How to Delete Songs from Apple Music on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 9 or Later

It has not been a long time since Apple released Apple Music to public and users already have huge list of songs on the app. Over the time, our favorite songs are replaced by some or the other sound track.

The shades of old songs start fading and we might think of deleting some of them to keep things organized. This is also advisable to keep your storage free by deleting some of your downloads from Apple Music.

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How to Delete Songs from Apple Music

Apple Music provides very easy user-interface to add music and create play list of songs. But when you want to remove downloaded songs or delete the same songs, there needs a little understanding.

Before I write down the steps to remove or delete downloaded songs, please note that Apple Music shows different options for songs you have purchased in iTunes and songs added to My Music on your iPhone. If you have purchased songs in iTunes, you can actually delete that song, and if you have added the songs to My Music from your iPhone, you can remove downloads.

First, we will check how you can remove downloaded songs from Apple Music. And then we will deal with the method of deleting songs.

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Remove Downloaded Songs from Apple Music in iOS 9

Step #1. First off, launch Music app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on My Music option from the bottom menu.

Tap on My Music on iPhoneOn the top of your phone’s screen, two options are visible: Library and Playlists. Tap on one of the options, where you have downloaded songs. You can see a list of songs.

Step #3. Now tap on the ellipsis (three horizontal dots (…)).

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Tap on Ellipsis Next to Song in Apple Music

A menu will appear with several options: Play Next, Add to Up Next, Add to a Playlist, Create Genius Playlist, Remove Download, Show in iTunes Store and Remove from My Music.

Step #4. Tap on Remove Download.

Tap on Remove Download in Apple Music on iPhone

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The downloaded song will be removed from Apple Music; please note that you can only remove songs, which you have made available offline earlier. The songs you remove from download can be recovered by tapping on Make Available Offline option, which is now enabled as you have removed it a few moments ago from download.

If you want to remove that song permanently from Apple Music, you can go for “Remove from My Music” option. This will entirely remove that song from your Apple Music app; you will never be able to retrieve that song.

Delete Song from My Music from Apple Music

Now, let’s explore how you can delete music purchased from iTunes.

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How to Delete Songs from Apple Music Library in iOS 9

Step #1. Launch Music on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on My Music from the bottom menu.

Step #3. Now select a song that you have synced via iTunes.

Step #4. Tap on ellipsis next to the song.

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A menu will appear with several options on your phone screen. Tap on “Delete” option.

Tap on Delete Song from Apple Music

A menu will again ask you: Delete from iCloud Music Library.

Step #5. Tap on “Delete from iCloud Music Library”.

Tap on Delete from iCloud Music Library

The song will be deleted from the library and you won’t be able to recover the song.

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