How to use and customize Control Center on Mac

How to Use Control Center in macOS Ventura and Monterey

Who doesn’t appreciate shortcuts, whether in real life, in games, or when executing arduous activities on various devices? Control Center in macOS is one such tool that allows you to access some of the most often-used features with a single click, and it even allows you to modify it. This post will take you through ways to customize and use Control Center on your Mac.

Where is Control Center on Mac?

The Control Center can be accessed from the menu bar on the top right of your Mac screen. It has a lot of capabilities, including shortcuts to manage Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirDrop, etc.

The Control Center may appear identical in macOS Ventura and Monterey, but there are significant differences between them. With macOS Ventura, you get the all-new Stage Manager. In contrast, Keyboard Brightness in present in macOS Monterey. In this part, I’ll tell you how we can customize the options on macOS Ventura and mac OS Monterey. 

Note: We can also drag and drop different settings from Control Center to Menu Bar.

What can you do with Control Center on Mac?

Here’s a look at various functions available on the Control Center by default:

  • Wi-Fi: Here, you can turn on/off Wi-Fi, change your Preferred Network, or access Wi-Fi Settings. 
  • Bluetooth:
    • Turn on/off Bluetooth
    • Check Connected Devices
    • Access Bluetooth Settings 
  • AirDrop: Turn on/off and choose between Contacts Only or Everyone. 
  • Focus: Turn on/off features like Do Not Disturb, Meeting, etc., or launch Focus Settings. 
  • Keyboard Brightness: Adjust keyboard brightness or Keyboard Preferences. (only on macOS Monterey)
  • Stage Manager: Turn on/off. (only on macOS Ventura)
  • Screen Mirroring: Pick the connected device or open Display Settings. 
  • Display:
    • Adjust brightness
    • Turn on/off Dark Mode, Night Shift, or True Tone.
    • Go to Display Settings. 
  • Sound: Adjust Sound, select the output device, or launch Sound Settings. 
  • Music: Play, pause, next. 

    How to use Control Center on macOS Ventura

How to customize Control Center on Mac

There isn’t much you can do with the default controls in Control Center, but you can certainly add or remove a few options that aren’t included by default. The steps to perform these in macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura are listed below. Let’s get started. 

In macOS Ventura 

  1. Click the Apple logo → System Settings.
  2. Select Control Center → Scroll down to Other Modules.
  3. Under each function, you can toggle on/off the Show in Control Center option.

     Customize Control Center in macOS Ventura

The following are the options you can add or remove from the Control Center:

  • Accessibility Shortcuts 
  • Battery 
  • Hearing 
  • Fast User Switching  
  • Keyboard Brightness 

In macOS Monterey

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click Dock & Menu Bar

    Click Dock & Menu Bar in System Preferences on Mac
  3. Scroll down to Other Modules → click Accessibility Shortcuts.
  4. Check/uncheck Show in Control Center options.

    Customize Control Center in macOS Monterey 

Additionally, using the steps above, you can display/hide the following options in Control Center:

  • Accessibility Shortcuts 
  • Battery 
  • Fast User Switching  


Q. Is there a shortcut to open Control Center on Mac?

If you’re like me and hate using the mouse or trackpad while using your Mac, you can launch Control Center by pressing fn + C.

Q. Is Universal Control available in Control Center? 

No, the Universal Control feature is not a part of the Control Center. To learn more about Universal Control, follow our guide about how to use Universal Control

Winding up

The Mac’s Control Center might have been more efficient and usable if we could personalize it to our needs. Different users may wish to have distinct controls. What are your thoughts on this? Please share them in the comments below.

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