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Best prank apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

We are living in a world of memes and prank videos. While pranking your friends is always fun, it is not always possible to stage a prank. This is where prank apps come to help you prank your friends and family realistically. Here are some of the best pranking apps for iPhone and iPad.

  1. PrankDial
  2. The Prank App
  3. Crack & Break It!
  4. Lie Detector Truth Test
  5. Air Horn Multi
  6. iFart
  7. Funcall

1. PrankDial – Best prank call app

PrankDial Prank Call App for iPhone and iPad

PrankDial is the OG prank call app for iPhone and iPad, with over 150 pre-recorded prank calls. You can prank your friends and scare them using classic pranks like “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”.

Further, the app is based on advanced prank call technology that automates the call and knows when the receiver speaks.

Moreover, you get three calls each day for free, but you need to purchase pre-recorded prank calls above it. You can also save their calls to their prank call history in the app. But, the app says “your call is being recorded” before every pre-recorded prank call is played. So, that could be a deal-breaker.

Top features:

  • 150+ prank calls to choose from
  • 3 Free calls per day
  • Customization options

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


2. The Prank App – Multiple pranks

The Prank App for iPhone and iPad

Want an all-in-one prank app? The Prank App is your go-to app for all your pranking needs. This pranking app for iPhone packs 50+ prank tools, funny things, and 12 tricky mini-games as well. You can choose from pranks tools like a razor, air horn, lie detector, scare pranks, decision pranks, etc.

The razor tool is my favorite in the app to freak out friends concerned about their hair and beard. Further, the app is extremely easy to use and, in fact, offers a tutorial on how to play each prank. You can access this tutorial by tapping the question mark icon in the app.

After you have successfully pranked your friends using this app, you can also play fun party games with them offered in the app itself. Also, if there is no one around to prank, you can kill time by playing the 12 funny and tricky games!

Top features:

  • 50+ prank tools and funny things + 12 tricky mini-games
  • A multitude of funny and scary sounds
  • Additional paid pranking content

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


3. Crack & Break It! – Crack screen to prank

Crack & Break it app for iPhone and iPad

There’s nothing funnier than blaming your friend for breaking your phone’s screen. Crack & Break It! lets you play this classic prank on your friends. The app produces different kinds of glass-shattering sounds.

Besides, you also get options like Image Breaker, Glass Blocks, Glass Smasher, Light Bulb, and Fluorescent lamps to enjoy a calming glass-breaking experience.

Mind-blowing graphics and extremely realistic sound effects are the highlights of the app. Crack & Break It! app also doubles down as a de-stressing app besides being a prank app for iPhone. You can use the app to experience the ASMR experience one would get by popping a bubble wrap.

Top features:

  • Highly realistic graphics and sound effects
  • Supports multi-touch
  • Free to use

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


4. Lie Detector Truth Test – Prank friends with a fake truth

Lie Detector Truth Test app for iPhone and iPad

Want to have a great laugh in your friend circle? Try this Lie Detector Truth Test app. Don’t be fooled by its name. It’s not a real lie-detecting app but a prank app allowing you to place your fingers on the screen and say something to find out if it is a truth or a lie.

You can pre-program the response making it perfect for pranks. Tapping the middle of the screen generates random responses, but if you tap the left, it shows a lie, and on the right, it gives truth as the output.

Using this app, you can trick your friends into thinking that you detect if they are lying to you. However, it is a free app and contains intrusive advertisements that could spoil the fun. Nonetheless, this iPhone prank app is one of the best to pull pranks on friends and family members.

Tip: Try asking “Do you have a crush on someone present in this room?” to your friend when his crush is present in the room and tap the right portion of the screen.

Top features:

  • Excellent audio and visual effects
  • Highly realistic computer voice
  • Prank mode

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


5. Air Horn Multi – Scary air horn prank

Air Horn Multi app iPhone and iPad

Playing a loud air horn voice while your friend is sleeping is surely one way to annoy them. Air Horn Multi offers various noises you can make, including persistent door knocking, loud air horn, ambulance voice, smoke alarm, bike horn, doorbell, train whistle, fire alarm, vuvuzela, police siren, car alarm, party horn, chainsaw, and more.

Along with the sound, the app also includes animation effects while the sound is playing. The sound plays continuously if you keep your finger on the screen.

Further, the app could help you stage a scary prank by playing door-knocking sounds while watching horror movies with your friends. You can also use this app at a sports event to cheer up your favorite team.

Top features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Large collection of funny and scary sounds
  • Animation effect

Price: Free


6. iFart – Fart sounds app

iFart Sounds App for iPhone and iPad

iFart, as the developer says, is the “The GodFarter of Fart apps”. The app took the internet by storm in 2008 and remains one of the most popular apps for fart pranks. The app comes stacked with different fart modes like Security Fart, Sneak Attack, Record-A-Fart, Fave Farts, Blast, and a Bonus Fart Pack.

This iPhone prank app is perfect for causing mischief at a movie theatre. The app is highly intuitive and easy to use. The Sneak Attack mode is the app’s best feature. Choose a fart sound, set the timer, and it will trigger once the timer is up. Fart pranks are classic, and this app makes them even better.

Top features:

  • Different modes
  • Funny and versatile sounds
  • Feature to record and save sounds

Price: $1.99


7. Funcall – Voice changer and rec

Funcall Voice Changer and Rec app for iPhone and iPad

Voice-changing pranks are our all-time favorite. Change your voice during a real phone call with this prank app for iPhone. You can change your voice from high and funny to deep and scary to shock your friends. To see how the voice changing will function, you can try a demo call for free.

The app offers different funny and scary voices: Helium balloon, woman sound, man sound, and scary sound. Also, you can add effects like cat meow, moo, dog bark, fart, uzi shots, werewolf, boom!, monkeys, scary zone, and your mother during the call. You can record funny calls, download and share them with your friends.

Top features:

  • Multiple funny voices
  • Record and download funny calls
  • Free of charge demo call

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


Bonus: Play iMessage typing park

Don’t want to install any app to prank your friends? Here’s a funny prank you can pull on your friends! You just need to download an iMessage typing GIF and send it to the friend. They will keep guessing and think you are still typing. Check out our explainer on how to play the iMessage typing prank to try it on your friends.

Tell us your favorite prank app from this list!

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