iPad Charging Slowly? How to Charge Your iPad Faster & Better

You upgraded your iPad to iOS 7 and now when you connect it to your PC/Mac, it doesn’t charge. Plug it in to a wall charger and the battery percentage rises ever so slowly. Don’t worry. This is a problem faced by many people across the globe.

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Nailing it down to one specific part of the charging equation is hard but once you do that, you can fix the problem and charge your iPad faster. We take a look at the various reasons why the iPad is charging slowly and how to fix these issues:

iPad Charging Slowly
Duplicate Connectors/Cable
They changed things in iOS 7. When you connect a duplicate/fake cable to your iPad – to charge or to transfer data/sync etc. – your iPad is going to show you a warning saying that the cable is not supported. While that’s nothing to worry because you can still sync and do stuff and even charge, the problem is that charging will be pathetically slow.

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Obviously, in our case, it was iOS 7 that killed the power of the duplicate cable. The solution, naturally, is to get an original Apple cable. Sure, it’s costly but it’s the safest and most authentic way to make sure your iPad charges fast enough.

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The Adapter
The iPhone has a 5W adapter and the output it generates is grossly insufficient to charge an iPad in record time. That is why Apple ships a 12W adapter for the iPad. That one charges your iPad faster (well, actually, normal speed) and is suited for the iPad and iPad mini.

Interestingly, it’s not just the 12W adapter that can charge your iPad fast. Docking stations often produce a good level of output that can charge your iPad fast. If you purchase a speaker dock for your iPad, may be using that to charge your iPad works good. Of course, make sure you don’t use the iPad when it’s on the dock.

USB Charging vs. Wall Chargers
When you try to charge your iPad through the PC/notebook, the power it receives is far lesser than the power it receives when connected to a wall charger. That is why everyone recommends that you charge it through the wall.

In case you have to necessarily charge it via the PC, remove devices connected to other USB ports so that all power is directed towards the port that’s connected to the iPad. Still, it’s not going to charge the iPad faster than a wall charger.

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Background Apps, Movies & Using The iPad
When charging your iPad, do not use it. People have this habit of letting the music play through when their iPads are charging. It’s okay if the time it takes to charge your iPad doesn’t really matter. But if you want to charge it fast, don’t play music, don’t watch videos and don’t basically do stuff that can eat up the battery of your iPad. It’s the “you can’t have the cake and eat it too” syndrome. Charging the iPad doesn’t mean you can use it without using up the battery.

Airplane Mode
One useful trick is to turn on the Airplane Mode (and make sure Wi-Fi is not turned on) before you plug your iPad for charging. If your iPad is a Wi-Fi only model, turn off the Wi-Fi and quit all background apps and then plug it in.

This charges your iPad faster.

Got more tips to charge the iPad faster? Do share it with us!

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the founder of iGeeksBlog.com who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad.


    • I don’t really know if it makes any difference to the battery. The post
      was intended for users who wanted to charge their iPads fast. From what
      I’ve heard, charging the iPad while it’s on Airplane mode is fast and
      doesn’t affect the battery in any way….

      • “From what I’ve heard”
        What are your sources? It’s quite dangerous to spread rumors around you don’t know to be true.

        • Here is a legitimate reason why this works. When Wifi, Cellular or Bluetooth are enabled they are constantly polling and looking for a signal. This actually consumes a good portion of power. In airplane mode, the polling is stopped for all sources. This enables your phone to sit and charge without using any additional battery power.

        • Dude chill, it’s an iPad. Even if these tips aren’t legit, which btw they totally are, the worst that can happen is your battery gets damaged, and you have to go to the apple store to get it fixed, big whoop. This guy knows his shit, trust me.

  1. Hate my son’s i-pad 3 but it is a school requirement always giving us grief not charging overnight. I bought new charger and cable from apple and it didn’t help. My Galaxy Note 10.1 (yes its old) never has charging issues and I just connect it to my laptop.


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