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iGBAccessoriesBest Grip Holders for Apple Pencil 2 in 2024

Best Grip Holders for Apple Pencil 2 in 2024

Thanks to the flat edge and matte finish, Apple Pencil 2 offers a bit more grip. But then again it might not be good enough especially if you want to have more control or your fingers sweat a lot. And this is what has convinced us to look for some of the coolest holder grips for the second generation Apple Pencil. 

1. UPPERCASE NimbleGrip

UPPERCASE Apple Pencil 2 Grip Holder

Showcasing soft-textured design, UPPERCASE NimbleGrip is what you need to enhance your note-taking or drawing speed. Made of the high-quality silicone material, the grip holder hugs your Apple Pencil tightly.

With the pretty smooth finish, it offers the needed comfy feeling to your fingers. Therefore, your fingers don’t seem to get tired even after a long run of creative tasks.

NimbleGrip sports special coating to keep dust away. So, you won’t have to clean it too frequently. Plus, it features a ribbed design interior that keeps the grip perfectly in place.

On top of all, it comes in both single ($9.95) and double packs ($12.95.)

USP: Enhanced grip
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2. MoKo

MoKo Apple Pencil 2nd Generation Grip Holder

“MoKo” has introduced a form-fitting grip holder. Readied with soft silicone rubber, it provides ergonomic hold. Thus, you will comfortably pen down your thoughts or sketch creative images.

One notable feature of this holder is the dust-free coating that ensures it doesn’t get dirty easily. The grip can also work as the reliable shield for your digital pen to keep it protected from scratches.

Lastly, MoKo grip comes in double packs at just one price ($8.99), and you will choose it in multiple colors.

USP: Ergonomic design
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FRTMA Sleeve Holder Grip for Apple Pencil 2

This offering from “FRTMA” is primarily a sleeve that also doubles as a nice-looking grip holder. The top-grade material reinforces the durability and also helps it resist scratches. Therefore, your stylus remains protected from ugly scuffs.

Another notable feature of this sleeve is that it doesn’t affect the double-click functionality of the Pencil. So, you can continue to use your digital pen without any issue.

Plus, the cover doesn’t affect wireless charging. That means you won’t need to remove it whenever you want to power up your Pencil.

USP: Wireless charging support
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4. Hydream

Hydream Apple Pencil 2nd Generation Grip Holder

Exhibiting a sleek look, “Hydream” is a decent skin for the Pencil. Just like all of its counterparts, it’s also carved out of remarkably soft material. Therefore, you can expect it to deliver a much-improved grip.

As it’s a complete sleeve, your stylus gets the necessary defense against dirt and grime. Courtesy the tip protector, the nib has got an extra layer of shield against damage.

Being so slim, it doesn’t obstruct wireless charging–which is yet another plus. Beyond the protective design, Hydream is available in some hot colors such as purple, green, pink and more.

USP: Sleek design
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That’s all, friends! Now is the time to use your favorite grip to enhance your handwriting or draw elegantly.

What’s your top pick?

By the way, which grip holder is all set to pair with your digital pen? Is it the one that offers improved hold or the one that provides the necessary protection to your Pencil against scuffs? Toss up your feedback about your top pick and the things that make it a better deal for you!

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