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How to Pair, Unpair, and Charge Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

Check out our quick and easy guide to pair, unpair, and charge your 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro. Get ready to get creative.
How to Pair, Unpair, and Charge Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

The Apple Pencil is a marvelous little tool that can take your experience with the iPad to another level. It can be used with many iPad apps but is especially well suited for pro users who can use it to work wonders on some exclusive iPad Pro apps. This useful tool is available in two options, namely the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation models. So you need to make sure you have the correct Apple Pencil compatible with your iPad

How to Pair Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

How to Pair 1st Generation Apple Pencil

Step #1. Take off the cap from the back of your Apple Pencil.

Step #2. Plug the pencil into your iPad Pro by connecting the lightning connector with the lightning port on your device.

Step #3. In the dialog box that appears on the screen, tap on Pair.

How to Pair 2nd Generation Apple Pencil

Step #1. Ensure that your iPad is turned on and unlocked.

Step #2. Attach the Apple Pencil to the magnetic strip on the side of your iPad Pro.

Step #3. Select Pair when the pairing request dialog box appears on the screen.

Once you pair your Apple Pencil, it will stay paired until you restart your iPad, turn on Airplane Mode, or pair it with another iPad. But you can also manually unpair it from your device if required.

How to Unpair Apple Pencil from iPad Pro

The method is the same for both 1st and 2nd Generation Apple Pencil.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPad Pro
  2. Tap on Bluetooth
  3. Tap on (i) button, which is on the right side of Apple Pencil under My Devices.
  4. Now tap on Forget

How to Check Apple Pencil Battery Level

Apple Pencil doesn’t have any physical indicator that signals a low or full battery level. So you’ll need your iPad Pro to check the battery level of the paired pencil.

How to Check Battery Level for 1st Generation Apple Pencil

  1. On the Home screen of your iPad Pro, swipe down from top to bring down Notification Center.
  2. Tap on Widgets and view the Batteries section
  3. If you can’t see the Batteries section, you will first need to tap Edit at the bottom of the Widgets area and tap the green Plus button next to Batteries to add it as an active widget

How to Check Battery Level for 2nd Generation Apple Pencil

To check the battery level for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation, you can follow the same steps or simply place it on the magnetic charging strip on the iPad Pro. If it is already attached to the charging strip, remove it and then place it back. A notification will pop up, telling you the current battery percentage on your Apple Pencil.

How to Charge Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

How to Charge 1st Generation Apple Pencil

  1. Take off Apple Pencil’s cap.
  2. Tuck Pencil’s Lightning connector in iPad Pro’s lightning port

The above is a quick-fix method. So it is advisable to charge the Pencil overnight with the help of a charging adaptor. To charge the Pencil, remove its cap as mentioned above.

  1. Now tuck your Pencil’s lightning connector into the compatible lightning adapter.
  2. Plug the lightning adapter into the lightning cable.

How to Charge 2nd Generation Apple Pencil

Just attach the Apple Pencil on the magnetic charging strip on the side of your iPad Pro.

The Apple Pencil gives you up to 30 minutes of use after a 15-second charge, but it’s recommended to charge your Pencil for at least 5-10 minutes – especially if it’s under 20%.

Wrapping Up…

Well, now you’re all set to pair, unpair, and charge both your 1st and 2nd Generation Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro. Go ahead and work some magic with this tool in your work and creative life. Also, share with us your thoughts about the Apple Pencil in the comments below.

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