How to Create Poll in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

Among the multiple chat apps available today, iMessage on an iOS device has retained its value as users rely on its privacy and security. From time to time, Apple has introduced new features to its popular iMessage. However, group chat users have unanimously asked for poll creation feature in iMessage. Hopefully, Apple will introduce this feature in the upcoming iOS 13. Until that becomes a reality, you can use a third-party app to create a poll in iMessage group chat.

Making a poll in iMessage group chat is extremely easy. You have to use a third-party app from the iMessage App Store. When a group is created on iMessage, members discuss many things: planning a movie or dinner, date of a product launch, opinion for a new haircut, and other things. From serious to not-so-serious stuff, you can ask people to vote by creating a poll in iMessage group chat on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Create a Poll in iMessage Group Chat

Since the poll app works in a group chat, you need to first create a group on your iPhone or iPad. For this purpose, we have created a beginner’s guide on using iMessage groups on iPhone and iPad.

Once you have created an iMessage group, follow this method to create a poll.

Step #1. First off, you need to download Polls app in your iMessage App Store.

Note: This app is developed by Jeff Hanna. In case you don’t find this app in results, you can search by the name of this developer in iMessage App Store.

Downloading an app in the iMessage App Store requires a different process from downloading an app on the iPhone App Store.

Tap on the Group Name in iMessage → Tap on App Store icon from the list of icons seen at the bottom → Tap on Search icon → Find Polls → Download.

Install Polls for iMessage app in iMessage

Step #2. Next, launch Messages app and tap on the name of an iMessage group you have created.

Step #3. Now open the Polls app from the list of icons at the bottom.

Tap on Poll app in iMessage

A half of your device screen will be occupied by Polls app interface.

Step #4. Tap or swipe up on the lower half of your device.

Tap on swipe up in Poll for iMessage app

Step #5. Give a suitable poll title.

Give a suitable poll title in iMessage

Step #6. Tap on (+) add item to add options for the poll and then tap on add to poll. Again tap on (+) add item to include options and tap on add to poll.

Make a Poll in iMessage Group Chat

Step #7. Once items are added, tap on the Create Poll button.

Tap on Create Poll in iMessage Group Chat

Your poll is ready to be shared. Before hitting the Send button, you can add a comment to the poll.

Add a comment to poll in iMessage

Finally, tap on the Send button to share this poll in your iMessage group chat.

Tap on Send to share Poll in iMessage group chat

Note that the person/s whom you have sent the poll has to download this app on his/her iPhone or iPad. Only after downloading Polls app will they be able to register their vote.

That’s it!

Your vote…

There are other third-party poll creating apps for iMessage. You can use Polls by Ingolf Koch and TinyPoll by Josh Pyles. It is mandatory for all group members to download the third-party poll apps in their iOS devices to create and participate in the poll.

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