How to View Battery Percentage on iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

Notched iPhones like the iPhone 11 series no longer display the battery percentage next to the battery icon. However, these simple tips will help you view the percentage easily to keep track of battery life.

The new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro series feature improved battery life. This is thanks to larger battery capacity and iOS 13 battery optimizations. Compared to previous iPhones, you’ll get more time browsing, streaming, and gaming than ever before. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has an exceptionally long battery life, lasting up to two days between charges. But there is one significant drawback: by default, there is no easy way to check the battery percentage.

Here, we’ll be showing you how to see the battery percentage on the iPhone 11 series. This will mean that you won’t have to rely on the graphic indicator alone, anymore. You can see exactly how much battery life you have left. We must note that the feature is disabled on iPhones with notches (like the 11 series) by default to save space on the top bar. But there are several different ways to display battery percentage. We’ll show you here.

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How to Show Battery Percentage on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

Method #1: Check the Percentage in the Control Center

See Battery Percentage on iPhone 11 Pro Max Control Center

The iOS control center offers easy access to your display settings, volume, and wireless connectivity. It also shows you the battery percentage on your iPhone. To view it, simply swipe down on the top-right corner of your screen. You will then see a percentage next to the battery icon. It’s that simple.

Method #2: Ask Siri What your Battery Percentage Is

Ask Siri to Display Battery Percentage on iPhone 11 Pro Max

You can call up by using the “Hey Siri” command. You then just have to ask Siri what your battery percentage is and you’ll be informed.

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Method #3: Plugging your iPhone into Charge

Plugged iPhone in charge, battery percent shows up on the iPhone lock screen

When your iPhone is plugged in and charging, the battery percent shows up on the lock screen. It’s not the most convenient way of seeing your battery life, but if you want to know how much longer to charge your iPhone, this is it.

Method #4: Add in the Batteries Widget

Add Batteries widget to Today View on iPhone 11 Pro Max

iOS 13’s powerful widget functionality comes into play here. You can add the “Batteries” widget to Today View, and optionally pin it there if you want to see it all the time. This approach has the added benefit of showing your battery life on connected devices as well.

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The fact that the battery life percentage is omitted from view by default can make the iPhone 11 challenging to use at times. However, these tweaks–most of which are just a single step–will make things easier for you. If you’re looking to save your battery life, you might want to check out these apps.

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