How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription from iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows PC and Apple TV

Ready to switch your loyalty? Dive right in to end Apple Music subscription so that your move to other music streaming service gets cleared!

Your time with Apple Music has been going through a low phase for quite some time. Maybe you no longer enjoy what Apple’s music streaming service has to offer or something else has caught your eyes. Whatever could be the reason, you have decided to cancel Apple Music subscription finally.

But before unsubscribing to Apple’s music streaming service, there are a few things you need to know. Even if you terminate the subscription plan during the trial period, you can continue to use the music-streaming service until the expiration of the trial.

Keep in mind; if you don’t end the plan before 24 hours of the renewal date, Apple might renew the subscription.

How to Unsubscribe from Apple Music

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How to Stop Apple Music Subscription from iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch Music app on your iOS device and tap on For You tab at the bottom.

Launch Music app and tap on For You tab on iPhone

Step #2. Now, tap on the profile icon in the top right corner.

Tap on Profile icon in Apple Music App

Step #3. Next up, tap on View Apple ID.

Tap on View Apple ID in Apple Music App

Note: When asked, authenticate your Apple ID.

Step #4. Up next, tap on Subscriptions and select Apple Music Membership.

Tap on Subscriptions and select Apple Music

Step #5. Tap on Cancel Subscription and confirm.

Tap on Cancel Subscription to Stop Apple Music Subscription from iPhone

That’s all! Now, the subscription will be canceled at the end of the current billing cycle.

Getting it done from Android device is just as upfront.

How to Turn off Apple Music Auto Renewal on Android

Note: You will have to contact your carrier to cancel the subscription if it came bundled with your carrier plan.

Step #1. Launch Apple Music app on your Android phone.

Launch Apple Music app on Android phone

Step #2. Now, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner.

Tap on Menu icon in Android Apple Music App

Step #3. Next, you need to tap on your name at the top of the menu. Then, tap on View Account.

Tap on Your Apple Music Profile and then View Account on Android

Step #4. Next up, tap Manage Membership and then tap on Subscription.

Tap on Manage Membership and then tap on Subscription in Android Apple Music App

Step #5. Finally, disable Automatic Renewal and confirm.

Turn Off Toggle to Unsubscribe Apple Music Subscription on Android

You can stop the plan from your macOS and Windows PC as well.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription On your Mac or PC

Unsubscribing from Apple Music from Mac or Windows PC is just as upfront.

Step #1. Launch iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID.

Sign in with Apple ID in iTunes on Computer

Step #2. Now, click on Account menu and select View My Account.

Click Account and Select View My Account in iTunes

Note: When prompted, authenticate your Apple ID.

Step #3. On the Account Information page, go to the Settings section. To the right of Subscriptions, click on Manage.

Click on Manage next to Subscriptions in iTunes Settings Section

Step #4. Now, click Apple Music Membership.

Click on Apple Music Membership in iTunes Subscription Option

Step #5. Next, click Cancel Subscription and confirm.

Click Cancel Subscription to Stop Apple Music Subscription on Computer

You are allowed to terminate the subscription on Apple TV 4K or Apple TV (4th generation). However, you won’t be able to get it done from your Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier as they don’t support the music service. Keep reading.

How to End Apple Music Subscription from your Apple TV

Step #1. Go to the Settings on your Apple TV and select Accounts.

Step #2. Under Subscriptions, you need to select Manage Subscriptions.

Note: If asked, sign in using your Apple ID.

Then select Apple Music.

Step #3. Now, click Cancel Subscription.

That’s pretty much it!

Over to you

Apple Music and Spotify are the two most popular music-streaming services in the world. According to the latest report, the former has toppled the latter in the US thanks to the rapid growth.

Would you mind telling the name your favorite music app and the things you like in it? Besides, tell us about the changes you would love to see in Apple Music.

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