How to Turn off Explicit Content in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, and iTunes

Explicit content is the biggest worry for all parents as their kids are consuming lot of content on Apple Music via iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac. Not anymore. Read this info and block such expletives.

Though cuss words are becoming normal in our routine life, it is still a strict no-no for kids, who haven’t come off age. This has necessitated parents keeping a vigilant eye on what kind of content their kids are consuming on different media.

Apple Music is now accessible to kids also, and therefore, parents are required to watch what they download on their Apple devices. There are many songs with a lot of expletives kids are not supposed to listen to.

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Thankfully, you can set restrictions on such content. Read further and remove those swear words from Apple Music.

How to Remove Swear Words from Apple Music on iPhone or iPad

On iDevice Running iOS 12 or Later

Step #1. Open Settings App → Tap on Screen Time.

Tap on Settings then Screen Time on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions then Tap on Content Restrictions.

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Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions then Tap on Content Restrictions

Step #3. Tap on Music, Podcasts & News → Select Clean.

Remove Swear Words from Apple Music on iPhone or iPad

On iPhone or iPad Running iOS 11 Or Earlier

Step #1. Launch Settings on your iPhone/iPad → Tap on General.

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Tap on Settings Then General on iDevices

Step #2. Tap on Restrictions → Enter the Passcode.

Tap on Restrictions in iPhone Settings

Step #3. Now tap on “Enable Restrictions.”

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Tap on Enable Restrictions in iPhone Settings

Again you will be prompted to enter the password; but this time, you will have to enter the password twice.

Enter your iPhone Passcode

You can see a long list of apps under different sections like ALLOW, ALLOWED CONTENT, PRIVACY, ALLOW CHANGES, and GAME CENTER.

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You can block many apps so that your kids cannot use those blocked apps. If you want to make necessary changes in the Apple Music app, go to the ALLOWED CONTENT section, and tap on “Music & Podcasts”. Next, you will find an option of EXPLICIT written in red bold fonts. Just toggle this option OFF. This will block any objectionable content on iTunes, Apple Music, or the Podcasts app.

Tap on Music, Podcasts & News in iPhone Restrictions

Remove Swear Words from Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

Later, if you wish to disable restrictions, go back to Restrictions and tap on “Disable Restrictions”; you will be asked to enter the password twice. Upon entering the password, you will be able to access everything again.

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How to Remove Swear Words from Apple Music on Mac or Windows PC using iTunes

Step #1. Launch iTunes on your Mac or desktop computer → Click on iTunes from the top navigation menu → click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences in iTunes

Step #2. Click on restrictions.

Click on Restrictions in iTunes Preferences

Step #3. You can click on Podcasts, Internet Radio, and iTunes Store.

Remove Swear Words from Apple Music on Mac

Alternatively, you can also select checkboxes listed below Restrict option. You can restrict music with explicit content, restrict movies, TV shows and apps to certain age limit, and also restrict books with explicit content.

Click on Restrict Explicit Content in iTunes PreferencesRemove Swear Words from Apple Music on Mac and Windows PC

Please note that Apple Music has some “Clean” versions of music, and this will make its way into your device even though you have restricted explicit content. But you don’t need to worry as such content would be filtered out and your kids would listen to content which is edited. They will get to listen to beeped versions of such songs.

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