How to Hide Instagram Posts or Stories on iPhone

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Instagram has rolled out a silent update, which allows users to hide Instagram posts and stories or both without unfollowing accounts (your friends and colleagues). Earlier, this feature was available on Instagram, but you could only mute stories and not posts. Moreover, there was a slightly different method to mute and unmute stories. In its latest update, Instagram has made it easier for users to mute or unmute posts, stories or both.

Make no mistake; the current tutorial is not about hiding Instagram stories from someone on iPhone. Instead, you hide posts of other contacts so that you can avoid those boring contents shared on Instagram feed. This feature is useful as you can prevent yourself from consuming uninteresting posts/stories without unfollowing some accounts; thus, it helps you maintain a healthy relationship with users you are connected to on Instagram.

How to Mute Instagram Posts, Stories Or Both on iPhone Without Unfollowing Accounts

Step #1. Launch Instagram on your iPhone.

Open Instagram on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Next, scroll down/up to find the post/story you want to mute or hide.

Step #3. Now tap on three horizontal dots (…) seen at the top right corner of the post.

Tap on Three Dots Next to Instagram Story on iPhone

Step #4. A menu will swipe up with some options. These options are Copy Link, Turn On Post Notifications, Report, Mute, and Unfollow.

Many users disable “Allow Sharing” option in Story Controls from Settings. This prevents you from sharing their stories or posts on Facebook, WhatsApp or Messenger. Tap on Mute.

Mute Instagram Story on iPhone

Step #5. A pop-up appears on your iPhone or iPad with three options: Mute Posts, Mute Posts, and Story, and Cancel. You can select any one option. Even if you select Mute Posts or Mute Posts and Story, your friends on Instagram won’t be able to know of this action of yours.

Mute Instagram Story Without Unfollow on iPhone

Alternatively, you can go to the particular profile and tap on three horizontal dots from the top right corner.

Tap on Three Dots Next to Instagram Profile on iPhone

This will bring up many options, including the option to mute posts and stories. When you tap on Mute, you will be prompted to Mute Posts, Mute Story, and Mute Posts and Story both.

Mute Instagram Story on iPhone Without Unfollowing

Using yet another option, you can tap and hold the profile icon from the Instagram tray and mute the posts and story of an account.

Mute Instagram Story on iPhone Without Unfollowing Account

IMPORTANT: Even after muting posts or stories, you can view profiles of people you have muted or hidden profile page. Moreover, in case the muted users tag you in their posts or write comments on your posts, you will receive push notifications.

How to Unmute Instagram Posts, Stories or Both on iPhone

In the future, you can unmute Instagram accounts you have muted earlier. However, you need to remember who you have muted as you need to search those accounts tapping on the search icon (magnifying glass) from the bottom menu. If you have frequently seen the posts or stories of a muted account, it will be shown under Recent or Suggested tabs when you tap on the search icon.

Step #1. Open Instagram and tap on Search icon from the bottom menu.

Search in Instagram on iPhone

Step #2. Now search for the account you want to unmute and tap on profile icon.

Tap on Profile Icon in Instagram on iPhone

Step #3. Once the account appears, tap on the three horizontal dots (…) from the top right corner.

Tap on Three Dots in Instagram

Step #4. From the options appear from the bottom, tap on Unmute. This will show you three options: Unmute Posts, Unmute Story, and Unmute Posts and Story. You can tap on any one of the options.

Unmute Instagram Story or Post on iPhone

That’s all folks!

Summing up…

It is not necessary to watch the posts or stories of accounts you are following on Instagram. Muting or hiding posts is a useful feature updated by Instagram.

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