How to save Snapchat videos and photos on iPhone

How to save Snapchat videos and photos on iPhone

Snapchat is ideal for sharing your moments with your loved ones instantly. However, your snaps disappear after sending or opening them. Do you want to store your precious moments for later? Here, I’ve described multiple ways to save Snapchat videos and photos to your iPhone camera roll.

How to save Snapchat photos and videos on iPhone

Snapchat allows you to save the images or videos you take on the app to your iPhone gallery. Here, I will share several methods; choose one per your situation. If you want to save pictures from your Snapchat chat to camera roll, learn how to screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them.

Save the Snaps you captured

  1. Launch Snapchat → Capture a photo or video.
  2. Tap the Save button.

    Save the photo or video you recently captured

Download previously captured Snaps

  1. Open Snapchat → Tap the Memories icon.
  2. Under the Snaps section, press and hold the photos and videos you want to download.
  3. Tap the Send button → Swipe and select Download.

    Save previously captured photos or videos

How to automatically save all Snaps to your iPhone

Follow the instructions below to save all of the photos or videos you capture on Snapchat to your iPhone without doing it manually.

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Tap your Profile icon → Choose Settings → Go to Memories.

    Click on your Profile icon, choose Settings, and go to Memories
  3. Select Save Button.
  4. Pick from the available options:
    • Memories & Camera Roll: Save pictures on Snapchat cloud and your iPhone gallery.
    • Camera Roll: Save snaps on your iPhone only.

      Click the Save Button and pick from the available options
  5. Tap Auto-Save My Story Snaps → Select Auto-Save to Memories.
    So, you can download your Story Snaps from Memories following the first method.

How to save Snaps you received on your iPhone

You may download snaps you received from a friend. Follow the provided techniques to accomplish this. However, note that the sender of the snap will receive a notification informing them that you have saved their photo to your Camera Roll.

For Snaps without expiration timer

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Navigate to the Chats tab → Find the chat you wish to save a snap from.

    Navigate to the Chats tab and find the chat you wish to save a snap from
  3. Open the snap Tap and hold the snap → Select Save in Chat.
  4. Return to the chat → Tap and hold the image → Select Save to Camera Roll.

    Tap and hold the snap you want to save, Save in the Chat option, chat, tap and hold the image, and select Save to Camera Roll

Besides, you may retain the snaps for a day after opening it.

  1. Tap and hold the friend → Select Chat Settings.
  2. Toggle on Keep Snaps in Chat.

    tap and hold the chat, select chat settings, toggle on keep snaps in chat in snapchat

For Snaps with expiration timer

Even though Snapchat does not allow you to store your friends’ snaps with an expiration timer, there is a workaround. You may capture the video using the Screen Recording function on your iPhone. Buremembernd that your friend will be informed that you took a screenshot of the chat.


Can I download the photos and videos shared on my Snapchat story?

Yes, you can download the pictures or videos posted on your Snapchat story.

Is it possible to save Snaps using third-party applications?

Yes, you can use the third-party applications available for your iPhone to save your Snapchat. However, there’s a significant risk of suspending your Snapchat account or being permanently banned.

Why can’t I save Snapchat videos to my camera roll?

Maybe your iPhone is running low on storage space. Besides, if you have not given storage permission to Snapchat, it can’t download videos to the camera roll. Go to SettingsSnapchat → Select Photos → Choose Full Access.

Get your snap 📸

Snapchat prioritizes people’s privacy by not automatically saving each image and video you send or receive. The app understands that not everyone wants their snaps to be saved forever. Additionally, Snapchat has included some advanced features with an AI chatbot. You can learn how to use AI in Snapchat on an iPhone by reading my article.

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