How to Rate Songs with Stars in Music App on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Star Ratings play a major role in selecting any product online! The same way, star ratings help the music app to understand your music flavor. Here's how to add a star rating to a song in Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Many users have already started migrating from Spotify to Apple Music for some reasons. The battle between Spotify and Apple Music is always on to get more subscribers to its music streaming platform. However, many prefer to cancel the subscription. But, if you still love Apple Music app and want to give a star rating to a particular song, it’s very simple!

Today, I am going to explain you how to rate songs with stars in Music app on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. This will show you the songs you liked in your Music app based on your ratings. 

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How to Add Star Ratings to Songs in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

When you rate a song with star ratings, you can easily sort the list of the songs you’ve rated from the library. To start with, you need to know whether the star rating feature is enabled or not on your iPhone and iPad. Let’s get started. 

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How to Enable Star Ratings for Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

If your iPhone or iPad doesn’t show star rating option in your Apple Music app, there’s a possibility that it would have been disabled. To enable Star rating option on your iPhone & iPad, here’s what you need to follow. 

Step #1. Launch Settings app and tap on Music by scrolling down in the settings list. 

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Step #2. Now under the Library section, toggle ON Show Star Ratings option from the list. 

Once you enable star ratings, it will now appear in your music app. Let us now see how you can rate a song with star ratings on the iPhone and iPad. 

How to Rate Song with Stars in Apple Music on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Open Apple Music app on your iPhone or iPad and tap on any particular song and play it.  

Step #2. Now tap on the ellipsis button (three dots at right corner bottom) and tap on Rate Song option from the popup. 

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Step #3. You can now rate the song in between 1 to 5 Star rating. Select any star to rate the song. Tap on Done to complete the process. 

That’s how simple it is to rate a song with a star rating in the Apple Music app. Now let’s see how you can do the same on your Apple Watch. 

How to Rate Song with Stars in Apple Music on Apple Watch

There isn’t a direct way just like you do on your iPhone or iPad. There’s a different way to do it on your Apple Watch. To rate a song with the star on your Apple Watch, you need to depend on Siri and it works most of the time. 

“Hey Siri, Rate this Song 4 Stars.” Once you speak this, the song will be rated with 4 stars. You can speak out any number instead of 4 depending on your music taste. I just took 4 as an example in this case. This is how you can rate a song with a star rating on your Apple Watch. 

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Pro Tip: Remember one thing that, Favorites and Star Ratings sound similar but they are different. Favorites will create a playlist of your favorite songs, nothing more than that.

But, star ratings help the music app to understand your music taste & listening history and will recommend related songs.  However, you can disable Apple Music listening history to stay updated with the latest songs in the library rather than listening to ones that are recommended based on the listening history. 

Summing Up…

If you love the song that touches your heart or gets you goosebumps, simply give a star rating in your Apple Music app. Let us know in comments if you face any issues while giving a rating to a particular song on your iPhone or iPad. 

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