How to Charge Your iPad Faster and Better

Until recently, your iPad had been charging with the normal speed. And you were (more or less) pleased with the given charging efficiency. But something goes wrong – out of nowhere – causing your iPad to charge rather slowly. So, slowly that it seems to go on forever!

Well, if the above scenario sounds familiar, you have arrived at the right troubleshooting guide. For starters, there could be multiple reasons behind the sluggish charging of your iPad. So, nailing down the specific culprit would be the key to fixing this issue. We take a look at the various reasons why the iPad is charging slowly and how to fix these issues.

iPad Charging Slowly? Tips to Charge Your iPad Faster

Get Rid of Duplicate Chargers

This one is no brainer, is it? Duplicate chargers should be kept at bay as they could be very dangerous. When you connect a fake cable to your iPad – to charge or to transfer data/sync, etc. – your iPad is going to show you a warning saying that the cable is not supported. While that’s nothing to worry because you can still sync and do stuff and even charge, the problem is that charging will be pathetically slow. So, be sure to avoid fake chargers.

Devil Could Be in the Port!

Ensure that the charging port is clean and free from any lint. If you are getting the “Accessory May Not Be Supported” pop-up even if your charger is certified, try cleaning the port. First off, turn off your iPad and then use a normal toothpick to gently remove the lint from the port. Having been on the same receiving end a few times, I can vouch for the viability of this little trick.

USB Charging vs. Wall Chargers

When you try to charge your iPad through the PC/notebook, the power it receives is far less than the power it receives when connected to a wall charger. That is why everyone recommends that you charge it through the wall.

In case you have to necessarily charge it via the PC, remove devices connected to other USB ports so that all power is directed towards the port that’s connected to the iPad. Still, it’s not going to charge the iPad faster than a wall charger.

Take Advantage of More Powerful Adapters

While the 2018 iPad Pros (12.9-inch and 11-inch models) come with an 18W USB-C power adapter, the other iPads are still stuck with a 12W USB-A power adapter. So, if you have the high-end iPad models, you can take advantage of the 18W USB-C power adapter to juice up your tablet a lot faster and efficiently. Comparatively, the 12W USB-A power adapter takes almost 4 hours to fully charge the iPad.

Sticky Note: You can easily check out the number of watts on your brick. It varies based on an iPad model: 5W, 10W, 12W, or 18W power adapter.

But hold on for a moment before being disappointed that you can’t speed up your iPad charging. Though you can’t fast charge the Lightning port equipped iPad models with the same flair, you can definitely amp up charging speed. Yeah, you heard it right! So, what’s the workaround?

Well, to boost the charging speed of your classic iPads (the ones featuring Home button), you need a robust USB-C power adapter and a Lightning to USB-C cable. There are many high-quality adapters and Lightning cables available in the market. So, choosing efficient ones isn’t a big deal.

Side Note: Is there any catch? This method works proficiently only with the latest iPads including the iPad Pros. However, it can help other iPad models charge a little faster. So, keep this important disclaimer in mind before expecting your tablet to grab a whopping 50% charge in just 30 minutes!

As of now, Apple separately sells an 18W USB-C power adapter at $23. The tech giant also sells the 30W USB-C adapter which is available for $35.84 right now. As for cables, Apple Lightning to USB-C cable comes at $18.99. So, get these accessories to charge your iPad faster.

Find these accessories from Apple a bit expensive? No problem, some notable accessory makers offer equally efficient adapters and cables at a comparatively low price point.

Anker’s PowerPort II (49.5W USB-C adapter) is available for $29.99. And its USB C to Lightning Cable [3ft Apple MFi Certified] comes at $14.99.

Both in terms of speed and efficiency, they can match the best in the business.

If you want to explore more USB-C adapters and Lightning to USB-C cables, check out our roundups:

What if you aren’t pleased with the charging speed of your iPad Pros 2018? Well, you can go with the same rule mentioned above. I mean, you will need a more powerful USB-C adapter and a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Right now, Apple’s USB-C to USB-C cable is available for $13.99. A cheaper yet efficient option from AkoaDa (3 pack) comes at $10.99.

Do Not Use Your iPad While It’s Charging

While your iPad is being charged, refrain from using it. People have this habit of letting the music play through when their iPads are charging. It’s okay if the time it takes to charge your iPad doesn’t matter. But if you want to charge it fast, don’t play music, don’t watch videos and don’t do stuff that can eat up the battery of your iPad. It’s the “you can’t have the cake and eat it too” syndrome. Charging the iPad doesn’t mean you can use it without using up the battery.

Side Note:

    • Airplane Mode can play a vital role in boosting the charging speed of your Apple tablet. So, if you can live without calls or messages for some time, do try out this old hack
    • If you would like to further nail down the slow charging problem, do not stop with just the Airplane mode trick. Turn off location services (Settings → Privacy → Location Services), Background App Refresh (Settings → General → Background App Refresh), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, app downloads/updates and basically everything that eat into the battery.

A Couple of Solutions to Troubleshoot the Sluggish Charging Issue of iPad

While I’m sure the above-mentioned tricks can work in accelerating the charging of the iPad, they might fail to click if there is a hidden bug at the heart of the issue. In this situation, a couple of reliable solutions could come in super handy in resolving the problem.

Force Restart Your iPad

Force restart is known as a go-to troubleshooter. So, times when you run into some miscellaneous problems, do not give this well-known savior a miss.

  • On iPad Pros without Home Button: Press the volume up button. Then, press the volume down button. In the end, press and hold the top button for about 5 seconds until your device reboots and the Apple logo appears
  • On iPads with Home Button: Press and hold the power button and the Home button at once until you see the Apple logo on the screen

Now, try to charge your iPad. Most probably, the tablet will charge as expected.

Update Software on Your iPad

If you are still struggling to get rid of the charging issues on your iPad, update software. You would be amazed to know the number of issues every new software update fixes (and of course the plethora of problems that crop up after every new release). Navigate to the Settings app → General → Software Update. Now, you know what to do, don’t you?

Quickly Power Up Your iPad…

Now that your iPad seems to be on the turbocharging mode having already got rid of the problem, we expect you to get back to the business as usual. But before you hop into your favorite Netflix shows or take control of all of your projects, do share the tidbits about what worked for you.

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