchase the Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable from the Apple Store, priced at $35.

Do AirPods Max Support Call?

Yes, out of the nine microphones, three are used for voice calls. Talk all you can!

Will Future Generations of AirPods Max Support MagSafe or Type C?

The future generations may not support MagSafe unless the materials used in building the headphones are changed. There is a possibility of Type-C in the future, very unlikely to happen, though.

Is Apple Working on High-Resolution Apple Music?

Apple has been eyeing the sound industry for quite a while now. According to the rumors, AirPods Max were in development for four years now. With the AirPod Pro and now Apple’s entry into the headphones industry, our wildest guess is that Apple might develop some high-resolution Apple Music.

Should You Buy AirPods Max?

AirPods Max are back in stock and ready to ship, so I would suggest making a purchase right away. However, Jon Prosser has claimed a more affordable sportier version releasing later this year. So, if you wish to save those $200, wait for the latest variant. The development of headphones has convinced everyone that these babies are here for the long run. Whether it’s worth the money or not can only be concluded after thorough testing. While we research the headphones a little more, you should sit back and enjoy the luxuries of premium crowned one-of-a-kind over-ear headphones.

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You can buy AirPods Max from the Apple Store.

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