How to Play iMessage Typing Prank With Friends?

Find out how to play the iMessage typing prank on your friends with an animated typing GIF to fool them with.

When you’re messaging someone special or a good friend, there’s nothing more stressful than the “typing” animation in iMessages. It can mean many things: are they trying to decide what to tell you? Are they writing out some long essay to lay on you? You have no idea. That makes it perfect for a funny iMessage typing prank. We’ll show you here what to do if you’re feeling bored and just want to annoy someone.

What this boils down to is very simple: You’re going to download an iMessage typing GIF that looks exactly like the “typing” animation. Then you’re going to send that to your target on Messages. The GIF will play and mimic the typing animation and…well…it’ll keep on playing. They’ll think you’re writing out your last will and testament.

How to Play The Typing Prank in iMessage in iOS 14

Step #1. Long tap on the iPhone typing GIF below and select “Save Image.”

iMessage Typing SendingStep #2. Go to a message thread in your Messages app, or start a new one.

Step #3. Tap on the “Photos” icon, then tap on the GIF to select it, then hit send.

Play The Typing Prank in iMessages

You will end up with something that looks like the image below. (If you want to drive yourself insane, do what we did and send it to yourself.)

iMessage Typing GIF

After doing this, you’ll have sent a GIF that looks uncannily similar to the Messages “typing” animation. If you send it to someone who doesn’t suspect anything, they might just think you’re writing out an essay.

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Did you enjoy this iPhone typing GIF prank? Are there other iPhone tricks and pranks you like playing on your friends? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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