How to save audio messages on iPhone and iPad (iOS 16)

How to save audio messages on iPhone and iPad in iOS 15

Privacy matters a lot to Apple. That’s why there’s no native call recording feature on the iPhone to date. Similarly, by default, all audio messages in iMessage are set to expire automatically after two minutes.

But, from time to time, you may want to save audio messages that bring a smile to your face or explain important details. Here’s how to save audio messages on iPhone and iPad.

Something to understand before we start…

There are two ways to save (or keep) iMessage audio messages. Frankly speaking, the term ‘save’ here does not mean you can save it in Files or export it to any other app. ‘Save’ here simply means preserving the audio messages from being deleted automatically.

One method is to keep only the audio messages that you choose, and the rest are deleted after two minutes. Another method is to keep all audio messages forever. Take a look at both and use the one you prefer.

This feature will only work if your iPhone audio message settings are set to expire after 2 minutes of playing it (which is the default).

How to save specific audio messages on iPhone Messages app

  1. Open Messages and tap on a conversation.
  2. Send an audio message. Immediately you’ll see Keep below the audio note you just sent. Tap it, and this particular audio message will not be deleted after two minutes.

    Tap on Keep to Save Audio Message on iPhone

Now, let’s talk about the audio messages that you receive. Once you get an audio message, play it by tapping the triangle button. After you play it, you will see the word Expires in 2m. Once around 30 seconds pass, you’ll see an additional option—Keep. Tap it to save this audio message.

Now, after two minutes, this particular audio message will not get deleted.

How to save all audio messages on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap Messages.

    Open Settings and Tap on Messages on iPhone
  3. Under AUDIO MESSAGES, tap Expire.
  4. Choose Never.

    Save Incoming Audio Messages on iPhone

Now, all audio messages that you send and receive will not be deleted. They will be ‘saved’ in the conversation, just like other texts, images, and videos. You can play it anytime.

That’s all, mate!

Now, you may be wondering about the Save option that appears if you long-press an audio message. Well, before iOS 12, you could tap it, and the audio message would get saved in the Voice Memos app. Now, it’s just as vestigial as your appendix.

Have another question? Feel free to use the comments section below; ask away!

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