How to charge iPad faster: 9 Tricks to speed up your iPad

How to charge iPad faster

Compared to your iPhone (3,678mAh battery), the iPad battery is massive, with up to 10307mAh battery! So, it is natural for it to take more charging time. But, if you feel that your iPad takes an abnormally long time, or the charging has comparatively slowed down, here’re a few tips to make your iPad charge faster.

  1. Check your wall socket and cable
  2. Clean the iPad charging port
  3. Invest in a powerful charger
  4. Fix the ‘Accessory May Not Be Supported’ error
  5. Keep your iPad cool
  6. Update to the latest iPadOS
  7. Restart the iPad
  8. Do not use the iPad while charging/Turn off your iPad
  9. Follow these to fast charge while using iPad

1. Check your wall socket and cable

Start with a basic check to ensure the wall socket and the cable that connects the charging adapter and iPad are not the sources of the problem.

If you are using a cheap Lightning/USB-C wire, please consider getting an original Apple or MFi-certified cable. If the current wire is broken or worn out, consider replacing it.

2. Clean the iPad charging port

Is the charging port full of dirt and debris? If yes, consider using a soft brush to clean it carefully. Do not force things or use a metal pin. Take extra caution while getting the dirt out.

3. Invest in a powerful charger

This is one of the most straightforward solutions to charge your iPad quickly. Even with the latest iPad Pro 2021, you get only a 20W USB-C power adapter. But Apple makes chargers up to 96W. If you already have a USB-C MacBook charger, you can use it to charge your iPad quickly.

Or, you can buy a 30W (or higher) fast charger from Apple that will accelerate the charging compared to the 20W in-box charger. If you want to save some bucks, you may try a reputed third-party iPad charger.

Some other essential tips to quickly charge your iPad:

  • Get rid of the duplicate charger and cable if you are using one. Make sure it is by Apple, MFi-certified, or at least by a brand you have heard of and has good (unsponsored) reviews on the web/YouTube.
  • Do not charge your iPad using Mac or PC if you want to juice it up quickly. Or, if you must use a computer, make sure not to let it sleep. Keep the Mac or PC plugged into power (or charging) and awake.

4. Fix the ‘Accessory May Not Be Supported’ error

It often happens that after you put the iPad to charge, a popup on the screen notifies, ‘This Accessory May Not Be Supported.’ This prevents your iPad from charging at all. To fix this:

  1. Open iPad Settings and tap Touch ID/Face ID & Password.
  2. Authenticate using your iPad passcode.
  3. Scroll down and toggle on USB Accessories.

5. Keep your iPad cool

Heat hinders the proper charging of any device, including iPad and iPhone.

If you are using a thick iPad case, it will further block the transfer of heat into the environment. To ensure proper charging, you may remove the case and leave your iPad on a flat surface to charge comfortably.

6. Update to the latest iPadOS

With software updates, Apple addresses problems, fixes bugs, and tweaks settings to maximize your iPad experience. If you want things to be perfect (including charging), make sure you are always on the latest version of iPadOS.

To update your iPad, open SettingsGeneralSoftware UpdateDownload and Install or Install Now.

7. Restart the iPad

Have you not turned off and turned on the iPad in a long time? If yes, this can be the reason for several problems and glitches, including slow charging (that may also heat the device).

To restart, you can use the iPad button to turn it off or go to SettingsGeneralShut Down. After a minute, switch it on using the button or by plugging it into a charger.

8. Do not use the iPad while charging

To charge your iPad significantly quicker, you may choose to stop using it while charging. This will ensure that the display is not lit and other significant battery-consuming processes are not in action. All these help in bringing down the charging time.

Another obvious step is to turn off the iPad while charging. This will let the battery juice up comfortably while all system processes are inactive.

9. Follow these to fast charge while using iPad

I understand that it is not always possible or practical to turn off the iPad or stop using it while charging. In this case, here are some things you should try that will help fast charge the iPad while you are using it (or while it is on.)

I. Turn on Airplane mode

This will deactivate things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, which will help save battery. Use the Control Center or go to SettingsAirplane Mode.

II. Turn off active downloads

Have ongoing iOS updates, App Store, iTunes Store, or other downloads and updates? Pausing them will help reduce the charging time.

III. Decrease the screen brightness

The massive iPad screen consumes a lot of power when the brightness is set to maximum. To charge your iPad quickly, reduce the screen brightness. You can do this from the Control Center or SettingsDisplay & Brightness.

IV. Use earphones instead of iPad speakers

Newer iPads can have up to four speakers for an immersive sound. Though enjoyable while watching video or gaming, these speakers consume more battery than wired or wireless earphones like EarPods and AirPods. Thus, to charge your iPad faster, use these or set the on-device speaker volume as low as possible.

V. Close unnecessary apps on iPad

Are unnecessary apps still running in the background? For example, you reached the Airport, but the Uber/Lyft app is still open in the background. If yes, you may consider quitting these as you won’t be needing them for the next few hours.

To quit an app on your iPad, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold. You may also double-press the Home button if your iPad has one. You will see cards for open apps. Swipe up to dismiss/close them.

Note: It is not a wise or battery-saving idea to force quit all useful apps. If you think that you would need an app (say music or wallet app) anytime soon, do not close it. Let it stay in the background. Quitting and soon reopening an app might consume more battery than it saves.

VI. Turn off location

Location services consume a significant amount of battery. Turning it off temporarily will help. You should also not forget to stop sharing your live location once the purpose is achieved.

To turn off location, open iPad SettingsPrivacyLocation Services → turn it off (or turn it off for unnecessary apps)

Note: Several useful apps like food delivery, cab service, payment apps need your location to function. Make sure you enable it later.

VII. Disable background app refresh

Turning off background app refresh helps save battery and also assists in charging it quickly. To do this, open iPad SettingsGeneralBackground App RefreshBackground App RefreshOff.

Note: When iPhone is in Low Power Mode, Background App Refresh is automatically off. There isn’t a low power mode in iPadOS, so follow the above steps to turn off Background App Refresh manually.

VIII. Turn off unnecessary notifications

A single iPad Notification lights up the entire screen. When you get dozens of notifications, it all adds up. And you may be aware that several apps (especially games and such) are notorious for sending unnecessary reminders.

To save battery and charge your iPad quickly, make sure to turn off unnecessary app notifications. To do this, open SettingsNotifications → tap an app name → turn off the notification.

Tip: You may also swipe right to left on a notification in the iPad lock screen and choose to deliver the notification quietly. This will not light up the screen or make a sound when a new notification arrives.

These are the tips, tricks, hacks, and practical ways to fast charge your iPad. I hope it was helpful. In rare cases, nothing helps; you probably need to replace the iPad battery. Contact Apple Support to learn more about your options.

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