Is Your Apple Pencil Not Working? Here are Some Fixes

iPad Pro is an amazing digital device from Apple. To use this device, Apple has introduced Apple Pencil with iPad. Both enjoy a delightful camaraderie as iPad Pro becomes a digital canvas for Apple Pencil to store some creative sketches drawn by users. Pencil finds itself busy when users are using note-taking apps on iPad Pro.

But what happens when Apple Pencil fails to perform? It is a frustrating moment for iPad Pro users as both are too pricey gadgets to take to any Apple Store immediately. So before you spend any buck on reparation of any of the two, you can follow some workarounds to mend your Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil Not Working

Solutions to Fix Apple Pencil Not Working Issues

Tip of the problem

For overly enthusiastic users, Apple Pencil may show signs of gasping. The tip of the Pencil may come off and you have to install its replacement available in the box. Or you should retighten the loose tip and start using the Pencil again. It won’t take much time or effort; care should be taken that you do not apply much pressure.


Normally we fail to remember that Apple Pencil is a digital device and it requires frequent charging. So please check whether the Pencil is fully charged before you use. While the Pencil is connected with iPad Pro via Bluetooth, swipe down the Notification Center and check the battery status on Apple Pencil. If the battery is low, simply plug your Apple Pencil into the lightning port on your iPad Pro to charge.


Reboot is for all. It is one of the old fashioned ways to solve all problems. So just go for turning your iPad on and off or you can go for hard reset. This should solve the issue of Apple Pencil not working.


Check the Bluetooth connection of your Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro.

Step #1. Open Settings app on iPad.

Step #2. Tap on Bluetooth

Step #3. Check Apple Pencil under My Devices.


Step #1. Swipe down Notification Centre.

Step #2. Check Apple Pencil under Batteries.

If you don’t notice Apple Pencil, you can re-pair the Pencil into the lightning port on iPad Pro.


Before you take your Apple Pencil to the brand’s store, take a last chance of checking that digital device.

Tap on any icon from the Home screen. If the app opens, your iPad Pro is receptive to your Apple Pencil. Since Apple Pencil is not capacitive, it doesn’t work like your finger. Choose an app that requires support of Apple Pencil.


As a last resort, you can go to AppleCare.

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Apple Pencil Not Working

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Apple Pencil Not Working
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