How to show battery percentage on Mac (macOS Monterey updated)

How to Show Battery Percentage in macOS Big Sur

The Menu bar on your Mac displays the battery status at the top right. But it does not show the battery percentage by default. For this, you can click on the battery icon and check it from the contextual menu, but what if you want it available at a glance always? Don’t worry. Here’s how you can display battery percentage on your Mac’s Menu bar at all times.

How to show battery percentage on macOS Monterey

  1. Click on the Apple logo icon at the top left corner and choose System Preferences.

    Select System Preferences from Mac Manu Bar
  2. Select Dock & Menu Bar from the options.

    Click on Dock & Menu Bar in System Preferences on Mac
  3. From the sidebar, scroll down to Battery, under the Other Modules section.

    Select Battery from Sidebar Under Other Modules in System Preferences on Mac
  4. Here, check the box before Show Percentage.

    Enable Option to Get Battery Percentage on Menu Bar in macOS Big Sur

And that’s it! The percentage will immediately show up on your Menu Bar. If you want to hide battery percentage, simply repeat steps 1-3 and uncheck Show Percentage.

View Battery Percentage on Menu Bar in macOS Big Sur

You can easily check the estimated time your Mac will last without being plugged in.

Check battery time remaining estimation on Mac

  1. Click on the Battery icon from the Menu Bar or Control Centre.
  2. Just under the Power Source, you will see the time remaining estimation.

    Check Battery Time Remaining Estimation from Menu Bar in macOS Big Sur

In addition to that, the contextual menu also shows the app that is ‘Using Significant Energy.’ This will tell you which app was the key culprit behind your battery drain.

Notably, macOS Catalina users can check their battery time remaining estimation in the same manner.

Get battery percentage indicator on Mac Menu Bar

Apple claims that the macOS Monterey is “doing it all, in all-new ways.” And not just with some new features, the refined new design also boasts different icons and sounds.

Keep following our blog to get to know the macOS Monterey better. More how-tos, tips & tricks, and hacks are on their way. Meanwhile, you can enjoy these ones:

  1. Is there ANY WAY I can get a notification that I need to plug my laptop in when I drop, say below 35%? I’m so darn busy that I don’t notice it until it drops to 18, to 22, to 28%. I don’t even look at the percentages indicator while I’m working. I need something to pop up so that no matter what, I plug it in at that time and NOT after that.

    1. Hi,

      As of now, there is no Automator hack or built-in feature to get notifications when your battery drops under a certain point. However, a free third-party app can help you out.

      Battery Monitor: Health, Info offers configurable low and full battery alerts.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for this post! Big Sur was driving me crazy in that it defaults to NOT showing battery % – who thought that was a good thing to hide by default??? … seems like determining the battery % would be the #1 reason someone would click on the Bluetooth icon but Apple hides the info in Big Sur by default. Why they make changes like that is beyond me. Sheesh. Thanks to your post, however, I’ve stopped pulling my hair out now. 🙂

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