Best iMessage Alternatives: ‘Coz We Need Them When iMessage Doesn’t Work

Of late, there have been many iMessage outages. In about one week, there have been two iMessage service issues which have affected several million people who rely heavily on iMessage. Of course, you can’t totally move away from iMessage if you are a power user but the lessons from the outages are clear: you’ve got to stop relying totally/heavily on iMessage.

And of course, with some cool iMessage alternatives, it’s possible.

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The coolest thing about iMessage is that you can send and receive them from across all the iOS devices and Mac. That’s a feature which you can’t get on most alternatives that we’re going to outline. But other than that, most of these alternatives are much better and powerful than iMessage.

Best iMessage Alternatives

#1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp LogoNeedless to say, Whatsapp remains on top of the messaging apps to this day. Rumors of Google buying Whatsapp notwithstanding the test of time, Whatsapp has remained particularly useful for people who want to be in touch with their friends at all times. Whatsapp is moving to a yearly subscription model for iOS devices from next year or so and will remain free for users who purchase the app now.


#2. Viber

Viber LogoViber has almost always been a popular app for voice calls, but you can also use the app to contact friends through texts. It works just like Whatsapp and has an interface that aligns closer to iMessage than Whatsapp. Viber is free and is a great alternative to iMessage because it’s so popular that your friends will most likely have it installed on their iPhone.

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#3. Kik

Kik Messenger LogoKik is a rapidly-growing messaging platform not very different from Whatsapp. An inflating user-base of more than 30 million users, Kik has been doing two things right: the user-interface is cool, and the app is free. Cross-platform compatibility means it’s more powerful than iMessage.


#4. KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk LogoKakaoTalk is another rapidly-evolving and almost-very-popular messenger app for iPhones and Androids and other smartphones. There is nothing vastly new or surprising about the messenger, but it won’t let you down like iMessage occasionally does. It’s powerful enough to attract a ton of users.

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#5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger LogoTypically, Facebook Messenger isn’t the alternative we think about when we speak of iMessage alternatives but given a chance, you might find that Facebook’s Messenger app is better suited for some conversations. Supposing you and your friend are online on Facebook, why spend time shunting between iMessage and Facebook app? Use Facebook Messenger and make the transition seem less different.


#6. Skype

Skype LogoNow we all know Skype’s got this enormous popularity so let’s not forget about Skype. The problem with Skype is that it’s more of an IM rather than a messenger, but if your friends’ circle keeps their Skype app open all the time, you’ve got a winner.

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#7. Line

Line iPhone App LogoThe Line is a relatively new app, so you won’t find all your friends out there, but it’s a beautifully designed app for messaging. It’s got a simple but rejuvenating interface that’s sure to draw some attention. A cool thing about the app is that it lets you reply to messages from PC/Mac too! More power than iMessage, huh?


#8. WeChat

WeChat LogoWeChat is the Chinese equivalent of Whatsapp if there can be one. WeChat is quite popular too and has a huge user base. If you’re looking for an alternative that isn’t quite heavy but is as good as it can get, WeChat is a good choice.

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#9. eBuddy XMS

eBuddy XMS LogoeBuddy XMS isn’t really a great option these days, but still, it’s an option worth considering. For those who’re familiar with eBuddy XMS or have been using it, you know it ain’t the full-fledged messenger that you’d want but it’s good enough for those really urgent times.


That’s all for now :)

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is the founder and editor-in-chief who takes care of audio, visual, and textual contents uploaded on He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

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