Twelve South AirSnap Pro Leather Case for AirPods Pro

For your AirPods Pro, there can’t be any better leather case than the AirSnap Pro made by Twelve South. If the claim sounds incredible, read this review.

Life is better when you have great tech in your hands. And life at its best when your favorite product is well-protected, fully-functional, and continuously portable. AirSnap Pro by Twelve South offers all this and more, making every AirPods Pro owner’s life a tad better.

Crafted from leather, AirSnap Pro sits comfortably in your hand, pocket, on your bag or wrist. The full-coverage, the snap-on design keeps your expensive earpods nicely cocooned while allowing wired and wireless charging. I just got my hands on this beauty and my-my; it does make for a top-notch first impression.

Review: Twelve South AirSnap Pro Leather Case for AirPods Pro

AirSnap Pro Leather Case in Hand

Over the years, Twelve South has garnered an impressive reputation amongst Apple lovers. The brand employs the best of material and craftsmanship to mold its cases. This one’s no different, AirSnap Pro is made from premium, top-grain leather.

AirSnap Pro Leather Case for AirPods Pro from Twelve South

The material is neither too thick nor too flimsy, making it sturdy, protective, and flexible at the same time. Since it’s leather, the patina develops with use and will make the case more beautiful by the day. Going by my previous experience with the iPad Pro BookBook case, I can vouch for the looks, durability, and protection.

Convenience is The Key

Whether you talk about AirFly Pro or PlugBug Duo, Twelve South has proven its knack for developing intelligent products. Now, you may question what intellect has to do with an AirPods Pro case? Isn’t developing a great looking case that is both smart and convenient, a sign of the brand’s smarts?

Let’s take the cleverly incorporated back slits, for example. Thanks to them, your single piece cover opens and closes without a hiccup. Moreover, they are designed to sustain prolonged usage, open and close as many times as you like.

Along with proper cut-out for wired charging, the cover also maintains Qi compatibility. That means you can charge your Airpods Pro and case wirelessly as well. And since the front LED is visible, you can also track wireless charge status with just one tap.

AirSnap Pro Leather Case Cut-out for Wired Charging

Another convenient feature is the extended clip that makes attaching an S-clip and lanyard pretty simple. So, you can carry your earpods in the pocket, on your bag or your wrist. Twelve South has smartly maintained its legacy. Everything from the impressive finishing to the minimalistic brand logo on the metal snap oozes panache.

AirSnap Pro Leather Case Carabiner Clip

All three colors – cognac, black and slate blue – are worth a second take for sure. Once in the cover, your white case gets an upgrade both in terms of style and protection.

Not Without A Few Hiccups Though

As a regular user, I observed some minor issues. The lid of my AirPods case does not open with the cover. So, every time you will have to open the AirSnap Pro cover and then lift up the lid. Though it takes just a second extra, it is a pain when you have to do it every time.

Another issue is the missing hole/indicator for the pairing button. We complained about the same in our earlier review of AirSnap Twill as well. Agreed, the option does not come in use regularly, but as and when you need it, you will have to pull out the charging case from the cover.

For a moment, we thought the brand listened and the branding on the back was a smart way to indicate the pairing button. However, disheartened that’s not the case.

Thumbs up or down!

Despite some negligible issues, I give a thumbs up to the AirSnap Pro as music and AirPods Pro lover. Whether you consider looks, design, material quality, hand feel, protection, or convenience, this leather case accounts for almost everything.

AirSnap Pro Packaging

Although slightly more expensive than its competitors, the quality of the products makes for the price difference.

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Review: AirSnap Pro Leather Case for Airpods Pro

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Have you used AirSnap Pro or other Twelve South products? Do share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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