How to edit and unsend messages in iOS 16 on iPhone

How to edit and unsend messages on iPhone

Apple has finally added a feature that iMessage users have been asking for a long time: the ability to edit and unsend messages. With iOS 16, you can make changes to messages or even undo them if you want to.

Before you can edit or undo a message on iPhone

Don’t get too excited just yet; there are some limitations we should take note of:

  • iOS 16 – This feature is iOS 16-exclusive; only iOS 16 users can edit and undo messages. As for the recipients running iOS 15,
    • The edited message will be updated but with an ‘edited to‘ tag.
    • Undo will not work as planned, and the message will not be deleted.
  • Only iMessage – You can’t edit or undo text messages; it’s iMessage-exclusive.

If you’re feeling adventurous and don’t want to wait till September for the stable iOS 16 build to be released, you can download the iOS 16 Developer Beta or Public Bet

How to edit messages in iOS 16 on iPhone

Editing limit – You can make up to 5 edits to a message within 2 minutes after sending them.

  1. Open a conversation on iMessage where you want to make the edit.
  2. Tap and hold the message to edit.
  3. Now, tap Edit.

    edit message on iPhone

After editing the message, you will see a small edited tag below the message, which will also be visible to the recipient. And here’s come the real fun.

How to see iMessage edit history

Oh yes, you and the recipient can check the edit history of every edited message. Plus, the process is pretty simple, tap the edited tag below the message you had made changes to, and you will see the edit history above it.

Screenshot showing iMessage Edit History on an iOS 16 device
iMessage Edit History on an iPhone (iOS 16)

How to undo sent iMessages on iPhone

Undo limit – You can only undo a message within 10 seconds after sending it. Also, there might be a chance for them to see the message from notifications before you delete them.

  1. Open iMessage and open the conversation where you want to unsend a message.
  2. Tap and hold the message you want to delete.
  3. Now, tap Undo Send.

    unsent message on iMessage

As soon as you tap it, the particular message will burst with a little animation and will disappear.


Q. How to mark a message on iPhone?

If you are on iOS 16, tap and hold the conversation and select Mark as unread. A blue dot will appear on the left side of the conversation.

Q. How do you remove a heart from a text message? 

Tap and hold the message which you want to remove the heart and tap the heart tapback to remove the heart. If you have added a heart in a text, you can edit or delete it if you are on iOS 16.

Q. Does deleting an iMessage delete it for the other person? 

If you are on iOS 15 or below, you will only see the option to delete messages for yourself. Since iOS 16, you can delete a message for both ends within 15 minutes of sending it. But if the other user is not on iOS 16, they might still see your deleted message.

That’s it!

With the edit and undo message features, you can prevent typos or messages sent mistakenly. But when you delete or edit a message, iMessage still lets users view them. So, what are your thoughts about it? Let me know in the comments.

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