Best Apple Pencil Cases, Covers & Sleeves in 2020

Just like any other gadget, your Apple Pencil needs essential care to remain secure. Fortunately, there is no dearth of cases that can offer desired protection to your digital pen and enhanced grip to let you sketch with more convenience. To make your task of finding the most suitable companion for your stylus a bit easier, I have lined up some of the best Apple Pencil covers.

#1. Leeko

Leeko Apple Pencil Case

Leeko Apple Pencil sleeve sports an ergonomic design that fits perfectly on the stylus. It’s pretty smooth and provides the needed grip to let you hold the Pencil comfortably.

The skin is easily peeled aside to let you charge the Pencil without any hassle. Lastly, there are nine impressive colors to let you pick the ideal cover for your stylus.

USP: Improved grip
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#2. Ztylus

Ztylus Apple Pencil Case

Provide your Apple Pencil necessary protection from drops and scratch with Ztylus. It’s made to be extremely flexible and gets installed conveniently on the stylus. The retractable design protects the tip from damage.

Integrated clip lets you easily clip the pen onto your clothes or bag. With the improved grip, it allows you to hold your pencil with more comfort.

USP: Retractable design
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#3. Moretek

Moretek Apple Pencil Case

Carry your Apple Pencil anywhere with ultimate comfort. Moretek has manufactured this Pencil case cover with PU leather travel carry bag. Your pencil conveniently fits in this cover like a glove. Moreover, you can quickly access the pencil when you wish to use it.

A notable feature of this case cover is it is made of eco-friendly material. This case is made of soft silicone material, which is BPA free.

USP: Eco-friendly material
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#4. Belkin

Belkin Apple Pencil Case

Belkin is one of the leading companies, which makes high-quality accessories for iPhones. The brand has manufactured a carrying case and stand for Apple Pencil. For easy organization, Belkin has made individual storage compartments to hold the pencil, lightning adapter, pencil cap, and extra pencil tip.

When not in use, you can put your pencil in stand mode, which gives you quick access when you wish to use your pencil. The PC exterior exudes gloss and the fabric lining provides protection.

USP: Easy organization
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#5. Aunote

Aunote Apple Pencil Case Holder

Aunote has come up with a one-stop solution to store your Apple Pen accessories. This two-sided pouch can store everything your Apple pencil requires. You can put a power adapter, charging cable, pencil tips, and your iPhone earphones as well.

This pencil case is made of PU and EVA materials and is equipped with a sealing metal double zipper. Everything works together to provide you more convenience to open the case and protect your accessories inside the case.

USP: Large enough capacity
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JIA JUN Apple Pencil Case Cover

JIAJUN offers a range of Apple pencil cases. You can pick up anyone case from fourteen different colors. This silicone pencil case gives you an excellent grip to use the pencil smoothly on your iPad Pro.

The silicone material protects the pencil from rolling off or scratching when you place your pencil on your desk. For better grip, JAIJUN’s case has threads at the upper part.

USP: Colorful range
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#7. MoKo

MoKo Apple Pencil Case Cover

Present your stylus with an attractive suit. Created with the soft PU leather, it is fully capable of providing the full-body protection to the pen. The micro-fiber interior defends the Pencil against scratch.

The built-in leather pocket keeps it securely. Zipper allows you to fasten and open the cover quickly. That’s not all; there are 15 enchanting color options that provide you with more freedom to choose an elegant suit for your Pencil.

USP: Soft non-scratch microfiber interior
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ZUGU CASE Apple Pencil Case


ZUGU CASE brings an innovative Apple Pencil holder sticker for extreme convenience. This holder with sticker sticks on almost any surface, so that you can stick this pencil holder on your iPad Pro case as well. This holder sticker is 2mm thick and has 3M adhesive.

The stretchable pouch protects and keeps your pencil protected. Apart from your Apple pencil, this pouch also works with a similar size stylus.

USP: Holder-cum-sticker
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#9. MoKo

MoKo Protective Case for Apple Pencil

This is yet another Pencil cover from MoKo in this covetous list. With the retractable design and top quality build-up, the case provides the necessary safeguard to your pen from scratch and falls.

The integrated clip lets you easily clip your stylus onto a bag or a case. Improved grip ensures you can hold your pen with more comfort. The cover comes in five colors like white, green, pink, silver, and white & gray.

USP: Ergonomic design
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#10. FRTMA

FRTMA Sleeve for Apple Pencil

FRTMA silicone cover comes with embedded magnets. Hence, you can attach the Apple Pencil to the front side of your iPad Pro or any magnet-friendly metal surface. The soft silicone fits your pencil tightly and offers better hold.

Thanks to the larger area to grip, the case prevents slides; making it more convenient for you to hold the pencil for longer. You can comfort install and remove the cover and even adjust it to have an improved grip. Moreover, FRTMA is available in five eye-catching color variants like Midnight Blue, Ivory White, Lavender, Red, Ice Sea Blue.

USP: Built-in magnets
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Your Favorite?

Which one of these Apple Pencil covers have caught your eyes? Is it the one that sports an attractive design or the one that has a low-profile design? Let us know your pick in the comments below.

To me, what makes this Apple Pencil sleeves a top bet is the ability to provide essential protection to your stylus from bumps and abrasion. They offer an improved grip to let you design your art with aplomb. Besides, these cases fit seamlessly with the pen.

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