How to Delete Songs from Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

When you download songs or albums from Apple Music on your iOS device, it will occupy a lot of space. A wiser decision is to delete or remove downloaded songs from your Apple Music app on iPhone or iPad. Do this exercise regularly to add new songs to your music library.

It has been four years Apple launched its music streaming service, i.e., Apple Music. Users already have a huge list of songs on the app. Over time, our favorite songs are replaced by some of the other soundtracks. Apple Music provides very easy user-interface to add music and create a playlist of songs. But when you want to remove downloaded songs or delete the same songs, there needs a little understanding.

Before I write down the steps to remove or delete downloaded songs, please note that Apple Music shows different options for songs you have purchased in iTunes and songs added to Library on your iPhone. If you have purchased songs in iTunes, you can actually delete that song, and if you have added the songs to Library from your iPhone, you can remove downloads. Now, let’s check how it works on your device.

How to Remove Downloaded Songs from Apple Music on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Open Apple Music app on your iOS device.

Step #2. You will be landed on Library tab; if not there, you can tap on Library from the bottom menu.

Tap on Library in Apple Music App on iPhone

Step #3. Now tap on Downloaded Music.

Tap on Downloaded Music in iOS Apple Music App

Step #4. This will show you Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs you have downloaded on your Apple device.

You Can See the Downloaded Music Playlists in iOS Apple Music App

Step #5. Hard press on the song you want to remove. A menu will pop up on your device screen; tap on Remove option.

Remove Downloaded Songs from Apple Music on iPhone

Step #6. Another menu will swipe up from the bottom; there are two options: Remove Download and Delete from Library.

Step #7. Tap on Remove Download.

Tap on Remove Download to Delete Songs from Apple Music on iPhone or iPad

How to Delete Songs from Apple Music Library on iPhone or iPad

Follow the first five steps as shown above.

Step #6. When your device shows ‘Remove Download’ and ‘Delete from Library’ options, tap on Delete from Library.

Delete Songs from Apple Music Library on iPhone or iPad

This will remove the songs from Apple Music Library.

That’s all friends!

Signing off…

The shades of old songs start fading and we might think of deleting some of them to keep things organized. This is also advisable to keep your storage free by deleting some of your downloads from Apple Music.

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